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Project • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitecturePrivate Houses

Amular Home: Rooma Aghili & Rooma Aberri

Project Name: AMULAR Home Office Name: Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture/ AAND Company Office Website: aaksenstudio.com Social Media Accounts: @aand.company @aaksenstudio Contact email: contact@aaksenstudio.com  Firm Location: Bandung, Indonesia Completion Year: 2022 Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 54/81 sqm & 63/90 sqm Project Location: Bandung, Indonesia Program / Use / Building Function: Residential/ Private Houses Lead Architects: Yanuar Pratama Firdaus Design Team: AAND Company Lead Architects e-mail: yanuarpf@sbm-itb.ac.id Photo Credits: Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha Materials : Toto Sanitary, Mulia Ceramics, Platinum Tiles, Taco HPL Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha AMULARhome is... More

Project • By KAD Firma ArsitekturPrivate Houses

Nusantara House

Design and materials in Architecture always evolve althrough the passage of time but are still rooted from the  context of the place. Re-embrace elements and principles of houses in Nusantara. Nusantara in English means Archipelago, but the term itself was to draw the islands across from Sumatra to Papua. Built by the reaction of the tropical climate in Nusantara, the roof typically becomes the dominant element for a house. Celvin Leowardi The roof is the dominant shelter element of the house. The solid plates slit open and change into the transparent plate from tempered glass to get enough sunlight through the window. Filtered by the grid lines create a patterned shadow that adds another texture to the exterior wall.  Eave... More

Project • By Kaim.workApartments


Wola Justowska is an exclusive district of Krakow, where a lot of new investments have appeared in recent years. Investors' demand for apartments in this part of the city is really high, and the apartments built here delight the observers. No wonder, as it is a prestigious district inhabited by prominent Krakow residents with really high expectations. Photos: Patryk Polewany Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Tobia ZambottiShops

Casa Boutique

Casa in Italian is home, but it's also the feeling of homeliness, of belonging, of being safe and comfortable. Gunnar Sverrisson Casa is a multi-brand retailer from Reykjavik (founded in 1977). Casa deals with a refined selection of home & décor products. Casa is a place dedicated to the design which makes a house a home. Gunnar Sverrisson In Austurhöfn - the most recent development of the old Reykjavík harbour - Casa rethinks its retail approach and builds a house for its homely products and the people who will enjoy them. Gunnar Sverrisson In the new store the concept of house is developed in conjunction with that of the modern retail space. Materials and light are used to define "rooms" dedicated... More

Project • By Wenink Holtkamp ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Transformation of old stable

The traditional long-gabled farmhouse consisted of a barn with a stable section. The stables section was transformed into a dwelling during the renovation. Tim van de Velde The first floor of the new building can be read as a loose volume placed on top of the existing joists. This preserves the spaciousness of the stable, which is characterized by a structure of wooden beams. The existing massive brick façade is replaced by a fully glazed curtain wall, which provides an optimal green experience of the wide expanse and the small river. Tim van de Velde Architects: Wenink Holtkamp Architecten Contractor: Bouwbedrijf van Gogh BV Photographer: Tim van de Velde More

Project • By Design Action & AssociatesNurseries


“Light is lightened up everything” is the message we wanted to deliver. Recessed downlight with warm yellow light, yellow that decorate space and yellow chairs; we put different yellow to light up everywhere. The curved line linked the whole space and the light follow and spread out; light is on everything. Design Action & Associates The kindergarten is on the ground floor in a building. It lacks privacy. In the new planning, we used striped glass to separate the entrance and put on a sign. It allows the sunlight to get through and keep the privacy. There are yellow, blue, white cabinet to showcase the kids’ work. To create a bigger lobby, the designer combined the original reception into the school office. The s... More

Project • By Localic StudioHousing

ASH House

ASH House is a private house located in a outskirts of a big city. Initial brief when first discussing with the owner is to get a large opening and good air circulation . Mario Wibowo & Daniel Jiang Mario Wibowo & Daniel Jiang Starting with a tropical architectural approach, we design this house with lots of natural light and air openings so that during the day there are no lights and air conditioners needed. Mario Wibowo & Daniel Jiang The entrance area is made to blend in with the landscape so that the material used for the roof is glass. The door used is also not a solid wood door like a house in general but a wooden partition so that air can still flow through the existing gaps. With this door model, air cir... More

Project • By APS ConceptPrivate Houses

Villa of The Woods

1. Area: 335m2  2. City: Dalat, Vietnam 3. Year: 2022 4. Design and build: APS Concept 5. Design team : Hung Vo, Phan Thanh Dien, Duong Le, Trinh Phoi Phoi, Dao Van Hieu, Phu Le, Hung Le,…  6. Manufactures : The Box, Xingfa, Mai Hoang Paint, Ngoi Nha Viet, Moen, Hafele, Malloca, Higold, Toto, Imundex, Simon… 7. Office : 135/1/58 Nguyen Huu Canh Street -  Ward 22 – Binh Thanh District -  Hochiminh City 8. Website : www.apsconcept.vn 9. Photographs: Quang Tran 10. Main Concept Quang Tran In the current background, the connection between people and nature is often lost, so the resort experience in nature is the favorite choice of urban tourists. Quang Tran Villa of The Woods, also kn... More

Project • By block722Private Houses

Villa Messenia

Blending the elegance of a chic urban retreat with the all-natural feel and openness of an idyllic getaway, this residence in Messenia, Greece was designed for a client and their extended family as a vacation home. Block722 worked with an existing building shell, masterminding the entire interior concept, including surfaces and treatments, furniture, fittings, and bespoke elements. The result is a high specification house defined by the effortless luxury that comes with a confident, design-led, serene environment steeped in nature. Gaelle Le Boulicaut The property is located on a generous, sloped, seaside plot. The building is set towards the top of the site, yet still sits comfortably away from the estate’s borders, remaining d... More

Project • By Design Action & AssociatesSecondary Schools


STEM is the combination of professional knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Advancement of technology is leading us to the future. The designer developed a space that makes learning feels like in future. The main colors are white, grey and blue, with diagonal linear structure that bring out a sensory feeling of the future. Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates More

Project • By Design Action & AssociatesSecondary Schools


The whole space is structured by an oval. Students learn in this oval room and build up relationship. Lake blue curved celling increase the feeling of peacefulness. Outside the oval, recessed downlight surrounded everyone to provide warm spacing. We choose white, wood and lake blue as the main color in order to let students feel warm and comfortable while learning. Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates More

Project • By Design Action & AssociatesLibraries

Waterway Library

The library is ship full of knowledge, good learning atmosphere is a breeze that leads the students sail to their destinations. Getting knowledge helps the students find a breakthrough to their study or develop other skills. We would like to create a relaxing, self-paced study space, which attracts them to stay behind after classes and fall in love with knowledge. Design Action & Associates Design Action & Associates The breeze through the space and guided different areas of the library with color mat. It also reflected the trail of the ceiling. The gray, blue and wood lighting design when through the white colored ceiling as a breeze of desire of knowledge. Different areas are designed to meet different study needs of th... More

Project • By a2o architectenPrivate Houses

House Be

House Be is an experiment in dwelling in and amongst nature is the central theme. A rhythmic structure in concrete, wood and brick contrasts with the frivolity of the restored landscape. In a similar way to the Romantic motif from the 19th century arts, an attempt was made to create a sensitive tension between a sublime natural landscape and the human presence in it.  Stijn Bollaert The structure of the house consists of fair-faced concrete, shuttered with wooden planks. The proportions of aggregates, cement, sand, water and additives were carefully composed, weighed and tested. The result is a concrete skeleton with a rough and at the same time soft appearance. The structure is filled with large glass surfaces and facade brickwo... More

Project • By Atelier RIGHT HUBPrivate Houses

Wu Residence

Atelier Right Hub initiated the project by questioning the fundamentals of the “house” typology itself, asking themselves: How can we free up the plan and make it feel light and loft-like? What is the relationship between the communal and private? When and how should privacy be maintained, if at all? What are the essential and non-essential program components that make a “home”? What is domesticity? Studio RH According to our homestead location and area, from the building volume, space, color, light, other aspects of modern minimalist design languages and the oriental elements. We integrate the main parts of the buildings into the two courtyards, to separate the public space units from the private space units.... More

Project • By LoHA-Laboratory of Hiroshi yamada Architects-Shops


Nimbus is a scarf and lifestyle shop located in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture. This building was originally a house designed by Arata Isozaki in 1985. This time, the building was renovated into a store. The exposed concrete frame (1050mm grid and ceiling dome) with strong formality of the existing Isozaki architecture is likened to "heaven", and the activities of people under it are likened to "earth". The intention was to create a flexible product display with soft variability, such as scarves and miscellaneous goods floating between heaven and earth like clouds. (Large table that can be recombined, round rings on the wall for hanging wires) We are tuning the surface so that the existing frame and products such as scarves coexist, such... More