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NewsNews • 10 Feb 2021

Helsinki’s Urban Environment House balances modern with archaic

Modern and archaic at the same time, the Urban Environment House for the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki combines new building technology with references to the history of architecture. The design by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects is located in an area that was once occupied by a harbour and sawmill industry but is now one of the most important growth areas of the city. Marc Goodwin Providing a new home for city planning officials, the building strives to demonstrate the high standards of the City’s building and urban planning disciplines. The building is also designed to invite citizens to utilize city services and participate in civic activities. The main facades of the building open to the middle... More

NewsNews • 22 Sep 2020

HVAC specialists work with London’s famed sketch restaurant to implement a ground breaking system for indoor air purification

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the restaurant and hospitality industry particularly hard.  Although the science is not yet settled on exactly how the virus spreads; close, indoor contact is a known risk for transmission, and government and health mandates across the globe have called for an overhaul of operational protocols in restaurants and bars in order to minimize contact between staff and guests.  But humans are fallible, and protocols are only as strong as their enforcement.  The core concern, that the virus is transmitted through the air, calls for a more technological solution, and to that end London’s sketch restaurant has partnered with HVAC specialists Klima-Therm to come up with what they deem a ‘ground... More