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Project • By raum.atelierOffices


The modern new office building “Theo 105” is located in Düsseldorf-Rath and impresses with its architecturally fascinating design language. With its curved building form and rounded corners, it is reminiscent of a "tube", which can be traced back to the industrial location at that time. Today, new office complexes for various companies are increasingly settling in this area, such as Surplex GmbH.    Surplex GmbH is a partial tenant in "Theo 105" and is known as an international trading company, which buys and sells used industrial machines for wood and metal processing.   The simplicity and straightness of the building facade was taken up by raum.atelier and is reflected in the interior design of the almo... More

Project • By 3LHDHeritages

Urban revitalization of the Gredelj Zone

The abandoned industrial zone in the center of the city of Zagreb has occupied for decades the spaces that now give us the opportunity for the first systematic town planning after a long time.  The zone extends between Branimirova and Vukovarska streets and the railway and bus station. This area of 45 hectares is one of the most important spatial potentials of the City of Zagreb, only a 15-minute walk from the centre. For comparison, this area is twice the size of the Old City of Dubrovnik. The reconstruction of the Gredelj zone is an opportunity to solve one of the biggest urban problems in Zagreb, which is the disconnection between the north and the south. Because of the railway tracks these two parts of the city are connected at o... More

NewsNews • 18 Nov 2020

Industrial Russian tower retrofitted with a loft-style contemporary workspace

Within a 19th century industrial building in St Petersburg, Art Gluck has introduced a modern office that meets the functional requirements of a contemporary building whilst maintaining the history of an industrial artifact.   Dmitry Tsyrencshikov The existing tower has a footprint of 10 square meters and a height of approximately 8 meters, allowing for a three-level space that accommodates an entry lobby (with wardrobe and bathroom), office space on the second floor and a recreation area with a kitchen and small library on the third level. The three levels are linked with a light metal staircase.  Dmitry Tsyrencshikov A particular challenge into the retrofit was creating even daylight throughout the building. The seco... More

Project • By Alumil S.AOffices

SPACES Theanous

How do you imagine an office building? Which are the needs for people that work daily inside an open space environment? Such questions find their answers in an architecturally unique way with SPACES Theanous in Petralona, Athens.  In a densely populated area, the biggest challenge for a building that is designed to be a place for rental offices , was the creation of spaces that would be constructed in a smart way, in order to minimize the loss of valuable square meters and at the same time would offer a pleasant atmosphere to those that work there. The stakes were high for barespace, the architectural office responsible for the research and design of this new project, which should create a building -  statement inside the urb... More

Project • By Egue y SetaTrade Shows

Alma Hair Spa Salon

Aura, spirit, character or personality. This is THE place to be if you want to pamper everything that is unique and intangible in you, while putting (your hair and) your head in the kindest and most experienced hands. Its creator has named it Alma (soul), and this premium new hairdressing concept is all about wellbeing, caring, comfort and health as the fundamental basis of appearance. To host this “alma” and keeping in mind the same brand values, we have designed this sensuous, suggestive and ethereal space that ends up being a “wellness treatment” on its own. An atmosphere of deem lights, kind textures and sinuous curves that manages to add up to this wholistic beauty experience and reflecting the purity of your so... More

Project • By Architectural Studio Ivana LukovicShops

Milk Boutique in Athens

The project was commissioned by a traditional dairy products factory from the Attica region. Beside the milk as a basic product, the place is designed  to provide the customer with the whole new range of chef’s freshly made dairy products that could be observed, tasted and bought, thus transferring the everyday commodity to another level of experience. Due to complex sanitary conditions required for the “in situ” production of the ice cream and milk-based sweets, the rear part of the space accommodated a double-height, separated transparent glass box, protected from the direct view of the clients by the full-height, intriguing, screen-like multiplicated metal pipe that resembles the industrial facility. By painting i... More



A reflection of a bull about to strike. Like all of our designs DEA - our striking coffee table - is inspired by the power of nature. When you look closely, you will recognize the forceful beast‘s horns. The massive marble slab is the perfect detail to this piece of art. More



DOM - an extraordinary object with a fascinating silhouette.  The magic - the true beauty - lies within the play of lights. The coated glass reflects the light and transform then literally into a rainbow. Nature at it‘s beautiest. More



Our DUA is a true hommage to the greater good. With its reductive, quadratic form and its exclusively green marble stone DUA serves as a calm anchor in the room. The frame‘s ascending braces build the antagonists of its inner calmness, providing contrast with their own light energy. More



RAK and REA were both designed for the gourmet restaurant "Baldon", which is part of star architect Arno Brandlhuber´s Lobe Block Studio.  The unequal twins RAK and REA share the same DNA: Elegant lines, handcrafted with love for natureinspired details. More



The line of TAI, our first seating accomodation, is a true company novelty. Laser cut and welded from one single aluminium plate, TAI delights with it´s striking surface treatment.  The bluing procedure has been used for centuries to protect iron from rust and creates a fascinating, slightly shimmering black layer.  More



NOA - the result of a perfectly balanced fusion of minimalism and raw industrial design.  Italian Marble is an elegant finish adding exordinary  finesse to our side table. More



ION is our first love, our heart and soul. With ION we reveal everything MAZANLI stands for: A Piece of art combined with the stability of stainless steel, inspired by the purity of nature. More

Project • By Randic and AssociatesPower Plants

Transmission System Operator

The building complex of the Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS) is located in Matulji, Croatia, within an existing electrical substation. The site is adjacent to a former Matulji railway station, which at the turn of the 19th century was connected with Opatija by a tram line, electrified in 1908. At the time, Opatija, besides Karlovy Vary, was the most visited tourist destination of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when trains were the main means of transport. Passengers have not been coming to Opatija via the Matulji train station for a long time now — the attractive panoramic tram line was closed in 1933 — but the substation remains in operation on this peculiar location, at the very centre of the town, as a kind of memen... More

NewsNews • 16 Jul 2020

FCB Studios transforms oldest industrial site in the world into residential neighborhood

Known as the ‘first industrial neighbourhood in the world,’ Ancoats has emerged as a lively, individualistic residential community on the eastern edge of Manchester city centre. The development centres around Murrays’ Mill, the oldest surviving steam-powered cotton mill in the world, with FCB Studios and Manchester Life letting the historic building’s layout, character and heritage inform the design of new homes for a new community. Credit: Daniel Hopkinson The first challenge for FCB Studios was to investigate Murrays’ Mill in order to determined how many homes could be created without disturbing the fabric or character of the existing buildings. Responding to site and existing fabric, rather than a pre-... More