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Project • By LWK + PARTNERSCommercial Landscape

Qianhai FUTURE TIMES Plots 4, 5 and 7-2

LWK + PARTNERS Landscape Team in collaboration with DDON has won the international competition to design landscape areas of multiple sites of FUTURE TIMES in China’s Qianhai, Shenzhen’s headline-making industry co-operation zone, after fighting off other strong global design firms!    LWK + PARTNERS will be the Landscape Architect of Sites 4, 5 and 7-2 of FUTURE TIMES, one of Qianhai’s largest transport-oriented developments (TODs) with an ecological low-carbon vision. Taking into account Qianhai’s urban planning objectives to be ‘ecological’, ‘all-dimensional’ and ‘compact’, the landscape scheme will establish the overall development as a contemporary urban landmark. T... More

Project • By Redland-scapeApartments

Elio Del Nest

Caption Elio Del Nest a research solutions-integrated design purposely articulating buildings andnatural landscapes to form an urban air-filtration scheme. Together with a Nature-mimicry concept of Urban Forest, the landscape design aims to create amicroclimate with clean air and generating a healthy environment even forfuture generations. Caption Caption Elio Del Nest is located in Bangna, a fast growing district of Bangkok. As a consequence of rapid urbanization, Bangna faces several environmental issues that are air pollution and insufficient public green spaces.This sustainable residential project offer green spaces with landscape function to reduce PM 2.5 that derives from urban growth, vehicular emissions and Industria... More

Project • By Redland-scapeResidential Landscape

Ideo o2 - Zero Carbon Residences

Mr.Rungkit Charoenwat and Mr.Vorrarit Anantsorrarak The IDEO O2, being centered around promoting Zero-Carbon Residents, is strategically close to the Sky train station, thereby making public transportation more attractive to the locals, thus alleviating some of Bangna’s problems by reducing car usage and promoting greener living standards.  Mr.Rungkit Charoenwat and Mr.Vorrarit Anantsorrarak The location of IDEO O2 is in Bangna, one of the fast-growing districts in the East of Bangkok. Bangna is infamous for traffic, inland flooding, urban heat, air pollution and absence of green spaces and parks. Mr.Rungkit Charoenwat and Mr.Vorrarit Anantsorrarak In this location, the design team faced a challenge of long, deep... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaMasterplans

Public park and courtyards

Sukhodolsky is a small quarter in Yekaterinburg, constructed on a vacant plot of a new district bordering the western frontier of the city. In view of its remoteness from the city centre, the project team was conceiving it as an independent, self-sufficient entity. All required necessities are within the quarter: public spaces, garden courtyards, shops and household amenities. The architects were aiming at comfortable heights and appropriate living environment.   Caption Caption The quarter comprises four houses linking the inner yards perimeter-wise. Each house has sections of varying heights with five, seven, nine and fifteen storeys. The lower towers are south-facing, while the higher sections overlook the north, ensuring... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaParks

Pedestrian canyon in residential quarter

Located in the Uktus Mountains next to the forest park, Shishimskaya Gorka is a residential quarter in the southern part of Yekaterinburg. It is one of the highest locations in Yekaterinburg, offering a view of the city centre and having one of steepest reliefs city-wise. The area was host to factory buildings and workers’ settlements in the 18th and 19th centuries. All the buildings were wooden, and due to frequent fires the district was rebuilt many times. In the Soviet times it saw active construction — first wooden houses were built, later prefabricated ones. Caption In 2013 KCAP, a Netherlands based bureau, designed a master plan for Shishimskaya Gorka residential quarter, commissioned by Brusnika development company.... More

Project • By BAU Brearley Architects UrbanistsUrban Green Spaces

Docklands Park, Yangtze River, Jiangyin

Introduction Jiangyin is on the Yangtze, the world’s busiest working river. The city is regenerating part of its industrial docklands as a high density live-work district. Stage one of this major project is the creation of a 4km public realm along the river edge. The design was selected through invited competition.    Ambitions 1. re-establish indigenous eco-system corridors;  2. preserve the industrial character;  3. maintain presence of the historic past;  4. introduce leisure infrastructure for the new era  5. link beyond the site for the emergence of a city park network.   1. Soft edges and eco corridors The Yangtze at this location is tidal. This project rehabilitates, preserves, enha... More

Project • By iGuzziniParks/Gardens

Vienybės Square

The architectural concept for the Vienybės Square has won first prize in both the international "German Design Award 2019" and "If Design Award 2021".The Vienybės Square project included repaving the area with a light material and inserting green spaces and white concrete sculpture-like walkways that are particularly popular with skateboarders. The square has been decorated with the most modern dancing fountain in the country as well as an artificial stream and benches for visitors to rest on. The square can also be accessed from an underground car park. The refurbishment project focused particularly on green areas and the square now houses approximately 5,000 plants including dwarf shrubs and trees, such as birches and pines. The plants an... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSOffices

Grivalia Complex Properties

Grivalia Properties REIC is a leading Greek Real Estate Investment Company, amongst the 20 strongest companies in the Athens Stock Exchange. The A&M Group was invited to enter the closed competition among with other well established architectural firms. Under the umbrella of the A&M Group, A&M Architects, Petras Architecture, Doxiadis+ Landscape Architects joined their forces to enter the competition to design an energy conscious proposal, while esthetically and functionally upgrading the building and its surrounding landscape. This competition was a win story for our team! The Grivalia office complex is composed of 3 buildings, housing several international companies, surrounded by an urban garden also used for vehicular and p... More

NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

House of Sand is designed for the coastal landscape of Valencia

The starting point for this stunning beachfront villa by Fran Silvestre Architects is its position in the land – behind a large and imposing sand dune that protects the coastal area of Valencia from storms. Diego Opazo To optimize views and provide much-needed shade within, two clean and crisp volumes are arranged perpendicular to each other. To take optimal advantage of the ocean views, the ‘day area’ programme of the house is located on the top floor where the house clears the top of the dune. The lower level, by extension, becomes a terrace for outdoor living. Night uses, primarily sleeping, are on the lower level and oriented perpendicular to the sea. Diego Opazo The pool area is the main living space of th... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2020

White Upland is a dream-like landscape created in steel

Shanghai Huijian invited Wutopia Lab to design a welcoming stage in front of the sales’ center of their project in Huzhou (China). While keeping the interior unchanged, the only request of the client was to make the façade ‘different’ from the generic. The request comes from a resistance to the generic developer fare that dominates the surrounding architectural landscape and the region as a whole. Credit: CreatAR Images Giving Yu Ting of Wutopia Lab complete freedom of design, Yu Ting created a new space named White Upland that is described as a ‘combination of architecture, landscape, interior, lighting, art installation and the most personal moments we have in our lives, memories and emotions.’ W... More

Project • By GROUP AOffices

HQ Dow Benelux

GROUP A designed the exterior, interior and layout of the site of the new headquarters for Dow Benelux, the Terneuzen Diamond Center at the debouchment of the Westerscheldetunnel. Knowledge sharing and cooperation where the important spear points of the MVP. Dow therefore has set up an “Innovation & Meeting Centre” in the new office building, open to the public, in order to stimulate cooperation in the chemical sector.Since 1964 Dow Benelux has been located west of Terneuzen (Netherlands). The various functions are spread over the entire factory site. For the new headquarters Dow chose to place this outside the site.This new location is located at the outlet of the Westerscheldetunnel embedded in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen polder... More

Project • By IMK ArchitectsApartments

Sona Vistaas

Spread over a plot of nine and a half acres, the Sona Housing Scheme has been planned with the mission to provide housing to the 600 families that belong to the employees of the IT center of Bengaluru. Built within the tree line, the development offers its residents a connection with nature, while creating uncompromised open spaces. Located in a residential area very close to two major IT hubs in Bangalore, Bannerghatta Road, and Electronic city, the neighborhood is mostly occupied by residences and low-rise apartments. To optimize the FSI available, while providing homes that are Affordable (with a construction cost of Rs.1800 / sq. ft. or less), Compact & Efficient, Comfortable, Intimate and one with nature, the horizontal development... More

Product • By European HomeBubble Fire Pit

Bubble Fire Pit

The Bubble is a contemporary wood-burning fire bowl that brings its stylish originality to any outdoor space. Its open fire provides the perfect centerpiece to extend long summer nights or take the chill off autumn evenings. The brazier’s simplicity and sophistication, a hallmark of Focus design, as well as its performance make it suitable for a wide range of exterior settings, from gardens to roof terraces to patios. Measuring 27 1/2” in diameter, this wood burning fire pit is equipped with two rear caster wheels so it can be easily moved on a flat surface. The basin can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. The model’s anti-corrosion finish is designed to withstand outdoor conditions so it will keep its eye-catching l... More

Product • By European HomeDiagofocus Barbecue

Diagofocus Barbecue

Introducing the multi-talented Diagofocus – thanks to its wheels, it can turn its back to the wind, or be guided to the ideal location to avoid the eccentricities of the winds and the seasons. This attractive barbecue and welcoming outdoor fireplace is also generous, protecting hosts and guests from smoke, as well as guarding against the flames the food that has been entrusted to it for grilling More

Product • By European HomeSigmafocus Wall Barbecue

Sigmafocus Wall Barbecue

This steel wall barbecue folds up so that when closed it takes up limited space. Attractive in both open and closed positions, the Sigmafocus offers a range of cooking heights. It is easy to attach to any wall (there are only two fixation points).   The generous ash pan allows the barbecue to be used a number of times without having to empty it out. The disc that attaches to the wall protects the wall from smoke. More