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Led light

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Product • By AxolightFloat - pendant

Float - pendant

From the ingenuity of Axolight and the creativity of the designer Mario Alessiani, Float was born, a multifunctional and portable lamp, usable both outdoors and indoors, designed for different uses: table, floor, suspension, wall.   Float is inspired by the shape of the children’s floats and gives the opportunity to reinterpret that shape in various lamp options using different bases   More

Project • By Richporter LightingSupermarkets

B&Y marché urbain

B&Y Urban Market provided a wide range of products, prepared goods, and fresh produce.  Set in the heart of Montreal, Richporter Lighting helped B&Y emphasize its urban style with lighting products that not only added personality but provided the best available lighting for a supermarket setting.  More

Product • By CenterlightXTR SERIES


Our most efficient Linear fixture, our up and downlight XTR is sleek and modern. Easy to install with several mounting options. XTR Series is bidirectional LED linear fixture. 65% down and 35% up light spread. The fixture works for both 120VAC and 277VAC with 1-10v dimming capability. Each fixture comes with standard 16’ long aircraft cable and j-box canopy set. More

Product • By Designplan Lighting, Inc.Nine Pendant

Nine Pendant

Nine (9) is a minimalist lighting solution that offers linear spread upper and diffused lower light emissions. Small details such as no power cord maintain the minimalistic idea without sacrificing function in the field. It is available in 4 or 8 foot lengths with multiple color temperature and finish options. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaTraled


The new Traled lamps collection is the result of a shapes reduction to obtain a minimal but refined assembly. Two ceramic, mirror or frosted mirror sides, finished in the details, which create a luminous aura. The brass finishes embellish the collection creating a versatile light for elegant interiors and contract spaces. More

Product • By FlosKTribe Wall

KTribe Wall

Wall mounted fixture providing diffused lighting; a switch located near the diffuser allows for 4-level light adjustment via a “remote” dimmer. More

Product • By FlosRomeo Moon Suspension

Romeo Moon Suspension

Suspension lamp providing diffused light. Acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuser. Pressed clear glass shade. Injection-molded transparent polycarbonate diffuser support. More

Product • By FlosRay Suspension

Ray Suspension

Suspension lamp providing direct or diffused lighting. Chrome-plated metal structure and lathe-shaped aluminum diffusers, painted white on the inside, and shiny white or black on the outside or gray-colored, blown and overlaid glass with glossy external finish. More

Product • By FlosNoctambule Suspension

Noctambule Suspension

Noctambule collection, designed by Konstantin Grcic, is an ethereal, sculptural light made of cylindrical see-through glass modules that can be interconnected to create floor and pendant lamps, enriched by a glass bowl or cone-shaped head. Modules can be joined together up to six elements to create a stunning lighting column. Almost invisible at daylight, its shape is outlined in the dark by the Strip LEDs hosted at the modules’ base and connecting rings which provide diffused, warm light, giving a fascinating atmosphere to any environment. While brighter, direct light beams from the Cob LEDs located at the base of the shade ensure, where necessary, maximum definition of objects. More

Product • By FlosKTribe Suspension

KTribe Suspension

Suspension lamp providing diffused light. PC (polycarbonate) inner diffuser, with opal white finish. More

Product • By FlosFrisbi


Suspension lamp providing direct, diffused and reflected light. Opaline polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) injection-molded diffuser plate suspended by three fine steel cables. More

Product • By Flos2620


Hanging lamp with indirect light. Stem and rings are in aluminium. The diffuser is in double satinized methacrylate. More

Product • By FlosTatou Floor

Tatou Floor

Diffused light floor lamp. External diffuser in Polycarbonate. Internal diffuser in injection-printed opal Polycarbonate. Support and base in painted steel. More

Product • By FlosSuperloon


Adjustable floor lamp providing direct light. Painted or chrome-plated aluminium body with metal spinning head, die-cast joints and extruded stem. Silk screened PMMA diffuser. More

Product • By FlosSawaru


A light consisting of two independent cylinders touching each other in a perpendicular direction. One plays the role of a light source, while the other acts as a base. Its projection angle can be adjusted in three stages of 25, 40 or 60 degrees, by inserting the pin attached to the base. More