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Product • By KLUSMIFOR-70 System

MIFOR-70 System

Draw a shape! KLUŚ will transform it into a luminaire.MIFOR-70 is an innovative LED lighting system. It inspires you to play with its shape. What is MIFOR-70 in practice? MIFOR-70 is a system that allows you to easily build irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape, including open, closed and openwork. The lighting fixtures can take the form of circles, "soft" arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane. MIFOR-70 can flexibly adapt to the design concept. The system does not only enable creating "soft" forms but also connecting the fixtures into strings and multiplying shapes. This allows you to create effective, polygonal, especially bent, "undulating" light compositions. MIFOR-70 fixtures are intended to be suspen... More

Project • By KLUSOffices

ZYNGA Headquarters

"Zynga” is an American video game manufacturer based in San Francisco, California. The company's employees have at their disposal a modern, six-story building with a large atrium in the center. Office spaces have been divided into zones, dedicated to teams for individual games. The interior design is inspired by the motto of the company: “Play Well”, which means that it includes slot machines, colorful decorations and neon lights. For the comfort of the employees, recreational zones were separated, in which KLUŚ products were used. JAZ-DUO LED luminaires serve as the main lighting. The frosted cover gently diffuses the light at an angle of 360 degrees. The luminaires are suspended on many levels and at different angles,... More

Product • By ILANEL Design StudioHeavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a larger version of Rain, more suitable for voids with high ceilings and stairwells.  Heavy Rain captures the shimmery sparkle of raindrops frozen in descent and voices a whimsy chime of flutes. Individual drops are visually quite subtle, but gain tremendous strength when multiplied and clustered in large groups.   More

Product • By Lambert KampsTube Lamp Clock

Tube Lamp Clock

The Tube Lamp Clock is an installation of 30 pneumatically moving Tube Lamps installed and steered as a digital clock. The moving lamps have an attractive effect on the viewers. It doesn’t only give you the correct time, it’s also offering you an amazing moment. More

Project • By logonMuseums

Shanghai Museum of Glass

Located in Shanghai’s Baoshan District, this former glass manufacturing site covers a total area of 29,612sqm including thirty existing buildings varying in age and scale. logon developed the entire 20 year strategic development plan renaming the site to G+ Glass Theme Park (Glass, Art, Research and Technology Park). Phase one includes the Shanghai Museum of Glass and a hot glass show covering a total site area of 5,785sqm. The decision was made to design a glass museum in phase one. As the site location is not well known due to the projects’ inconvenient location, a ‘Loss Leader’ status for the first phase was decided. This business concept was chosen as the entire site needed a way to build brand awareness of the site and value of the sur... More

Project • By Design spiritsRestaurants


This restaurant, Teeq, was planned in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, at the 8th floor roof parking space of the existing shopping center named as lot 10 which greets the 20th anniversary. I felt fortunate as I was able to participate and design for the master plan which included a club, theater, restaurant and the place of the courtyard. I chose the location to match with the scenery even that would not be the great scenery for the view. By the result, I concentrated more at the ceiling design because that was the only part that not surrounded by the restaurant with the glass keeping scenery. Nevertheless, the ceiling design that I aimed was praised by lot of visitors where being without either disturbance, beautiful or too showy. However, t... More

Product • By PalluccoMicro Telescopic ceiling and floor Lamp

Micro Telescopic ceiling and floor Lamp

The amount that the designer Jean Nouvel’s new lamp, Micro Telescopic, can extend is hard to believe. Just a simple touch activates the opening mechanism and the lamp can be extended to whatever length is desired, up to two metres and twenty centimetres. Like a game, the atmospheres created by light positioned at various heights can be eternally reinvented. When fully retracted, the Micro Telescopic practically disappears to look rather like a small torch, but when extended, all its incredible appeal is released and creates a magical, bright setting. Whether fixed to the ceiling on its own or in a group, the lamp conjures up the surreal image of a hanging forest of stalactites of varying length, which can almost touch the floor, flooding... More

Project • By Dorell Ghotmeh Tane / Architects (DGT)Shops


This project was initiated by Toshiba, a corporate citizen of planet Earth, wanting to create a light installation featuring LED lights at Milano Salone 2011, the world’s largest design trade fair. Since its commercialization of the incandescent light bulb in 1890, Toshiba has continued to contribute to the development of lighting culture through its cutting-edge technology, consistent innovation and passion for light. The company entered the European LED market in 2010. It is committed to the development and creation of innovative next-generation products that are based on the understanding of the unique cultures and diverse values of different countries and regions, in harmony with people and environment. DGT was Toshiba’s partner for the... More

Product • By HoeschSenseEase


The very first shower and steam baths were made by none other than Hoesch. But the innovative company in Düren is not about to rest on its laurels. Hoesch instead remains true to its penchant for new ideas and the latest technologies. And these are focused on the consumer’s real needs. Because not everyone intent on enjoying silky soft steam and a shower afterwards at home also has a room of that size. Great fun in a small format For small-format bathrooms Hoesch offers a steam/shower solution which is just as beautifully designed as it is practical. It is called Sen-seEase, a real all-rounder, and renders sensual pleasure even sim-pler, more beautiful and more individual – even in the smallest space. The clear and fully developed desi... More

Project • By Bluarch Architecture + InteriorsNightclubs

Greenhouse Nightclub

Greenhouse is a 4,000SF nightclub, lounge and event space built from recycled or recyclable materials, Greenhouse is the first nightclub in the nation to receive certification via LEED_CI by the United States Green Buildings Council for its environmentally conscious construction and design. I decided to stay away from re-creating a greenhouse, and opted to transpose the notion of landscape to an interior space. The design concept was to convey the dynamic richness of nature as a living system. The walls connect to the ceiling via a series of laser-cut ribs creating a shelter within the space. The ribs are lined with series of 6” round panels organized in a self-similar and recursive pattern generated through a fractal algorithm. One thi... More

Product • By TrescaliniTrescalini - Aero glass staircase with led light system (lighting glass staircase)

Trescalini - Aero glass staircase with led light system (lighting glass staircase)

Trescalini - Aero glass staircase with led light system (lighting glass staircase) Trescalini is a brand of the company CasaLux Home Design. Our structures, stairs and ballustrades are available in a large range of materials, meanly : glass, stainless steel, steel and wood. We can fit to any special design and material request. Freedom of materials and shapes, the limit is your imagination. More

Project • By ESI DesignPavilions

Shanghai 2010 Expo Corporation Pavilion

ESI Design, a pioneer in the field of experience design, previewed the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Opening on May 1, the 40,000 square-foot Pavilion, known as the “Dream Cube,” encourages visitors to participate in an impressive multimedia experience comprised of cutting-edge technology, dreamlike environments, collaborative social spaces and sustainably designed materials. Inspired by the citizens of Shanghai, the Dream Cube leads visitors through a beautiful story of the city’s past, present and future. The experience also transforms moment-by-moment via the spectators’ collective participation. Crowd-sourced photos uploaded by the public at the Dream Cube website blend with stunning video on immens... More

Product • By molosoftwall + softblock with LED

softwall + softblock with LED

Flexible LED ribbons integrate with textile softwall + softblock to transform the elements into expressive, luminous space partitions. Light emphasizes the subtle beauty of the textile material, illuminating the delicate fibres and dissolving into the surroundings to intensify mood or spatial experience. More

Product • By WET Srl & ecopixel sustainableFusion Spaghetti™

Fusion Spaghetti™

Free standing washbasin/sink100% recycable, easy to clean, non-toxic, LDPE (PolyEthylene) undestructable, childfriendly, antivandalism, mass-colored, unbreakable, light-weight (8 kg), illuminated Ø 34 x 90 cm. FUSION exists in ICE-white, BLACK and 6 colors, APPLE / LILLA / FUCSIA / LEMON-fluoriscent / ORANGE-fluorscent / RED. All versions exept for BLACK can be equiped with the LED illumination-set for plain illumination. More

Project • By Paul de Ruiter ArchitectsTheaters

Bijlmer Parktheater

Inspired collaboration Integral collaboration allows us to exceed the expectations of the end user. The challenge is to create an architectonic design from the interaction between various disciplines. This means sharing knowledge intensively and inspiring each other. In 2004, Paul de Ruiter was invited to compete in the selection of the architect who would design a cultural building in the southeast district of the city of Amsterdam. This cultural building was to be a multifunctional building for four users; a circus (Circus Elleboog), a theatre (Krater Theater), the Youth Theatre School and the Theatre Workplace, all professional organisations in the field of talent development, cultural education, production and programming. On... More