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Project • By PLP ArchitectureOffices

The Edge

In 2009 PLP was invited to design The Edge, Deloitte’s new offices in Zuidas, Amsterdam’s business centre. The ambition of the project was two-fold: to consolidate Deloitte’s employees, previously spread around multiple buildings throughout the city, within a single environment; and to create a ‘smart building’, intended as a catalyst for Deloitte’s transition into the digital age.Our design for the building, which won first prize in the competition and opened earlier this year, addressed these conditions directly. What is the role of architecture when the workplace is permeated by layers of technology that fundamentally alter the way that we interact with our environment? How can design augment these virtual frameworks to create places tha... More

Project • By KawneerSwimming Pools

Noorderparkbad Amsterdam

After forty years, the Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam is the successor of the Floraparkbad. Round and wavy shapes dominate in the swimming pool. These shapes make the surrounding park and the building flow smoothly together. Just like the former bathhouses in the neighborhood, the Noorderparkbad is supposed to be a meeting place. The swimming pool is the most sustainable one in the Netherlands, but that is not all: in May 2016, the Noorderparkbad was named winner of the Amsterdamse Architectuurprijs 2016. Both jury and audience were in complete agreement that the Noorderparkbad is the best Amsterdam building of 2015. And to make it all complete, the swimming pool received the prestigious title ‘most beautiful swimming pool in the world’ at poo... More

Project • By Kraaijvanger Offices

Municipal office Venlo

The design of the municipal offices in Venlo was inspired by the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle. The result is a healthy working environment, combined with sustainable innovation. All the raw materials and parts used have a ‘passport’, detailing their production and origin. The building is therefore in essence a huge raw-materials databank. When a service or product reaches the end of its useful life, these materials can easily be retrieved for high-grade reuse. Ronald Tilleman Ronald Tilleman Ronald Tilleman Ronald Tilleman The building’s most striking feature is its ‘green’ northern façade. More than 100 different plants in the façade contribute to biodiversity and... More

Project • By KawneerHousing

Holland Park, project under construction

Imagine this: modern canal houses, beautiful facades, cozy streets and green courtyards less than 10 minutes away from Amsterdam city center. That is going to be Holland Park. An easily accessible, small urban residential area with design apartments, shops and catering companies, located next to the Bergwijkpark in Diemen Zuid. Optimal living, accessibility and unique architecture are only a few keywords for this residential area. Holland Park offers a diversity of housing with different facades, located next to water and vegetation. The rich mix of architectural styles and design has been established by a cooperation with Dutch top architects and designers. Think of renowned names like Sjoerd Soeters, Karres & Brands landscaping archite... More

Project • By KawneerOffices


After the demolition of the previous Mees Pierson headquarters on the Rokin in Amsterdam, which was barely 25 years old and in good condition, ABN AMRO realized that they had to change their ways. The design of a new building of the bank was already finished and they had already started working on the concrete foundation when a violent discussion about corporate social responsibility erupted within the bank. At one point the discussion got so heated that they even shut down the construction, says Rudolf Scholten of ABN AMRO. But what should be done instead? The bank asked the Architekten Cie for a new design, but this time they had to abide by all sorts of requirements in the field of circular building. Hans Hammink, project architec... More

Project • By KawneerTheaters

Atlas Theatre

‘‘An intelligent, winning design with innovative vision, multifunctional, flexible and extremely sustainable’’. As the design by Van den Berg Groep and Henning Larsen Architects from Denmark for the main entrance of the new Emmen zoo and the Atlas Theatre or ‘World of Theatre and World of Encounter’ was called by the evaluation commission of the European Tender in 2012. The Atlas Theatre is a part of the Masterplan Emmen Center and is directly adjacent to the center of Emmen. Visitors can easily walk from the new center square to the entrance area of the park and theatre. After seventy years the zoo had outgrown its capacity. The Emmen zoo has high ambitions and wants to set an example in terms of animal welfare and care for the environm... More

Product • By KawneerRT 72 Reflex

RT 72 Reflex

The RT 72 Reflex is a modular aluminum window and door system from Kawneer for fixed glazing and inward or outward opening windows and doors. The RT 72 Reflex has a patented Reflex technology and high insulation for a reasonable price. You can choose the level of insulation: a Uf value of 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6. Also, the RT 72 Reflex offers excellent performances in the field of burglar- and fire resistance. Product features The RT 72 Reflex profiles are 72 mm deep, insulated and executed with a special patented coating on the Thermal break. This coating makes sure that warmth is reflected for an even better insulation. Besides that, you don’t need to add as much insulation material to reach or maintain a certain Uf value. Depending on the ex... More