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Project • By SVOYA studioApartments

Miracle morning

Miracle Morning is apartment with unique philosophy, was discussed on first meet with SVOYA STUDIO. The accent is morning the most important time of the day and sun (like a symbol of sunrise) we can see in some elements of apartment. Even in small ha... More

Project • By Bogdanova BureauPrivate Houses


Forest and city, nature and technology - they became the basics that architects of Bogdanova Bureau had taken to create a “Good Life” private house project. Natural wood in contrast to the cold marble slab are the main materials used in the interior.... More


AIR Apartment

This project was developed for one of the real estate agencies to represent the interior concept for possible future clients. More

Project • By Golub ArchitectsApartments

Modern Apartment Park Avenue, Kiev, Ukraine

The project was implemented by architect Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub. The 1,000 square feet apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The apartment layout planning was limited by all windows facing one side of the building. The goal was to create... More