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Project • By Think ForwardApartments


The Colour Project is a 70m2 apartment designed for the family of a multidisciplinary artist, a sailor, and their two children. The colourful mood of the interior design represents the artistic spirit of its inhabitants. Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward Think Forward More

Project • By IND architectsOffices

Alfa Research Center

The new project of Alfa Research Center is a space for testing and studying user experience for marketing, IT, UX-researchers. This is the third project of the bureau for Alfa-Bank: we have already created a similar space, but on a different scale – in 2013 the IT specialists’ office included an area recreating the atmosphere of the home. Alfa Research Center is a project of a new level, an island of the future, which gathered the best technologies to improve products. Dmitry Chebanenko The space offers several zones that recreate the daily reality – a subway ride, a walk down the street, a café, home, and work. The whole lab is permeated with special cameras, sensors that capture users’ facial expressio... More

Project • By The wall design studioApartments

Apartment in Vake

Apartment is in the center of Tbilisi, most prestigious district and it has views to Vake park. The main task for designer was to create very colorful and calm space at the same time. Billy Bilikhodze photography Billy Bilikhodze photography Billy Bilikhodze photography The apartment is located on the 7th floor of a multi-story multifunctional building  The total area of the apartment is 210 sq.m. It Has an entrance hall, 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom with bathroom, 2 bathrooms, separate kitchen, living and dining rooms are together separated with electrical fireplace with water vapour an LED lights in the middle of the area. The Fireplace is equipped with water reservoir and an evaporator turns water to a mist &... More

Project • By ZentralnordenOffices


The written and printed word is crucial in journalism. We designed a consistent black and white interior for the office of „Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung“ – a newspaper publishing company based in Potsdam. The history of newspaper design with its timeless high contrast type face has been our inspiration. Patrick Nitzschke-Kuhnert Patrick Nitzschke-Kuhnert Our aim was to create a symbiosis of old industrial architecture and the feeling of an up-to-date publishing and printing company. The interior concepts base is a hard separation of black and white surfaces. We made the 30 meters long corridor a transition area to achieve the most intense effect: The gallery like bright side is pure and appareled with histo... More

Project • By Arizon DesignShops


As the old saying goes, the phoenix is flying to the high mound with tweeting and the Chinese parasol treegrows as energetically as the sun. The poet regarded phoenix and Chinese parasol tree as the symbol of noble and unsullied character. It’s the very origin of  WOO TUNG BLOOSSOM.  Shen-photo In the project, The Architect Mr. Junwei Shen comes up with the concept “ Light & Shadow ” at the very beginning. The light made the simple space variousand the illusions of the 3-D space appear as well. That is to say, the light lets the space changeable and mysterious. The trees provide people space to live in. So, in the relationship between human and nature, the trees play an important role.  Shen-pho... More
ground floor

Project • By Architecture DesigningShopping Centres

Commercial Restaurant Interior Design

The primary motive of a restaurant’s floor plan is to organize the available space for the requirement of furniture in the restaurant in the most efficient way.  Restaurant Interior Design and Visualization by architecturedesigning.comReview complete projecthttps://architecturedesigning.com/projects/commercial-restaurant-interior-design/ Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More


Café Centro Botín. Centro Botín, Santander, Spain

Creative Director:                    Sandra Tarruella  Project Leader:                                    Elsa NomsCollaborator:                            Núria Martinez The new commission by restaurant owner, Carlos Crespo, after the completion of the projects: La Bien Aparecida, La Primera and Gran Café Santander in Madrid, is the transformation of the Centro Botín’s cafeteria. Salva López The Botín Art Center, located in Santander, and designed by the architect and Pritzker pr... More

Project • By Valdemar Coutinho ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Cabedelo HD

A Casa Cabedelo HD está localizada a norte de Portugal, em Viana do Castelo, numa zona residencial consolidada perto da praia. Valdemar Coutinho Valdemar Coutinho Na sua idealização esteve subjacente a concretização funcional/programática com uma harmonização volumétrica de cheios e vazios sustentada em alinhamento de continuidade da envolvente. Valdemar Coutinho Valdemar Coutinho A conceção do programa funcional da habitação unifamiliar que se materializou num dimensionamento em dois pisos, volumetricamente alongada, funciona em termos morfológicos como uma barreira aos olhares indiscretos, filtrando apenas o necess&aacut... More

Project • By WANGANShops

Rawsters Coffee

Rawsters Coffee and Supply Co. is a new generation coffee company which has two coffee shops in İstanbul and also supplies roasted coffee in high quality with its own distribution network which is one of the biggest chains in Turkey. Emre Dörter Emre Dörter With a bold approach, Wangan created the new concept of Rawsters based on the charm of contrasts. The second coffee shop of Rawsters is located in Akmerkez which is one of the most well-known malls in the city. While the light pink palladian terrazzo floor composed of traditional white marble, the maroon back wall color and the plywood secondary layer with curvy lines express warmness and femininity, the stainless-steel coffee bar and shelves with sharp edges and the... More

Project • By ZN DesignShowrooms

HuaManLi Life Hall

Huamanli Life Hall reinterprets the brilliance and mellowness of the Renaissance with contemporary design language. Looking for a spirit of freedom that transcends time and space, it creates a diversified social contemporary lifestyle experience place. The layout of an European church style is injected into the design. Along the north-south axis, a shared front hall, a middle hall and a rear hall, like the main area of the church, are created. Caption With coffee culture as the design element, the essence of Renaissance humanism art is integrated into the space language without losing the daily relaxed atmosphere. From the beginning of design, designers have tried to create a public, open, and equal space in addition to the usual disp... More

Project • By ZN DesignShowrooms

Jiangnan Yipin Sales Center

In this project, ZN DESIGN uses techniques of modern naturalism to explore the relevance of modernism in today's time, regions, and cultural contexts. This project expresses the beauty of space from the change of light and shadow, long-lasting in the washing of the years.  Caption ZN DESIGN creates an atmosphere from mixing modernism, contemporary art, colleges, art galleries, and gardens. In the morning, noonday, or dusk, the light of different times and seasons goes inside the space. It is just like the spiritual home of the wensen’s poetry “ Joy of reading in four seasons” Caption The main designer Amy said, let the oriental Oriental aesthetics of garden art respond to the purity of modernism. It create... More

Project • By BezmirnoApartments


FOG is about the purity of the contemporary interior, about style and eternity, about trend and comfort. A project in which we wanted to try something new, enjoying simplicity and creating harmony, working with materials and light. Caption Caption Minimalism, which stands out with modern details, natural materials – gives the apartment a general atmosphere. FOG is exactly the case when we poetize comfort, using not words but solutions and practicality. Caption Caption From the very entrance to the apartment, we are immersed in the basic concept. The common space for several functional zones was created by the feeling of “fresh air” and the opportunity to “breathe freely”. Several shades of... More

Project • By Kilogram StudioShops

Tibor's Right Time

The shop is laid out as a long transition from Union Station’s public halls, to display, and then repair. The intricate work of watch repair is a spectacle for visitors. Materials that are original to the historic Union Station were preserved, such as the terrazzo floors, stone, and glazed brick columns. The geometry of the station’s original storefront layouts is emphasized with a square drop ceiling and with the retail display’s repeating vertical divisions. Scott Norsworthy Scott Norsworthy Scott Norsworthy Scott Norsworthy Scott Norsworthy Train station clocks were significant timekeepers and meeting places when these stations were constructed in the early 20th century. Shops like Central Watc... More

Project • By Bas Vogelpoel ArchitectenApartments

Pied-à-terre Keizersgracht

This Pied-à-terre apartment had to contain a multifunctional room in the middle that is at once part of the living room, a study and a guest room. It’s a very deep space which has the unique feature of having windows on three sides, but not a lot of them. It also has the entrance all the way at the back-corner.  Caption As the position of the entrance made it necessary to make a pretty long hallway, we made a couple of interventions to alleviate the longitudinal space. First of all we treated the division between the hallway and the rooms behind it as an architectural object. It is materialized as a furniture piece, differently from the outer shell of the apartment, thus emphasizing the apartment as one hole. We also... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedShops


The design concept of this jewelry store in Beijing city, China includes not only the characteristics of both ancient and modern designs, but also the characteristics of landmarks in the city, thus making this store unique and standing out from its counterparts. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography This design concept actually went through several twists and turns from incubation to implementation. Beijing is a richly historical city as it was the capital of many dynasties in the Chinese history, so it is difficult to simply use one thing or a simple pattern to summarize the characteristics of the entire city. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography After thinking hard, we finally chose the classical royal gar... More