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Project • By Atelier Tobia ZambottiApartments


Atelier Tobia Zambotti designed a minimalist-pop apartment in Reykjavík, an exotic oasis in the northernmost capital of the World. The design, from the layout to the choice of colours and finishes, addresses the problem of living in the North... More

Project • By Square Feet StudioHotels

Iceland Guest House

Three axes form the basis for the guesthouse: public, private, and the relationship of earth to sky. These three axes respond to the site’s topographic undulations, rotation in plan and vertical hierarchy as the landscape slopes up to a gentle... More

Project • By Armani ArchitectsVillages

Iceland Thermal Springs Guest House

Our design, inspired by the nature and local environment potentials, is a response to the environmental issues. Our creative solution is in line with a trend, in which the architectural design considers the consequences of environment destructio... More

Project • By Atelier Tobia ZambottiApartments

Solvallagata 68

"Solvallagata68" is a residential project commissioned by a very friendly and social family who is used to host friends and relatives on a daily basis. For this reason the design concept’s goal was to create a spacious open-plan living area... More

Project • By Johannes Torpe StudiosHotels

The Red Mountain Resort

The Red Mountain Resort is a spa and wellness retreat that offers guests a sensory escape into the void of the breath-taking Icelandic nature and simultaneously invite them to embark on a journey of self-discovery.CONCEPTCaptured by the mystique and... More