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Project • By VeldhuisApartments


A young couple is charmed by the patina and character of the casco space they purchased near the centre of Brussels. The old wooden beams, the rough concrete floor, the traces of paint that testify to years of intense use and the three majestic cast-iron columns. Our brief is to develop an interior that includes a living space, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a guest toilet and ample storage space further building on (and thus partially preserving) the space's existing qualities. Evenbeeld The designed pursued three clear goals: the existing columns should become directors of the new spatiality; natural light needs to reach deep inside the heart of the flat and ecological materials should be used. All of this whilst strengthening the as-fou... More

Project • By March OfficeApartments

Tonson Residence

A sanctuary amidst the vibrant city, the design creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere through warm tones and soft textures. The contrast between the deep, rich dark wood and light-colored fabrics brings a soft and friendly juxtaposition of textures, enhancing the visual appeal. New York Studio Co., Ltd. New York Studio Co., Ltd. New York Studio Co., Ltd. Curvatures are introduced in the loose furniture pieces to create an organic flow within the rigid rectangular space, making it feel more inviting. The carefully selected lighting fixtures bring a unique character to each space along with a sense of warmth, illuminating the area in a cozy glow. All design elements harmonize to create a space of comfort for the resident.... More

Project • By K-Thengono Design StudioRestaurants

Talaga Sampireun Bali

K-Thengono Design Studio brings new life to Talaga Sampireun’s Bali location with an innovative concept that diverges from the conventional setup of individual saung (Sundanese huts) and separate dining halls. Instead, the design team has crafted a cohesive narrative inspired by villages from a bygone era. Indra Wiras Indra Wiras A river-like axis is central to the design, featuring a continuous, curved spine surrounded by a lake. Along this "river," spacious dining areas rest on its bends with open-air saung nestled along its path—reminiscent of traditional riverside settlements. This novel design approach provides the main dining areas with direct access to the water's edge, allowing guests to feed fish and bask in... More

Project • By SHERPAShowrooms


With the slogan of filling beauty with emptiness, Pyeongangyul Cosmetics is an herbal skin care brand that minimizes artificial ingredients and seeks the natural healthy beauty of the skin with ingredients from nature.  The Pyeonggangryul flagship store located in Bukchon, Seoul, wanted to convey the healthy beauty of Pyeonggangryul by containing elements of Korean tradition and interpreting them in a modern way.  IN AND OUT STUIDO First, by making the road to the wall longer, the brand's immersion through architectural walks is encouraged. The stepping stones in the driveway cut the existing yard into small pieces, making use of the value of reuse.  IN AND OUT STUIDO The external façade expresses the value... More

Project • By CTRL +Private Houses

Casa AVG

In this project we found the opportunity to visually take advantage of the exterior, generate a sense of origin and frame each visual highlight that the stairs generate at the moment of transit; as a result, it is possible that the circulations generate an authentic character to where it is transited and what is visually perceived in each one. Horacio Virissimo Horacio Virissimo The relationship between the interior and exterior is fundamental to Casa AVG. In this case, it is sought that the relationship was not limited to include climatic conditions to generate an adequate temperature regulation. The fundamental objective of the project is to extend the uses of each area to the exterior in order to increase the space that it com... More

Project • By studiomovementRestaurants

teppanyaki '伝心'

“tepanyaki wholeheartedly,” which means conveying one’s whole heart, was used to aesthetically solve the space based on the slogan. It was a stimulating scene for us as well due to the use of strong, somewhat challenging colors. The design was designed taking into account the finishing materials that were being used for the first time and perspectives on the space from various angles. studiomovement studiomovement studiomovement The space, which may seem somewhat monotonous, was designed with fun fabric and colored glass, serving as an element to bring out the unique feel of izakaya. I ordered it. In addition, the entrance located at the front was boldly moved to the side, and the strong impact of the front... More

Project • By PLAT ASIARestaurants

Sanya Valley Restaurant (SHINKAI By Yotsuba)

The restaurant SHINKAI By Yotsuba, a service building in the Aranya Sanya community, is a unique creation by architect JUNG Donghyun, following his successful design of SHINKAI By Hatsune (Forest Dining Club) at the Aranya Beidaihe in 2018. While both restaurants explore the relationship between forest and architecture, the new establishment offers a distinct experience due to its unique surroundings.  Arch-Exist Photography Arch-Exist Photography Begin with environment The site is on the north slope of Nan Ding Hills and around the mountains from three sides, towards a broad grassland and mountains on the horizon in the north; enjoy a comfortable and silent land on the tropical island – of Hainan. In Spring 2022, the... More

Project • By Studio PastelsApartments

The Penthaus

PROJECT BRIEF  Studio Pastels was entrusted by a discerning middle-aged couple to transform their penthouse apartment into a residence echoing their sophisticated, old-money lifestyle, interwoven with their devout yet vivacious demeanor. They desired a living space that resonated with their rich, aesthetic lifestyle while incorporating contemporary materials and designs. The result is a home that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with modern comforts, embodying the old-money charm they have always envisioned. Harsheen Mengar Client Brief The clients, a middle-aged couple, sought to align their home with their elegant and spiritually-rich lifestyle. The design directive was clear: to craft an environment reminiscent of an old-... More

Project • By LanhirPrivate Houses

Broad Stone Clubhouse

The West Lake, serving as a natural transition between traditional Hangzhou and contemporary urban areas, nurtures a profound quest for spiritual exploration. Nestled amidst the winding paths of West Lake, the Broad Stone Clubhouse stands as a testament to the patient unraveling of geographical diversity and the complexities of life. Through a collaborative effort between Lanhir Design and the property owner, a synergy of humanity, nature, and architecture has been achieved, pondering whether urbanites can redefine the boundaries between solitude and shared experiences within the increasingly blurred realms of work and residence, cultivating a new spiritual haven. Caption Caption 01 Collection and release The Broad Stone Clubhou... More

Project • By Driessen + van DeijneUniversities

Period room Drift 23 University Utrecht

Faking It  Builders of the Baroque were dab hands at conjuring up illusions of depth. They weren’t of course the first, nor the last, to deal in deception. From the walls of Pompeii with fake windows onto imaginary landscapes to the digital décors produced for today’s film-makers, trompe l’oeil has long been a favourite in the designer’s bag of tricks. Used to effect, it adds an unsettling dimension, making you doubt the evidence before your eyes. But that’s not the effect created in the nineteenth-century period rooms at Drift 23 in Utrecht, now occupied by the city university. The decorative paintwork on the frames and cornices may be convincing and of immerse historical value, though it doesn&rs... More

Project • By Driessen + van DeijneUniversities

Period Rooms Janskerkhof

Period Room 001 and 002When considering the wall coverings in Room 001 however, there is little space for free compositions. The late 18th century period rooms have a strongly symmetrical disposition of tracings and panelling whereby certain wall surfaces were left open to be finished with textile wall coverings. The photographic images of material assemblages which Driessen+Van Deijne had used before were used here as well. The difference being that for these prominent and highly representative rooms the images were first woven into a Jacquard fabric which was then photographed and printed onto the wall covering cloths. These were sewn, tensioned and mounted into the recesses of the wood wallpanelling. And so here, on close inspection one... More

Project • By Avamposti ArchitetturaRestaurants

Berberè Firenze | Manifattura Tabacchi

The locationThe venue is located within the urban regeneration project which involved the spaces of the famous former cigar factory Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, active for over seventy years and abandoned since 2001. The ambitious redevelopment project aimed to give life to a new neighborhood of the city, so that it could become an alternative meeting place compared to the historic center and a creative hub for commercial activities in art, design, fashion and refined restaurants.The original building complex, of rationalist architecture, was designed by Bartoli and Nervi in the 1930s and has 16 buildings arranged over an area of approximately 100,000 m2, when the Monopoly decided to unify the Sant'Orsola and San Pancrazio plants. F... More

Project • By elemental studioPrivate Houses

Red Residence - Mauli Villa

In the realm of residential architecture, the seamless integration of form and function is paramount, particularly in the design of a family home that must cater to the diverse needs of its inhabitants. This architectural project—a sprawling bungalow designed for a joint family—embodies this integration, melding traditional materials with contemporary design elements to create a living space that is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. PRACHI KHASGIWALA PRACHI KHASGIWALA PRACHI KHASGIWALA The structure of the bungalow is primarily made of brick and concrete, offering robustness and longevity, while the cladding of red Agra stone paired with exposed red brick lends a distinctive character that is bo... More

Project • By BABAYANTS ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses


This is a meditative interior of the villa on the sunny island.  The contraries are balanced and merged in the one characteristic of the house: clear and full, simple yet luxurious.  Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption An open space is filled with light, air, and freedom. The floor-to-ceiling glazing, sandy-tinted palette, natural materials, and textiles blur the boundary between external and internal. The glass cube and the growing olive tree are the foretype and a pivot of our concept. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Capti... More

Project • By Studio ForwardWineries

Generazione Alessandro

Un progetto di restauro architettonico realizzato nel rispetto delle volumetrie e forme del nucleo architettonico preesistente, accompagnato dalla ricerca di soluzioni di interni che scendono di scala progettuale, fino al disegno di tutti gli arredi dedicati. Studio Forward Studio Forward Studio Forward Studio Forward Studio Forward Studio Forward Un esempio è il ridisegno della scala in vetro che ha lo scopo di collegare i due livelli raccontando gli spazi originari del palmento in una forma contemporanea. Il dettaglio poi dialoga con la scelta di materiali e soluzioni che comunicano l’attenzione che Generazione Alessandro ha voluto porre nel recupero di questo palmento con camere a Linguaglossa,... More