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NewsArchello Awards • 6 Dec 2023

Mirato's HQ Sunrock selected by public as overall Interior of the Year 2023

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed its winning projects. For each of the 27 categories, one project was awarded by jury vote, and one project was awarded by public vote. As the overall Interior of the Year award winner, the public has selected the HQ Sunrock project designed by Mirato.  The office space in Amsterdam was designed for Sunrock, a market leader in solar park development, within a former bicycle factory located in the Schinkelkwartier neighborhood of Amsterdam. According to the architect, the design contract was won with a concept that focused on aspects of natural daylight, in alignment with Sunrock's reliance on the sun. Mirato even refers to the interior design project as an 'Ode to the Sun'. Th... More

NewsArchello Awards • 6 Dec 2023

Concéntrico's Kali Coffee selected by jury as Interior of the Year 2023

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed its winning projects. For each of the 27 categories, one project was awarded by jury vote, and one project was awarded by public vote. As the overall Interior of the Year award winner, the jury has selected Kali Coffee designed by Concéntrico for a shop in the studio's hometown of Nuevo León, northern Mexico.  Kali Coffee Roasters is a coffee production company which grows its beans in rural Chiapas, a mountainous Mexican state that borders Guatemala. When designing a shop for the company the architects drew from residential building techniques regional to Chiapas, where the ceilings of homes are often clad in handmade clay tiles to protect from the rain. The residential reference is not... More

Project • By MepitreeHeritages

Mepitree : The Deep Ocean Blue

Ko Chan is a district in Chonburi, Thailand, that used to be a district of extraordinary and hidden history. This place known for its beautiful quiet landscapes, also has old house to the remains of an old classic house that carries with it a wealthy and mysterious past.   The main concept of renovating the house came from the owner's daughter, who desired to transform her parents' house into a modern residence that reflects the present. We combined everything into the idea, which is ‘The Deep Ocean Blue House’.   All the facade is still in its original form. The concept is using shades of blue remain of the deep sea to create a calming and luxurious atmosphere. The blue luxury can be through wall colors, furniture... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Sennheiser Poznań

In the heart of Poznan, where innovation meets tradition, a new melody of workspace design has been composed by Sennheiser, the connoisseur of supreme sound quality. A family business, cultivated by a professor’s vision, Sennheiser’s new office is a harmonious blend of the company’s rich history and a forward-thinking approach to the workspace environment. The mode:lina™ design team – experts in office spaces for people to enjoy working in – were invited to collaborate on this unique project. Patryk Lewiński Patryk Lewiński Patryk Lewiński Space Composition The functional layout of the office is a well-adapted composition that fosters collaboration in the agile methodology. The egalitaria... More

Project • By Listen CommunicationHotels

The HANOK Heritage House

The recently completed Yeongwol Jongtaek is a traditional Hanok hotel with a total floor area of 16,332 m2, consisting of 78 buildings, 137 rooms (35 independent rooms, 102 row houses), a cultural exhibition hall, an outdoor banquet hall, a seminar room, a spa, and exercise facilities. This is the first private space of The Hanok Heritage House, which is scheduled to be completed. This project started from the basics of using well-dried, high-quality wood to build a good Hanok. Listen Communication Listen Communication In order to use the highest quality wood, wood drying equipment was developed and wood dried using a developed microwave method was used. In order to bring the natural scenery intact into the room, the highest qua... More

Project • By EL ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Punta Azul

Casa Punta Azul is a project focused as a vacation home made up of two blocks of suites, a main one where we have a more complete distribution with both public and private areas and a secondary one with complete rooms for guests. Connected to each other by a bridge on the upper level that allows different views of the recreational area and the exterior of the property. Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Both blocks share a recreation area in the center where we have a swimming pool with a waterfall and a bonfire area as well as a large recreation area with various areas of green areas that interact with all the spaces on the g... More

Project • By J.A. Becker Arquitetura e ConstruçõesApartments

Apartamento DB

The project of this apartment of approximately 100m², located in the city of Novo Hamburgo, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, began with the challenge of transforming the space - already fully furnished by the former owners - into a refuge for an architect with a cosmopolitan style, passionate about for design pieces, and that despite living alone, values ​​​​receiving friends and family. Marcelo Donadussi Marcelo Donadussi For this, the property was completely remodeled, using only the kitchen and the white marble of the TV cabinet, and undergoing a general renovation in its pre-existing fixed furniture, replacing all the loose furniture, with essential pieces, chosen by hand, so that the project could communicate the st... More

Project • By Studio IAADApartments

Conscient One

Designed for Conscient Infrastructure Private Limited, Conscient One is a mixed-use space that brings together retail, workspaces, and serviced apartments, all towards creating aesthetics that seamlessly adapt to its context. The clients wanted a luxurious, high-end look on a restricted budget – a challenge that transcended into an opportunity. A thoughtfully curated material palette, refined yet simple finishes, and punctuating spaces with artwork helped achieve the same.  Andre Fanthome Andre Fanthome The brief stipulated by the client outlined the designing of the lobby space and all serviced apartments. The design vocabulary of the 50,347 sq ft building aims to embody the brand's ethos in a welcoming, unique, and c... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsStudent Housing

upGrad Living

Client Brief and Expectations: The brief was short but complex – designing spaces to meet the unique needs of all students that will not only benefit their academic and personal experiences, but also shape their world and enrich their lives. Yamini Krishna Photography Challenges:  Convert a commercial space into a Co-living student housing within a busy cityscape. Yamini Krishna Photography Concept and Design Approach: A predominantly city area with a lot of traffic and people movement in the busy neighborhood of the cityscape and office dwellers, this project aims to change the conversation of what this neighborhood can be. Yamini Krishna Photography The overall concept and design approach within the space a... More

Project • By AODADesignApartments

Scent of twelve essences: midnight blue

To enjoy life in a fully functional space in the jam-packed metropolitan, and to come away from the stress and burden of a tough day, can almost seem as dazzling as a dream. Caption Caption Through incorporating, converting, and multiplying various of architectural techniques, the tranquil living style in this 33 square-meters residential space is thus rejuvenated with a robust fusion of characteristics. Caption Caption The once narrow, cramped partitions were all joined together to form one light, open, and airy place packed with usability and flexibility. TV wall panel, bookshelves, and the mezzanine were revamped throughout, with interlacing and compiling techniques massively applied to integrate space both horizont... More

Project • By Corpus StudioPrivate Houses

Parisian Pied-à-Terre

The existing apartment layout was far from ideal, with several tiny and impractical rooms. As a result, complete remodelling was necessary to meet the requirement of our London based client to have a comfortable space for social gatherings. In order to achieve this requirement within the constraints of 32m2, we created a generous living space by optimising the bedroom and bathroom. François Coquerel Our approach was to push all built elements to the apartment’s extremities, freeing up the living area. In essence, the convivial L form layout, repeated in each corner of the apartment, allowed an appropriate dispersion of functions: eating and lounging close to the large windows, cooking and storage opposite. Franç... More

Project • By Taylored Architecture PLLCPrivate Houses

Contemporary Island House 1

Taylored Architecture was asked to design a highly contemporary "steel and glass" house on a private island in the Thousand Islands. The design took shape from a structural grid of steel columns that support a steel roof framing system. The steel columns are expressed on the exterior of the building allowing all of the exterior walls to be non-load bearing. Revette Studio Revette Studio Revette Studio This allowed for Marvin floor-to-ceiling Modern sliding doors and windows. The White Oak interior flooring was used as the interior ceiling material and was carried out onto the exterior ceilings/soffit diffusing the separation from the interior to the exterior of the building. Revette Studio Revette Studio A double-... More

Project • By VON MPrivate Houses

HS 77

Text by David Kasparek The land we live on is a non-replicable commodity. In many cities and communities, space for housing is becoming scarce. This is because, despite the cor- rect statement that our cities are largely built, i.e. on average in Germany there is enough living and wor- king space available, this existing space is often not in the right place. Especially in economically prospering settlements, living space is needed. Due to the local economic system, the available land is subject to constant speculation and the associated price driving. Since 1962, the Federal Statistical Office has been recording the development of building land prices in this country: by 2017, there was an increase of 2,308 percent. Land prices are gettin... More

Project • By Cherry Art HubApartments

Parasite Habitat

The  apartment  is  designed  for  two  people  as  a unique space with an embedded bedroom – this method is unique and consists of forming a new text inside the phrase we are used to. Relja Ivanic Relja Ivanic Relja Ivanic The bedroom plays the role of a parasite, while everything  else  inside  the  apartment  is positioned in relation to the intruder. The tame pest, at the same time unclothed and surrounded, becomes an accomplice, changing its identity, but not its function. It  plays  with  the  structure  inside  which  it  is placed. It is emphasized, yet it does not stand out.  Cherry Art Hub Rel... More

Project • By Antony Gibbon DesignsHotels

The Tapered House

The Tapered House is part of our Inhabit series. The structure can be situated on the edge of a lake, River or Pond or any sloped landscape with its raised legs. Caption Caption This 2 bedroom property consists of a – Ground Floor of 81 sq.m including an Entrance/Reception, Lounge, kitchen, Shower/wash room, Bedroom, outdoor terrace to front and rear of the property. The Second floor is 29 sq.m and has a Large double bedroom, Office built in wardrobes and plenty of Storage space. We have several variations of timber finishes to the exterior panelling. Caption Caption More