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Interior seating

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Product • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsFluid - Acoustic parametric bench

Fluid - Acoustic parametric seating

   FLUID is a parametric bench created through the understanding of flowing organic volumes and the relation of elements which have been parametrised into simpler 2 dimensional components and then assembled to reveal a complex 3 dimensional form which would stand out as a gallery piece in its own right. Designed to entice conversation in any environment it inhabits with the intention of prompting interaction with its users not only as a bench but through a sensory exploration of its organic fluidity, the warmth of its material DNA and juxtaposition of individual elements. This holistic approach to design understanding is what makes this piece truly unique. More

Product • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignProsta Seat by Nüvist

Prosta Seat by Nüvist

Prosta Seat has been designed as a modern piece of art object that will provide a clean aesthetic in their space without sacrificing on functionality. We focus on creating a powerful fluid effect without touching traditional usage of a seating product. Fluidity can be either represented through curvilinear lines or solid shapes with an effect of lightness. The continuous form of Prosta Seat does not only keep the design minimal, they make for dynamic, energizing and contemporary statement in any indoor our outdoor space.  More

Product • By CamiraINDIVIDUO


Being unique is all about being different. Why try to fit in when you were designed to stand out. Individuo is a wool-rich fabric with a distinctive look and feel available in four contemplative colourways. Its fluid, graduated colour appearance is ever-changing and ensures no two areas of fabric are the same. Inspiration and Development Individuo is inspired by the Artisan trend which romanticises handmade, handcrafted, creative artwork and textiles. We worked closely with our dyers throughout the development process to perfect a special dyeing technique. It was important to create the right look, depth of colour and to have a collection of colours that all responded with the right amount of contrast during the dyein... More