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Project • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversities

Kashmir University Career Planning, Main Campus

Design ObjectiveTo create a campus for learning and interaction between students and faculty, in line with the best practices globally, and, to create a template for highly energy efficient building construction, Design for flexibility of space usage and adpatbiltiy for future growth. Suryan//Dang Design FeaturesBuilding designed for formal and informal coaching, mentoring and training to civil service aspirants. Building designed around an all weather atrium space.  Informal interaction and activity planned around the atrium, the first building on campus to have a student centric all weather space. Suryan//Dang Passive Heating & LightingAtrium used as a passive heating device for the building.Windows designed strateg... More

Project • By ACad StudioPrivate Houses


Set in beautiful surroundings this elegant home is the perfect blend of modern luxury and rustic charm with a classical touch of architecture, we have named this (Duplex)². The name gives an idea about the house, where one duplex is placed over another duplex. This beautiful house is located at Sushant Lok, Gurgaon not only draws the attention of passer-by but can also offer the perfect amount of privacy. Project name: (Duplex)²Firm Name: ACad StudioLocation: Sushant Lok, cPhotography: ACad Studio The Design of the house is based on a fresh and modern spin for this adobe with a façade that exudes a strong visual impact. This uniquely styled exterior helps the residence to stand out among its neighboring buildings. The str... More
One is welcomed by a refreshing garden balcony that keeps the apartment ventilated throughout the day. The garden entrance is creatively done, distinctive use of wood in flooring and ceiling with little green patch looks mesmerizing.
The garden entrance is creatively done, distinctive use of wood in flooring and ceiling with little green patch looks mesmerizing.
The highlight of the room is the white textured wall on the back of the sitting and a stone-textured MCM cladding TV wall.
The interiors follow a subtle colour scheme, highlighting the luxurious grey italian marble flooring, rich materials and exquisite décor details.
Texture creates a drama to the room with a bunch of brass artifacts, creating an essence of cosy ambience of the room.

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

4BHK Maple Tree Apartment Interior In Ahmedabad

This is a 4 bedroom apartment with the drawing, living, kitchen, dining and a beautiful balcony in the front. The client came to us with a desire to create a home with a modest and timeless interior. They wanted their residence to be very simple, modern, and maintenance-free. The interiors follow a subtle color scheme, highlighting the luxurious grey Italian marble flooring, rich materials, and exquisite décor details. Unexpected touches like the exaggerated lights, brass artifacts, accents, and illusive patterns in the passage add surprise elements. One is welcomed by a refreshing garden balcony that keeps the apartment ventilated throughout the day. The garden entrance is creatively done, the distinctive use of wood in flooring a... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Villa 37

The compact apartment in heart of Bangalore and the frantic lifestyle prompted the owners to indulge with Villa 37, located in serene, calm gated community in Bangalore. The weekend home with Quaintly designed façade is in deep contrast to client’s aspiration of contemporary, luxurious, opulent interiors. The villa houses parking and utility area in the ground floor, the formal areas and the master bedroom is on the first floor. The family living on second floor binds two rooms. The materiality printed in the house leads the general context to the uniqueness, enabling dialogue between the elements and discontinuing the spaces with delicacy. The sparse configuration of large windows creates the possibility for zenith lighting a... More

Project • By Silpi ArchitectsMosques

The Salafi Mosque

A metamorphic departure in search of contemporary vocabulary, the Salafi Masjid is a soulful realization of tranquillity within the walls. Set amidst a busy regular street in Aluva, the mosque univocally transcends itself as a ‘pause’ and a ‘journey’ to ataraxy. Sprawling across 8.5 cents of land, the mosque embraces the thought-provoking Islamic philosophy from the holy Quran: “He created the skies with the light, without pillars you see it” – throughout the design. Thus, the light becomes the soul of the mosque, and the induced transparency becomes the heart of its design. The 3230 sq. ft structure spread out in two floors emerges itself as a landmark for the locals, pilgrims and wayfarers. Sit... More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrimary Schools

Thoraipakkam School

A project of its own challenge and uniqueness that prompted us to shape the very definition of a government school. The main focus was to sculpt the school from an existing plan and dimension into a vibrant zone of learning, a place where kids can finally feel that the school is indeed built for them. Light, color, gathering spaces, greenery, scale, and most importantly, the kids have made this government school as what it is. The design breaks free of the typical rigid composition of a school through the use of Jaalis and height variations in the roof slabs which bring in daylight and ventilation, thus making it a breathing structure More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrivate Houses

Yahvi Residence

The Yahvi Residence is located in Coimbatore amidst three built forms. The design emphasis was on open spaces to facilitate abundant lighting and proper ventilation. This is achieved through a  central courtyard and skylight that forms the core of the house. The courtyard is the beating heart of the house in bringing the family together, connecting the various rooms, and serves as the perfect backdrop for family celebrations and events. Handmade Moroccan tiles accentuate the vertical wall of the courtyard, in stark contrast with the textural ochre.  The planning ensures that all rooms in the house from the bedrooms to common areas, such as the living and dining, connect to a semi-open/open space. The building's elevation has a str... More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrivate Houses

Monterosa Holiday Home

This holiday home is designed on the hills of Sirumalai, Tamil Nadu to employ its sloped context, the incredible valley views, and the wilderness that surrounds it, blurring the line between man and nature. It was built on an existing foundation to minimize impact and cantilevers slightly over the edge. Large terrace and deck areas ensure the experiential fixity of nature. Building finishes are an amalgamation of rubble masonry, straw, thatch, terracotta, hand plaster, and laterite, all of which are sourced within close proximity of the site. Interiors are a cohesion of raw aesthetic, natural materials, and finishes that are contextually sensitive. Repurposed stems of old guava trees act as natural safety markers around the house. Apart fro... More

Project • By Studio LotusBars

Masti Cocktails

For the design of Masti, Dubai, the primary challenge presented was the creation of a distinctly Indian identity for the international restaurant placed at the heart of La Mer, the Emirati megalopolis’ newest recreational hub. The client aspired to weave brand identity, the food, and the ambience together to create an integrated impactful experience. Masti offers Indian cuisine with a global twist; the design scheme needed to mirror this fusion – interpreting the quintessential Indian experience for a global audience, while ensuring that the rendition did not appear inauthentic or superficial.  A series of zones offer distinct experiences as one moves through them; through a bold, contemporary expression, Masti crafts a na... More