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Saks Fifth Ave - NYC
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC
Saks Fifth Ave - NYC

Project • By KLUSShopping Centres

Saks Fifth Ave - NYC

Located on Fifth Avenue, Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the most elegant department stores in the world. For buyers’ greater convenience, additional stairs have been added, which are illuminated from below with KLUŚ LED lighting fixtures. HR-ALU profiles and WP-K-35-1910-HD-IP65-24V LED tapes emitting white light were used. The fixtures are recessed into the floor and create intersecting lines of light that are also reflected in the mirrored surfaces of the stairs. More

Project • By KLUSHotels

Warsaw Hotel

The former Prudential building and now the 5* Warsaw hotel has been renovated and restored to become one of the most modern hotels in Poland. The interiors feature high-quality materials such as exotic stone, marble, polished copper, wood and our lighting solutions, which are based on light and economical profiles and brought out the beauty of these precious materials. Architects: Architect: M. Grzybek / G. Grzybek / M. Stępniewski-Janowski / P. Kramarz / J. Zardini / J. Wichłacz Photography: Bartosz Makowski More

Product • By KLUSPDS-4-K


For construction of recessed lighting fixtures More

Product • By KLUS45-ALU


For mounting on surfaces and in internal 90° corners. For construction of directional lighting fixtures. More

Project • By KLUSOffices

Uber ATG Center

Uber’s Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh is engaged in the research and development of autonomous transport systems. The Center is located in old buildings and warehouses that have been extended and renovated. The interiors are raw, designed in the old industrial style, emphasized with appropriate lighting. HR-LINE lighting fixtures were used in the long, glazed hall. These durable profiles, designed to be built into sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, etc., are also perfect for illuminating passageways. Uber ATG CenterProject: Assembly/CannonDesignPhotographer: Jasper Sanidad KLUŚ lighting products:Profile: HR-LINE, Ref: B3579LED Tape: WP-K-30-1220-24V More

Product • By KLUSLIPOD-50


Main lighting in offices and public spaces with the use of flexible LED strips or DC modules. More
Nowogrodzka Square
Nowogrodzka Square
Nowogrodzka Square
Nowogrodzka Square
Nowogrodzka Square

Project • By KLUSOffices

Nowogrodzka Square

A modern A-class office building, located in the heart of the city, is surrounded by tightly spaced historic tenement houses. Its facade harmonizes with the surrounding modernist architecture. High-quality finishing materials give it style and prestige. The office building reveals its proper beauty only after dark. Individual façade modules have been supplemented with semi-transparent onyx panels, each of them illuminated with LED lighting fixtures from KLUŚ. Soft light emphasizes the texture of onyx and softens the "severity" of the concrete structure.The whole creates an effective illumination that adds elegance to the building and its surroundings. Over 1300 meters of PDS-4-PLUS profiles were used for this custom construction.Th... More

Product • By KLUSLARKO


Main lighting installation, especially in existing drywall structures. More

Product • By KLUSPDS-4-PLUS


Designed for the construction of indoor lighting fixtures with increased ingress protection. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsCities

Arctura Water Tower

This 215-foot high structure, wrapped in an almond-shaped, energy-efficient veil of stainless steel metal fabric, stands on a hill above the Östersund. LjusDesign illuminated the tower with a design inspired by Arcturus, the “provincial star” of Jämtland, which is projected onto the metal fabric by LED fixtures. More

Product • By KLUSDES


Suspended lighting fixture with mounting strip, chamber for power supply and other electronics. More



Extrusion for construction of surface mounted fixtures with a focused beam of light. More



Create eye-catching suspended LED lighting installations. GIZA-DUO-LL extrusion - for creating decorative, bi-directional, suspended lighting installations. The profile can be bent into circles and ellipses or combined into polygonal forms. More

Product • By KLUSJAZ


Construction of hanging lighting fixtures with a circular cross-section More

Product • By KLUSLIPOD


Surface mounted or suspended lighting fixtures. More