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Project • By Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Chicago Townhouse

This townhouse in Chicago floats behind a private garden wall and is framed by traditional houses on both sides. A dramatic side stair leads to the main level, comprising open living, dining and kitchen areas, then continues upstairs to the master bedroom and bathroom that are suspended above the main living space. Two guest bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the lower floor. Michael Moran Michael Moran Michael Moran Michael Moran   More

Project • By DEAR studioPrivate Houses


This project gets its characteristic from two black horizontal discs. The bottom disc is installed in the entrance area and its curved shape reached almost the ground. Visitors reach the upper floors of this single-family home via stairs. The glazed façade and the opaque walls reflect the environment. The black building serves at the same time as an eye catcher and a shadow. The building is an architectural foreign body that fits almost unseen in the surroundings. More

Project • By EvoSpaceApartments

Modern & Soft Interior

We are proud to present our new finished project located in Tbilisi, Vake. The apartment is on two floors, where we can find 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a big studio living room. All renovation materials are premium quality, the interior design presents modern and soft interior design where furniture is custom made with exclusive design only for this apartment, also the stairs are made from with premium quality Finnish plywood. All details of the apartment are made with our team. More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIPrivate Houses

Canal house Amsterdam

On one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals in the Jordaan, an old deprecated warehouse from the 18th century had already been shut down for many years. We were asked by the two residents to design a home of allure and equipped with all modern conveniences. The surface area of ​​approximately 50 m2 and 5 floors forced us to think carefully about the location of the functions and the routing through the building. The location of the various stairs was the biggest challenge for us. These are very detailed and positioned that they form a self-evident division of the living functions while maintaining the open character. This results in daylight far into the house. The kitchen is on the first floor where the dining table is in contact wi... More

Product • By Spaces BureauZAHA LIGHT 3- color chandelier

ZAHA LIGHT 3 color chandelier

ZAHA LIGHT three-colored triple chandelier(Publication: futuristic style ceiling chandelier with bionic avant-garde form and modern mandala designinspired by Zaha Hadid architecture. Know-how of this design is frameless soft plafonds.This chandelier will perfectly decorate private spaces such as:Child rooms, playrooms, teen rooms, contemporary design interiors, loft spaces, hallways, corridors, staircases etc.Also this chandelier ideally suitable for public spaces such as:restaurants, clubs, cafe, food courts, showrooms, art-spaces, co-workings, office receptions, meeting rooms, hotels lobby, boutiques etc.This chandelier will bring lightness and movement to space by ext... More

Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Unconventional loft in Rome

The design of this loft was designed for a client who is a writer. The spaces are very high and have been exploited as scenarios and colorful characters in a story. the presence of many books made it necessary to create many storage spaces at all the heights of the apartment, creating walls and shelves completely dedicated to reading. More

Project • By Eisner DesignApartments

Hudson Loft

A 2300 square foot loft with 450 square foot multi-purpose outdoor terrace space designed to maximize the open space and high slab-to-slab ceilings for the public areas and to maintain long diagonal views through the space. Eisner Design aesthetic exemplified in the sweeping, curved, polished plaster wall that dramatizes the open-plan dining area. Soft to the eye, with a sculpture-like feel, the curved wall tapers back as it meets the kitchen to optimize freedom of movement at the kitchen’s two entrance points. A bedroom that shares the wall is more spacious where the wall bows out and then tapers in slightly at the end of the closest to the kitchen where space is less useful. The dinning area is positioned intentionally as the center of ho... More