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Project • By SpectrumPrivate Houses

Tskneti Dwelling

Located in Tskneti, near Tbilisi, the residence is implemented in an admirable natural site. One of the most concerns with the project was to scale the house and yard respecting the surrounding landscape. Set into sloping terrain, the house is arranged over a double level, with the front yard deepening as it steps down the hill. Caption Architectural SolutionThe facade is balanced with a classic finish of wood combined with local textured limestone, that gives the house its modernistic, contextual feel. The oversized terrace encourages the occupants to step outside and enjoy the breathtaking views of Tbilisi. Caption Innovative roofing technology is used at the terrace of the house, which electronically regulates the slanting a... More


Haus in Wörgl

The house is on the outskirts of Wörgl, a quiet residential area, which in recent decades is characterized by single-family house cultivations. The building regulations reduced the buildable, formerly agricultural land at a construction site with the local customary maximum size of 700 m². The two-storey building, a concrete with a solid slatted larch cladding on the upper floor is located on the eastern border due to distance to the neighbors. Two concrete angle mark the way to the entrance, which was cut as a deeper hole in the street facade and is located approximately in the middle of the house. More


Hofhaus Sebi/Niederndorf

The striking wooden structure stands on the edge of a closely parceled out new building area in Sebi. Due to a subtle hillside location through the relatively small corner property, it is easily accessible via a heavily frequented street that borders directly to the north. In order to die in this position, the building is an introverted courtyard house with other trigger points. The heart of the building: a protected, functional inner courtyard. Around him himself the house. Optionally, it can be made the same or closed with wooden sliding elements that can be used in the façade occupations and for homogeneous exterior views. Thus north access the opportunity to bring nature into the house on sunny days and to get it quickly if nec... More

Project • By Modern House Architecture & DesignCoasts


Unique project of premium class house in eco-high-tech style.This 1,900 sqm house is located on the lakefront in Anttola, Finland. Thanks to the natural materials used in the construction of this house, you can feel complete unity with nature.Non-standard planning solutions provide a complete overview of the surrounding area. The uneven landscape lends a unique character to the architecture of this house.Panoramic windows allow natural light to freely enter the house, creating an airiness and a sense of infinity of space and freedom.Spectacular design, sustainable approach, ergonomic architecture. This home is the embodiment of your comfort. More

Project • By 33BY ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Rock House

Area 400 m2. Plot 0.30 hectare The project was designed for a young family. The house was conceived as a suburban housing with modern planning solutions and a high degree of comfort, stylized to the classical volume. The first floor has a public function - a large double-glazed living room oriented with glazing on the east and west sides, which allows the tenants of the house to "be present" in all phases of the day. The spacious living room consists of four main zones flowing one into another: kitchen, dining room, fireplace hall and a zone of a soft corner. All rooms have access to the terrace, which accentuates the proximity to nature. Nominee of 2019 eu mies award More

Project • By Gabriel Rivera ArquitectosHousing

Casa Palto

The Palto House, located in Tumbaco, is a single-family house designed for a young couple in Quito-Ecuador. The site where it is implanted is located in a corner lot, with plenty of endemic avocado trees, locally called Paltos. The shade that these majestic trees project is an extraordinary resource for keeping the temperature down especially on a sunny day, a common occurrence in the area, as for the fruit of the trees, the avocado is very valued.   This is how in an almost intuitively manner Palto House's design takes as a reference the cooling thermic effect that is produced underneath these big trees and has a main objective, to succeed in building a thermally efficient and cool house, in an area of Quito, where the variations of... More

Project • By Eminence Architects [Research + Design]Private Houses

Residence | Box

The site is located at kadavanthara, between the congested urban layouts of Ernakulam, Kerala. It’s a rectangular corner plot with a road on south and west side, a house in the east and a vacant plot in the north. The client’s brief was to have a spacious house utilising the maximum space available with ample amount of light and ventilation and the floor plan should be based on vastu following the dimensions.   The floor layout was designed with sit-out and entrance door from north-west corner, leading to the rectangular living room, with the dining room on the right and kitchen in south-east corner and a bedroom in south-west corner and a common toilet accessible from dining space too. The staircase from the dining room... More

Project • By Terry & Terry ArchitecturePrivate Houses

House on Hillside

Perched high on the North slope of Potrero Hill, the location of this project provides an abundance of natural light and views of the city, the bay and beyond. The site is a typical San Francisco narrow lot flanked by zero lot line properties on either side, creating an urban canyon running East to West.    The design concept extends the two perimeter walls out beyond the structure and contain the living spaces within. The living room floor plane floats above the ground floor entry level, with volumes of glass that flow out and around the main concrete column which provides support for both upper levels at the front. The common spaces, including the kitchen and dining room, spill out onto the rear West-facing deck, connecting th... More

Project • By Eminence Architects [Research + Design]Private Houses

Residence | Skewed Vibe

A skewed plot set in a tight residential area in tripunithura, ernakulam and a one line expectation from the client “a spacious, well ventilated house with minimalistic unique features” has evolved into a skewed monotone house full of vibes. The east facing 5 cents plot is surrounded by a vacant land on to the west, a closely constructed house on the south and a passage for the plot behind on the north. The idea was to use the maximum plot area available keeping the angles intact.   The spaces of the house are juxtaposed as three principal bays. The zigzag entry steps through the central bay leads to a double height foyer space with the living room on to the right side. The living room has a split level ceiling with a lar... More

Project • By Czajkowski Kuźniak ArchitekciPrivate Houses


location: Katowice, Polandusable floor area: 151 m2design: 2017-2018status: realization 2019design studio: Czajkowski Kuźniak Architekciphoto: Tomasz Zakrzewski   A modern and comfortable house with an area of ​​151 sq m in Katowice. The ground floor was arranged in the open plan as a living area. The centrally located staircase with a glass balustrade is a real decoration of the interior, at the same time dividing the space into a sitting area that flows smoothly into the dining room on one side and a spacious kitchen on the other. In this way, the kitchen, although open, remains in some way hidden from the eyes of people staying in the living room. In the living room attention draws the wall behind a comfortable sofa, entirely fini... More
western view
southern view
western view
northern view

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses

House W

W House The building is designeg on a large and picturesque plot in the suburb of Warsaw. It is surrounded by a pine wood and a couple of summer houses sprinkled in close vicinity and further. The natural shape of the terrain is an uphill slope towards the south and the north, forming a small hill, flattened on the top. It was the aim of the architects to connect the new building to the natural context of the plot with a calm, harmonious design. Since the programme was extensive, a decision was taken to split the house up into a couple of smaller buildings, thus avoiding a massive form that would dominate over the plot. On the side of the street, the house is two very simple shapes of equal height and proportions, contrasted only by... More