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Project • By Punto Zero ArchitettiPrivate Houses

[GRO] Casa Diva

The space was originally very irregular and fragmentary, our goal was to give it a more homogeneous and clear arrangement. Yara Bonanni We wanted, compared to the client's previous home, to create a dense and urban atmosphere, a sense of good fullness. Yara Bonanni A large blue lagoon wall becomes the means through which to discover the house: it hides doors and invisible passages towards the most intimate environments; it extrudes into carpentry elements and welcomes works of art and books. Yara Bonanni The kitchen is conceived as the fulcrum of the house, a sort of glazed aquarium to look out onto, defined in its lines by custom-made carpentry and reinforced concrete beams and pillars, left bare. Yara Bonanni Yar... More

Project • By Insayn Design SocietyRestaurants


Welcome to Pokawa World! By Insayn design societyA world full of shapes, colors and life! This new world was created with a really INSAYN taste that you will try once you visit it. MARC NOGUE This special restaurant is the first of a famous french restaurant chain implanted in Spain, located in the city of Barcelona, in one of the most important avenues of the city called Diagonal in the front and main facade of a very famous mall called LÌlla. MARC NOGUE MARC NOGUE The first thing to consider asking by the client was the image brand, so we had to maintain the DNA of the brand in the space, but we wanted to give an insayn level up to it. To do it we especially maintain the colors, some of the brand furniture and materials... More



Project : ARHABRIDAL Architects : DESIGN STUDIO MONO Area : 106.7m² Photographs : Seeun Park Lead Architects  : Suhyun Oh, Yeun Kang Address : 17, Dosan-daero 83-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Seeun Park Seeun Park ARHA is a Korean designer wedding brand that pursues restrained sophistication, modern design and originality. We wanted to create a space that contains the beauty that Arha pursues and the narrative for the bride. Seeun Park Since it is a special purchasing experience of clothes for a day that will be remembered as the most beautiful moment in an individual's life, we wanted to give ARHA's own special space experience. The S-shaped wall at the center of the space and the change in floor... More

Project • By Gulyaev + TsakhariasShops

Yuliawave store

INTRO The concept of the store is based on natural, monochrome materials that complement each other and are responsible for the bold character of the brand. One of the inspirations was the concrete walls, which we cleaned of paint, showing the aesthetics of concrete and building structures. The lack of a large number of familiar finishing materials on the market has become a challenge for us. The initial idea of using non-finish coatings and showing the "nature" of building materials has made sense. Daniel Annenkov Planning solution The planning solution is built on two halls:main and private. They are separated from each other by a multifunctional core, which comfortably accommodates fitting rooms, an open warehouse area, a manager'... More

Project • By AcararchPrivate Houses

House K

House K is located in a housing site in Gümüşlük, Bodrum, in the West coast of Turkey. Site’s architectural project was designed by Boran Ekinci Architecture. After the complation of rough construction, Acararch had a collabration for interior design, landscape design and landscape extensions. İbrahim Özbunar The oiginal architectural project, house is a composition of four different stone cladded blocks that settle to a sloping land. Two blocks are on the upper floor, one is living area with kitchen and the other is master bedroom with its own bathroom. These two upper blocks have a wide front terrace with a landscape view.  One of the ground floor blocks has been considered as a study area of house own... More

Project • By AcararchPrivate Houses

House EVS

House EVS is located in Mesa Demirbükü Complex in Bodrum, Muğla. The two-storey house has an H type plan scheme of Mesa; the ground floor consist of a living area designed with a kitchen and a terrace with a beautiful seascape. The garden floor has two bedrooms and a small terrace that connects the bedrooms to the garden. İbrahim Özbunar The aim was to create an image of modern summer house with well-coordinated interiors in the project. During the design process, the existing architectural plan of the house was preserved and interior elements were designed with holistic / floor-to-ceiling systems. İbrahim Özbunar On the garden floor, high amount of storage units were offered in two bedrooms according to the... More

Project • By AcararchPrivate Houses

Villa Güney

Interior and landscape project was designed by Acararch for an existing summer house, located in Gundogan, Bodrum, Turkey. Since, the open areas are mostly being used during the day, shaded spaces were needed in the garden, near the swimming pool. For this purpose, a stell structured pergola has been designed by its one sided connections  to the existing retaining garden wall. Steel cantilever beams which do not need any columns, makes pergola area unified with the rest of the garden without any visual barrier. With its steel beams that get thinner towards the swimming pool, pergola structure is added to the garden area as a levitated canopy over the dinner table, bar and barbeque units. For the existing  garden wall, a decorative... More

Project • By Alessia IacovoniApartments

Casa CP

Residential and restoration project of an apartment located in a historical building of the 20th Century, in Nomentano district of Rome. Francesco Galiotto The new refurbishment along with a black and white contrast give "personality" to the apartment following the owner's wishes and taste. Francesco Galiotto We decided to keep this contrast alive in the whole apartment. Francesco Galiotto Black elements emerge above a white background in the corridor (doors, pipes and bespoke handles), while carrara marble and ceramic claddings highlight the black and white contrast choice inside the two bathrooms. Francesco Galiotto The apartment consists of a set of spaces visually connected each other by the use of bespoke glazed... More

Project • By loft buroRestaurants

Ostannya Barykada Lviv

The Ostannya Barykada Lviv is a gastronomic and artistic space in the old part of the city, which we worked on for almost a year. This is already the second project under this brand. The first of them has been a visiting card of Kyiv for eight years. Mykola Korsun Mykola Korsun The idea of ​​the OB was born during the Ukrainians' defense of their identity. Therefore, the motif of the interiors is dedicated to the struggle for our freedom and independence. Mykola Korsun Mykola Korsun Mykola Korsun The interior was born from a passionate combination of elements of Ukrainian design identity with signs, materials, and legends against a robust historical environment. Mykola Korsun Mykola Korsun Mykola Kors... More

Product • By MODENESE LUXURY INTERIORSClassic French duo sofa

Classic French duo sofa

Embracing the drama of Louis XV-era, the 18th century design specialized by Modenese Luxury Interiors. This classic style two-seater sofa is as glamorous as its three-seater sibling, with the gold gilded frame, legs and crown are fully hand carved from the solid wood. This sofa distinct itself with the refined ornate design that section down in the middle of the seat. Our upholstery fabric is the design from our own in-house studio, the customize pattern can be changed upon request.  More

Product • By MODENESE LUXURY INTERIORSClassic French deluxe sofa

Classic French deluxe sofa

Bringing the royal elegance to your living space with the dramatic silhouette of this three seater classic French palace style sofa. The ornate design over legs and seating crown are meticulously hand carved and gilded by our experienced artisans. The overall sofa is fully upholstered with silk blended fabric with Modenese Luxury Interiors’ special designs. The sofa padding is filled with the extra plush of natural material padding and feathers.  More



This alluring sofa is welcoming guests with its broad size and the flamboyance design. This four seater with armrest in classic baroque style. The body of the sofa with exclusive upholstery design sits on the golden carving base, adding the contrasting textures and color combinations to your luxury villa.  More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Beirut Café

Within the historic and newly renovated Östermalms Saluhall marketplace in Stockholm, the new restaurant Beirut Café includes specially manufactured metal mesh for its vibrant interior. Banker Wire M22-83 in braided solid brass enhances the look by being used in dividing screens, shelving and counters and in ceiling tiles and panels. The Banker Wire TXZ-3 is an antique copper-plated metal mesh designed like towers to enhance the atmosphere around the room. The metal mesh paired by the architects brings a clean yet warm feel to the interior design. The antique-plated metal meshes are both polished by hand to make the bright alloy sweep out into the dark oxide layer, which creates additional depth and a soft feeling in the metal p... More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Brasserie Deck

Brasserie Deck, Stockholm’s newest neighborhood restaurant, we have had the privilege of manufacturing metal mesh in braided solid brass for the architect’s stylish interior. The Banker Wire S-32 brass mesh is featured as a front cladding for their bar counter that runs along the entire restaurant and ends with a rounded bar counter with rolled metal mesh. This bold interior design choice matches the modern style of the restaurants menu and atmosphere. Pahlfer Caption Brasserie Deck is a modern brasserie that is Liljeholmskajen’s newest neighborhood pub. Their ambition is to become a natural and lively meeting place for all residents in the immediate area. Brasserie Deck is located on the ground floor of one of... More

Product • By MODENESE LUXURY INTERIORSGold leaf console with Guatemala green marble top by Modenese Interiors

Gold leaf console with Guatemala green marble top by Modenese Interiors

Astonishing Made in Italy console fully decorated with gold leaf finish and a Guatemala green marble top. The precious hand-made carvings, which Modenese artisans developed through centuries, make this item eligible for royal palaces and elegant penthouses. More