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Project • By BRUT ARCHITECTESPrivate Houses


The PEN.DU house is a pragmatic response to a given problem: containing a minimum volume – the housing unit – in a maximum space – the scope of possibilities. The project borrows its form from a simple and archaic architectural heritage, which is presented as a response that is simultaneously economic and rational. The fine interconnectedness of uses helps free up a potential, changing, de-compartmentalised space, where the indoors and outdoors interpenetrate. Architecture spreads out, projecting the usable area in a measured way, they way the body moves, anticipating positions, investing in the space between, opening up perspectives. It attests to the human ability to build with concrete things. Here the hay bale is the... More

Project • By JAJA ArchitectsWatch Towers

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Ferocious pounding storms constantly move and shape the fantastic dune landscape on the northwest coast of Denmark. In 1968 an enormous sand dune devoured Rubjerg Knude Ligthouse leaving the tower as the only remaining structure, poised on the edge of the rapidly eroding cliff. In Spring of 2016 the lighthouse was reopened and retrofitted with an architectural installation that give the public the last chance to enjoy the unique vistas and wild dynamic spectacle of nature, from the top of the lighthouse.   BESSARDs’ STUDIO and JAJA Architects designed a scenographic stairway giving access to the tower and making the ascent a sequence of architectural experiences. Staging its historic function as a beacon for the seafarers, they... More

Project • By LUNO Design StudioPrivate Houses

Seal Cove Residence

Mike and Ellen Fedosh are a couple of keen solar eclipse chasers; they have traveled the world to destinations like Svalbard, Libya & Cook Islands and have seen a total of 10 of these rare astronomical events. Like modern day Indiana Jones, this hobby has shaped Mike and Ellen’s personal aesthetic, largely in part to the collection of local art that they have acquired from various cultures along the way. A common thread, that is obvious not only through their art but their personal style, is that Mike and Ellen embrace color. When talking with Mike, he’ll be quick to tell you that, simply put, color brings him joy. It is easy to believe as he’s telling you this while wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt, Panama hat and sungla... More

Project • By FCB Studios (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)Offices

The Beam

A new speculative office building for Sunderland City Centre designed with health and well being at its core   ‘The Beam’ by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios [FCBStudios], has become the first phase centrepiece of the ambitious regeneration of theformer VauxBrewery site in Sunderland City Centre.   The first building to be completed on the landmark Vaux site and is part of a 15year regeneration project which, once complete, will extend the city centre, create thousands of jobs and have a major social and economic impact on the region.It is a catalyst for Sunderland’s future.   The £20 million speculative office building provides five floors of Grade A accommodation with views across the River Wear t... More

Project • By Dominique Perrault ArchitectureUniversities

Mechanics Hall

The campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne was historically created around mechanical engineering. Since the early 2000s, in an effort to promote its top-level teaching, research and innovation activities, the EPFL itself undertook several redevelopment operations. The campus and the buildings were refurbished, including the ME building, built by the Zweifel + Stricker + Associates team in the early 70s, which had gradually become cramped and was rapidly deteriorating.   The new building, covering a total surface area of over 223,000 sq. ft., is spread over four superstructure levels and one infrastructure level. The project, which serves as a large-scale experimental playground and laboratory for resear... More

Project • By BAAQ’Private Houses

Casa Naila

The house sits on a rocky point, as a beacon to the sea, with two fronts towards the Pacific coast. The cross-shaped courtyard has four seven-meter-high volumes, with a pitched roof that frame views to the sea.   The conceptual process started from the idea of defining two compositional axes, creating a cross shaped patio that articulates the 4 volumes of the project. These volumes were key to achieve an adequate integration between the architecture and its immediate surrounding.   The different angles in plan and section that configure the volumes, were designed with the purpose of allowing the user to have ocean views from any room, and formally merge with the rocky landscape of the beach.   The architectural program... More
View from the port entrance
View from the end of the 1km long breakwater
Physical Model - Balsa Wood

Project • By bo.M design studio - Vasilis MylonasWatch Towers

Cubes Aleorion Lighthouse Project

The Cubes Aleorion is a proposal for a lighthouse at the port of Volos, located at the innermost point of the Pagasetic Gulf  and standing at the end of the 1 km long breakwater, commonly called by the locals as “kordoni” (lace or cord). Aleorion [etym. < anc. Greek: ἀλεωρή “avoidance, to avoid”] is a navigation mark to show reefs or other hazards. It is a modern interpretation of what is considered to have been the oldest known lighthouse. Inspiration for the Cubes Aleorion was the so-called Aleorion of Xerxes, built around 480 BC and once stood on the reef “Lefteris”, in the middle of the sea passage between Skiathos island and mount Pelion in central Greece. Remnants o... More

Project • By Minggu DesignExhibition Centres

White Square, G54 exhibition center

White Square, located at No.99 Yunxi road, the central area of Nanjing airport city. With the construction development of new airport city, a vast comparative maturity residential area has been built. Noise and construction dust from building sites have bad effects on the original inhabitants. In this context, our topic is to plan a region which will be expected to build a public park, and also with functions of exhibition, work and etc.   An undulations green park is built between building and city. In this park, different sense changes with the seasons. It invites people to visit with open posture. Stroll, jogging, take photos and kid’s fun, all of this bring vigorous vitality to the surrounding community. The original lawn a... More

Project • By JMY ArchitectsBars

EARNEST CAPE Cafe & Bakery

GanjeolgotHaving the earliest sunrise on the eastern coast of Korea, Ganjeolgot (literally meaning the Earnest Cape) is a tourist attraction that contains both sweet stories and the natural settings such as breaking waves, cool endless sea, the white lighthouse, mail box, and a space for rest. It is famous as a drive way between Ulsan and Busan, and the neighborhood lately sees the rapid increase of commercial facilities such as cafes and restaurants due to the rise of floating population.   The Flat Land with a Commonplace View on a Coastal Hill Surrounded by GreensThe project site is a trapezoid flat land with an area of 2,340 sq. m., which lies nearly 300 meters inland from the beach of Ganjeolgot. The area encircled with the unde... More

Project • By BIZNA estudioCommunity Centres

Teleclub with Thermal Buffers

The new Teleclub Bécquer acts as a daily meeting place for the residents of Noviercas. It replaces the only bar that since 1970 housed the first television in this village in the northeast of Soria, now part of the empty Spain.   It is located in the centre of the square: at the edge of the old road and surrounded by two streets that lead to the Arab tower, the town hall and the church. The Teleclub has two naves "L" shaped that, while maintaining the footprint, use and volume of the previous building, are designed to give it great flexibility. The two main spaces are configured so that they can be used independently or together, and can accommodate all the inhabitants at once. Sliders, mobile partitions and doors allow the ex... More

Project • By Granada Garcés ArquitectosOffices


Art factory The relationship between the industrial and the poetic   An atypical building stands out in the "Colombia" neighborhood, a central area of ​​Bogota. It is the sculpture studio of the Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, one of the most important figures in the world of contemporary art. Salcedo requested a place where she could conceive, produce, catalog and document her works of art. Within its requirements was to achieve the maximum useful space and to be able to carry out more than one work at a time with total independence.   The challenge was to de-hierarchize the spaces so that simultaneous activities could be carried out. Only in this way could the necessary flexibility be generated, to go from the industrial to... More

Project • By Atelier Vens VanbellePrivate Houses


The owner works in the film industry and came up with the special request to design something that would make his (international) guests remember their stay for the rest of their lives. In addition, Alex also wanted space to give previews of films and other cultural exploits. An extension of his home and job in one story.   The location is very idyllic, with the Schelde (river) flowing behind the romantic garden on the one hand and a castle view on the other. The French-style house had a garden wall behind which an old dilapidated garage and shed stood in a wild garden. A lost and forgotten corner, but still this place had everything to be the ideal location for the guesthouse: cool setting, privacy, space and view.   This pro... More

Project • By Architecture Is FunWatch Towers

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum keeps the stories of our nation’s oldest port alive. Our approach to defying the traditional aligned with the desires of the museum and its executive director to break boring rules for historic site exhibits. Through architecture and storytelling, we transformed a disparate site into an interconnected campus of authentic play and preservation experiences that extend visitor engagement To help make the lighthouse more than just a 219-step climb, we added super-tall silhouette personages who span floors, adding impact and character to the historic interior. Once-cluttered landings are now welcome places of respite. The characters punctuate lighthouse beauty and function, count steps... More

Project • By h3oApartments

Blue kitchen in Prenzlauerberg

The specificity of kitchens in Berlin is the range of objects that form them. Tools, furniture, appliances accumulated over the years. They are often the nicest space in the house because of the overlapping of different times through the non-predetermined cluster of various elements.   Achieving this particular condition of every Berlin apartment in a completely new kitchen was the challenge of the project. How could the design give the city identity to a recently built apartment in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood?   At the same time, it was inevitable to take into account the kaleidoscopic reality of the city. Specially of Friedrichshain, centre of the counterculture after the fall of the Berlin wall and now numbed due to ge... More

Project • By Giuseppe Di VitaHotels

restauro del faro di Brucoli

On the tip of a strip of land where an ancient seaside village of Brucoli is nestled, right next to the fifteenth-century Aragonese Castle, of the Queen Giovanna D’Aragona, we find a unique place that smells of the ocean, of the sun and of Sicily: the Lighthouse of Brucoli. On the outskirts of the Val di Noto across the Ionian Sean, Faro Brucoli enjoys the best view of Mount Etna. Within the project 'Valore Paese – DIMORE” (“Country Value – Dwelling'), the state property agency has selected important historical, artistic and landscape value assets throughout the national territory to be refurbished and then used for cultural tourism purposes. The Brucoli Lighthouse is one of those.   Dating back to 1911,... More