Masti Cocktails

Masti Cocktails

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Project Year

Juliet Dunne

Masti Cocktails & Cuisine

Studio Lotus as Interior Architects

For the design of Masti, Dubai, the primary challenge presented was the creation of a distinctly Indian identity for the international restaurant placed at the heart of La Mer, the Emirati megalopolis’ newest recreational hub. The client aspired to weave brand identity, the food, and the ambience together to create an integrated impactful experience. Masti offers Indian cuisine with a global twist; the design scheme needed to mirror this fusion – interpreting the quintessential Indian experience for a global audience, while ensuring that the rendition did not appear inauthentic or superficial. 

A series of zones offer distinct experiences as one moves through them; through a bold, contemporary expression, Masti crafts a narrative that is representative of India for the restaurant’s global visitors, with all its distinct quirks. As a larger gesture, the contemporizing of traditional Indian crafts – as opposed to a replication of Indian motifs via modern means – has been imbibed in the design intent. 

The planning strategy breaks down the F&B programme into a series of spaces across two floors, each of which offers a unique experience in terms of degree of privacy and dining style. The ground floor is primarily meant for day-time usage; the upper decks offering stunning views of the Arabian Sea and the Dubai skyline, are designed as evening spaces. The décor is characterized by a vibrant colour palette and whimsical design elements that display the best of Indian craftsmanship.


(Concept Development by Meraki & Modus, Dubai)

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