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Project • By KLUSParks/Gardens

Scissortail Park

The park offers many interesting attractions, incl. picnic grove, ornamental gardens, forest, lake, playgrounds with fountains and the newly built "Cafe Spark". The lighting in the cafe is made of LED solutions created by KLUŚ. The open area of the cafe required efficient general lighting. The equipment chosen for this purpose was LIPOD lighting fixtures sealed to IP64 and K-HE-30-1440-HD-24V LED tapes with warm white light temperature and a high CRI 95+, thanks to which the illuminated objects look natural. Justin Miers Photography LED lighting fixtures were used as decorative elements of a high pinnacle, symbolizing a lantern. At dusk, the pinnacle becomes a landmark, attracting attention with strong, rhythmically composed light.... More

Product • By KLUSMIFOR-70 System

MIFOR-70 System

Draw a shape! KLUŚ will transform it into a luminaire.MIFOR-70 is an innovative LED lighting system. It inspires you to play with its shape. What is MIFOR-70 in practice? MIFOR-70 is a system that allows you to easily build irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape, including open, closed and openwork. The lighting fixtures can take the form of circles, "soft" arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane. MIFOR-70 can flexibly adapt to the design concept. The system does not only enable creating "soft" forms but also connecting the fixtures into strings and multiplying shapes. This allows you to create effective, polygonal, especially bent, "undulating" light compositions. MIFOR-70 fixtures are intended to be suspen... More

Project • By KLUSOffices

ZYNGA Headquarters

"Zynga” is an American video game manufacturer based in San Francisco, California. The company's employees have at their disposal a modern, six-story building with a large atrium in the center. Office spaces have been divided into zones, dedicated to teams for individual games. The interior design is inspired by the motto of the company: “Play Well”, which means that it includes slot machines, colorful decorations and neon lights. For the comfort of the employees, recreational zones were separated, in which KLUŚ products were used. JAZ-DUO LED luminaires serve as the main lighting. The frosted cover gently diffuses the light at an angle of 360 degrees. The luminaires are suspended on many levels and at different angles,... More



In-ground Linear LED Lighting System More

Product • By KLUSHR-OPTI System

HR-OPTI System

Linear LED lighting  system for facades. More

Product • By KLUSPOR


Decorative lighting of stairs, staircases and passageways. Mounting: in handrails, using dedicated accessories. Possibility of making a linear fixture with IP67 protection, which means the fixture is dustproof and waterproof. More

Project • By KLUSCity Halls

Oklahoma State Capitol

The Oklahoma State Capitol is a hallmark of the city and the seat of the Oklahoma State Government. In recent years, the building has undergone a major revitalization, with the focus on the exterior architecture, the tunnel underneath the building, and the enormous surrounding area. In 2018, after cleaning and repairing the facade and the historic door, the main entrance to the Capitol regained its former splendor. In order to bring out the beauty and monumentality of the building also at night, external lighting was installed, which illuminates the main stairs from the very threshold. In order not to visually interfere with the classic, historic architecture, the lighting was built into the underside of the handrail. The solution consis... More
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC

Project • By KLUSShopping Centres

Saks Fifth Ave - NYC

Located on Fifth Avenue, Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the most elegant department stores in the world. For buyers’ greater convenience, additional stairs have been added, which are illuminated from below with KLUŚ LED lighting fixtures. HR-ALU profiles and WP-K-35-1910-HD-IP65-24V LED tapes emitting white light were used. The fixtures are recessed into the floor and create intersecting lines of light that are also reflected in the mirrored surfaces of the stairs. More

Project • By KLUSHotels

Warsaw Hotel

The former Prudential building and now the 5* Warsaw hotel has been renovated and restored to become one of the most modern hotels in Poland. The interiors feature high-quality materials such as exotic stone, marble, polished copper, wood and our lighting solutions, which are based on light and economical profiles and brought out the beauty of these precious materials. Architects: Architect: M. Grzybek / G. Grzybek / M. Stępniewski-Janowski / P. Kramarz / J. Zardini / J. Wichłacz Photography: Bartosz Makowski More

Product • By KLUSPDS-4-K


For construction of recessed lighting fixtures More

Product • By KLUS45-ALU


For mounting on surfaces and in internal 90° corners. For construction of directional lighting fixtures. More

Project • By KLUSOffices

Uber ATG Center

Uber’s Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh is engaged in the research and development of autonomous transport systems. The Center is located in old buildings and warehouses that have been extended and renovated. The interiors are raw, designed in the old industrial style, emphasized with appropriate lighting. HR-LINE lighting fixtures were used in the long, glazed hall. These durable profiles, designed to be built into sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, etc., are also perfect for illuminating passageways. Uber ATG CenterProject: Assembly/CannonDesignPhotographer: Jasper Sanidad KLUŚ lighting products:Profile: HR-LINE, Ref: B3579LED Tape: WP-K-30-1220-24V More

Project • By KLUSOffices

Monarch Building

The Monarch building, with its distinctive, beautifully lit facade, sets style and character for the future expansion of Oklahoma City District. Monarch is a four-story glass, steel and stone office building located near downtown Oklahoma City. The modern, minimalist shape of the building fits well with the existing buildings and does not overwhelm with its size. The upper, glazed floors are set back and less visible from the street. The dominant role is played by a two-story arcade in the form of a steel, geometric structure. Its individual vertical and horizontal elements were illuminated with PDS-4-ALU profiles using WP-K-35-1220-24V LED strips with a warm light color. The lines of light emphasize the order and regularity of the facade... More

Product • By KLUSLIPOD-50


Main lighting in offices and public spaces with the use of flexible LED strips or DC modules. More

Project • By KLUSBars

Hatch Early Mood Food

A vibrant, unique space where tasty breakfasts and lunches are served. On the front wall, attention is drawn to an abstract installation inspired by the motif of a cracked egg shell. It was lit with narrow OPK-4 LED profiles and the association with the egg was strengthened by using yellow colors. The whole makes a strong impression and looks amusing at the same time. More