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NewsNews • 16 Jun 2021

Shibori by Grid Architects demonstrates the dynamism of light in architecture

Shibori, the site office of a real estate development company, is more than a workspace. Located on a site surrounded by educational institutes and high-tech offices, the project by Grid Architects demonstrates core concepts of the real estate company’s upcoming schemes such as attention to context, out-of-the-box articulation, biophilia and harnessing of natural resources. Vinay Panjwani The dynamism of light in architecture and its ability to transform any space throughout the day was key to the design. Light perforating through the dotted façade creates dramatic effects and patterns throughout the day. The gradation of the punctures, which refers to the Japanese dyeing technique known as Shibori, includes strategically... More

NewsNews • 12 Apr 2021

Polyphonic Apartment meshes modern with vintage in a home concept that doubles as furniture showcase

In Surat Gujarat, India, the Polyphonic Apartment is a renovated apartment and home for a purveyor of furniture sourced from the international market, Europe in particular. The client wanted an environment that could serve as a showcase of selected furniture pieces but also move beyond the concept of showcase to comfortably accommodate his young family of four.  ISHITA SITWALA (The Fishy Project) The existing apartment was sizable but not spacious in feeling. As such, walls were taken down and rooms merged during the redesign process, which was undertaken by Openideas Architects. The number of bedrooms was reduced to four, with the remaining three-bedroom units becoming part of an enlarged family living area.    ISHI... More

Project • By StudioNine ArchitectsPrivate Houses

CP Residence

Designed by Studionine Architects, this residence in suburban Ahmedabad revels in delicate tracery and the warmth of natural light. As a response to the client’s needs of simplicity, low-maintenance and soothing spaces, this home, designed specifically for an elderly couple unfolds through simple, efficient planning.    Beginning with a compact site of 1365 sq. Ft.(37’x37’), the architects transformed the constraints of space through a play of interconnected volumes and double-heighted spaces vertically across the floor plates. Using embedded knowledge and traditional building science of Vastu Shastra, the internal zoning and articulation was planned effectively for this south-facing house. The house is essenti... More
Contemporary Facade, Top Architects in Bangalore

Project • By A.J ArchitectsHousing

Rippled Facade

The building is located in Industrial campus in suburb of Bangalore. Set in atmosphere of good natural vegetation. The program of the building is of secondary in nature, than primary manufacturing units. The structure accommodates guest dining areas in the lower floor and managerial staff quarter’s in the upper level. The client’s brief was to build a contemporary and aesthetic façade but the budgets were shoe string tight. The natural green surroundings inspired the design team to design for outside – in façade, with large windows and provided large bay projections for further scope to relate better with nature. The shoe string tight budget, gave minimum scope for use of materiality layers. The design team... More

NewsNews • 19 Aug 2020

Bold and minimalistic ‘Yellow Box’ stands out in its bustling urban context

Reflective of the spice business the client is engaged in, the overall design concept for this office by TRAANSPACE Architects features arches in the colour yellow set against a neutral material palette of grey lime plaster and wooden wicker furniture. Bold and minimalistic, the façade contrasts starkly with its chaotic urban surroundings.  Credit: Tejas Shah Photography Located in the dense city area of Vadodara, India, the office is located on a very tight plot measuring a mere 450 square feet. It is surrounded by shops sharing terraces on 3 sides, leaving only the road side open for light, ventilation and accessibility. Credit: Tejas Shah Photography In response to the tightness of the site, the interior makes use... More

Project • By d6thD design studioPrivate Houses

Aaranya Farmstay Resort

“Aaranya” an agriculture farmstay is located in rural settings at the edge of Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary, Gujarat; and was designed by Ahmadabad based architect Himanshu Patel from “d6thD” design studio with overt principle of vernacular architecture in mind.   Design Philosophy: The Mother Earth has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed. This simple statement remains the greatest insight into the ecology of this planet. The concern for climate as well as economical and cultural sustainability has been looked at to incorporate without which sustainability may not work in the Indian context. Rather spending millions on the best technology to create the greenest of green building when... More

Project • By Sanjay Puri ArchitectsUniversities

Prestige University

Situated within a 32-acre university campus, the main administration offices along with an auditorium, seminar halls, library & cafeteria form the functions of this building.   As opposed to creating an imposing edifice, the building gradually steps up from the approach direction belying its 20 metre height.   Stepped up from the northern direction, the entire terrace of the five level building is accessible to the students and faculty of the university transforming it into an open auditorium amidst landscape.   The multiple  functional spaces within are interspersed with naturally lit landscaped courtyards allowing indirect light to infuse the internal volumes at each level.   The north lighting & c... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsOffices

mixed use building in bangalore

The building is designed to impart strong timeless characteristic to the building, with the pattern taking inspiration from deep cultural roots. The Fusion of traditional Indian architecture and contemporary office space cum residential space acts as a barrier for harsh west sun and reduces heat gain but also ensuring no artificial light is required during the day. The clients brief of cultural connect, inspired us to translate a traditional Indian façade pattern to create a responsive built form. This traditional Jali screen creates culturally a sense of belonging. The Jali facade is made of Glass Reinforced Concrete panels. In terms of construction tolerances, a system has been adopted whereby through cnc milling, a mould... More

Project • By Sanjay Puri ArchitectsPrivate Houses

18 Screens

Lucknow city in India has a rich heritage with numerous buildings dating back to the 18th century. The site for this house lies along a busy arterial road and is on the peripheral edge of an extensive plotted development for private homes.   The house is planned alluding to the traditional Indian courtyard house in response to the climate of the location. Temperatures in the lengthy summer months are in excess of 35° C, with the sun in the southern hemisphere.   The extensive requirements of the 6 bedroom house are interspersed with sheltered open terraces and landscaped gardens around a 2 floor high naturally ventilated courtyard.   Patterned screens derived from traditional Indian architecture and the famous Lucknow 'chikan' embroidery sh... More

Project • By Alok Kothari ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Brick Abode

Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, this 3,600 sq.ft. site hosted a 25-year-old single storey house. Unfortunately, we decided to bring down this structure as it was in a dilapidated state, its interiors were gloomy & also, it wasn’t a vaastushastra (traditional Hindu science of architecture) compliant house – which was the client’s main requirement.   Study of the site surroundings & the existing structure showed that the main reasons for the existing house being dull & dark were the parking+3 storey bungalow on the east side of the site that was cutting off the morning sun & small opening sizes which didn’t allow enough light to penetrate into the house. In order to cater to this issue, we decided to anchor all th... More


The Geometrication

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio took cues from the original deconstructive architecture to create a spatial experience filled with volumetric galleries and partitioned masses.  Located at the newly renovated 32nd avenue, the space plays host to a restaurant and an escape room unlocking a variable experience that includes the visitor from the very start. The restaurant is accessed through a door fronted with simple glass panels hinting at the hues of spaces that follow inside.  Upon entering, the visitor is instantly transported to an uncertain realm, characterized by geometric shapes that reflect a modern intake on traditional Indian architecture. The consistency in applying successive regular geometries on diff... More

Project • By Architecture DisciplineHotels

mana ranakpur

Traditional Indian architecture is typically associated with ornamental detailing, and more specifically in Rajasthan, the architecture connotes the forts and palaces through techniques that are resonant of the wealth and culture of the region. Typically,people engage with tradition in a superficial manner in ways that are ordered, orthogonal and more often than not,a contemporary take on Indo-Saracenic architecture. Architectural experience is about creating memories, and often, in an attempt to insinuate traditional architecture in order to create a lasting image while adopting a universal aesthetic, intervention ends up being kitschyand pastiche. Techniques, Technology and methods of construction that draw from the region and are ‘of the... More

Project • By CannonDesignOffices

Tata Consultancy Services

Software campus design inspired by the important role courtyards play in traditional Indian architectureTata Consultancy Services’ new software development campus encompasses 2.1 million SF of space housing more than 16,000 employees. Spread across a 40-acre site, the design of the campus was inspired by the important role courtyards play in traditional Indian architecture, specifically the role they play in fostering community interactions. As such, the entire site - including the buildings themselves - is filled with courtyards, dynamic building scales framing the courtyards, and a diverse sequence of landscaped spaces.“This is a transformative building that engages India’s rich history to guide its future,” says Mehrdad Yazdani, Design P... More

Project • By Design Work Group - DWGPrivate Houses


"Vanvaso means to dwell within nature and the design bullseye's the name. Situated in Vav village of district Surat, Vanvaso is a place of refreshment away from the city, and into the countryside surrounded by lush green patches of woods and farmlands. Vanvaso provides a peaceful environment, unlike that offered by a thriving city like Surat. It is a retreat from the routine hustle, a second home, yet one that makes the liver feel more relaxed and 'at home'. The house has an urban touch to its exterior, with contemporary luxuries of the the modern day, yet it beautifully amalgamates the traditional spaces within. It comprises of typical Indian features like chowk, wall arts and murals, courtyards and connection to nature, an inseparable par... More

Project • By DELUTIONMosques

Masjidul Arifeen

Begins from a request of a client from India in Thopputhurai village, our architect team tries to answer their desire to build good and innovative mosques in their villages. Architects began to explore the concept of the conditions and circumstances surrounding the Site which seen through photos. The Mosque’s mass shape made from the basic box shape that represent as a philosophical of Kabah itself, and symbolic confidence in God and the Muhammad SAW as the last messenger described by coupling a mass form earlier. In front of the Mihrab, we created a kind of green barrier in order to block the dust that come from outside of ​​the mosque area because of the site conditions in a dusty area. Around the mihrab there’s a pond as an air cooler,... More