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Product • By Articolo LightingEclipse Tall Wall Sconce

Eclipse Tall Wall Sconce

The Eclipse collection provides intrinsic beauty to any space. Its mouth-blown cylindrical glass shade creates a slender, elongated form that is elegant and sophisticated. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignImplosion


It might resemble the sparks from metal grinder but the spark here is not coming from a grinding wheel. Instead it is a burst of renewal frozen in time. Shades of metallic aluminum blades are positioned in a precise angle with each other, lit up by LED bipins between. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignArboreal


‘Arboreal’ or ‘living in trees’ is a signature sculptural light of Yellow Goat Design bringing the beauty and harmony of the natural environment into intimate, bespoke and luxurious contemporary design interiors. A stylish light for commercial retail, hotel lighting and casino spaces, Arboreal casts a unique mix of prickled light and shadow around a room in leaf-like patterns, emulating filtered sunlight cast from the native Australian Eucalypt. Featuring thick clumping foliage cut from satin and mirror polished gold and silver aluminium sheet suspended en-masse in clusters using brass rods (optional) and lit by LED, this decorative, large-scale custom chandelier brings the outdoors indoors and accentuates the moveme... More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignThe Cut Outs

The Cut Outs

If you could cut out the brightly colored shapes found in the city and collect them all in one place, this is what you might end up with. Bits of windows, signages, metalworks, block of tiles. This is a collection of a future cityscape, in the most abstract way. More

Project • By Irina & Olga SundukovyRestaurants

Selection Restaurant

Did You Know That… The main characters of “Selection” – a modern and exquisite gastronomic play – are fish and meat? The main plot puts a spotlight on these two in a unique chef’s interpretation (Ayk Weishtort), exploring the subject in an unconventional way. Sundukovy Sisters took on the role of set designers, creating minimalistic décor, so that no detail of the action escapes the eyes of a curious observer. The interior marries two polarities as contrasting as the stars themselves: hot and cold, fiery and water-based, rugged and smooth. Reflection in Our Design The heroes were attired in different colors, which prevail in their habitat as well: “gold” for fish and “silver&... More

Project • By Maurizio Lai ArchitectsRestaurants

SUSHI CLUB – Asian Dining

SUSHI CLUB is an oriental cuisine concept restaurant, in which creativity and elegance combine to create a refined and scenographic environment at the same time.   Third of a brand development project, which focuses on originality and exclusivity instead of on the rigidity of aformat, the restaurant stands out for its large size and the intense visual impact of the creations, which accompany the public by designing spaces inside of other spaces.   The game of volumes immediately expresses itself with the fitting of the entrance ceiling: cubic modules of different heightsalternate opaque and glossy surfaces, lacquered or printed, obscured or backlit, to be reflected in the horizontal planes of the coloured glass tables and the... More

Project • By Maurizio Lai ArchitectsRestaurants

IYO Aalto

There is a contemporary idea of Japan in the project that the Italian architect Maurizio Lai has developed for IYO Aalto, the second restaurant of the group after IYO Taste Experience, the only Japanese restaurant in Italy awarded a Michelin star.  Subtle references to tradition give way to a contemporary and pure design language, conceiving a place where essential materials and light merge into a different tale. Maurizio Lai evokes the Japanese culture through a decisive sensibility, far from prevailing stereotypes and clichés. He defines a restaurant with an absolute flavour, in deliberate search of deep symmetries and tactile emotions. Canaletto walnut and porphyry represent the dominant materials. Ethereal, imperceptible a... More

Project • By Foco Luz & DesenhoOffices


Foco Luz & Desenho was responsable for the lighting design of this Brazilian office, located in Cotia, Brazil. Focusing on the well-being of its employees and collaborators, the multinational AstraZeneca brought to its Brazilian headquarters the productive atmosphere of a workplace along with a welcoming and stimulating interior design. Signed by Pitá Office, the corporate space was guided by flexible and integrated environments, solutions that encourage a more bare dynamic for the day to day in the office. Equipped with meeting rooms, booths for conferences, coffeeshop and even a library, the variety of uses required the most specific needs to each of the spaces, especially in the lighting. With the co... More

Project • By Foco Luz & DesenhoHotels

Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo

Foco Luz & Desenho was responsable for the lighting design of the first Four Seasons Hotel in Brazil. A worldwide reference in luxury and hospitality, the Four Seasons Hotel arrived in São Paulo with the traditional excellence of its five-star service. The architectural project, made by a partnership between the American office HKS Architects and the São Paulo-based Aflalo and Gasperini Arquitetos, guided the entire interior of the building with its timeless and minimalist style, balancing the classic identity of the hotel brand with the best of modern and contemporary Brazilian design. The lighting design followed a similar guideline by the hands of Luz Foco & Desenho. Having to adapt the different la... More

Project • By Maurizio Lai ArchitectsBars

FEEL – Fusion Restaurant

FEEL is a small, compact and decidedly intimate restaurant. The interpretation of a narrow space translates into the creation of a rather homogeneous but sophisticated and exclusive furnishing system. The atmosphere is that of a boutique restaurant, a refuge from worldliness without falling into anonymity, a place where food becomes part of a delicate ritual of well-being. More

Project • By Maurizio Lai ArchitectsShops

SPAZIO FORME Parmigiano Reggiano Experience Store

Spazio Forme Parmigiano Reggiano offers the public an immersive Store Experience, presenting its complex reality in such an innovative and extensive context as the FabbricaItaliana Contadina (FICO), Eataly World. In Maurizio Lai's project, the whole wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese looks like a jewel, enclosed in a highly detailed ambience, which aims to enhance the preciousness of its ingredients and the mastery of its production. The space is spread over a total of 330 sqm. and consists of a reception and an interactive area located at the entrance, from which the bar, gastronomy and catering department develop from one side and the actual store on the other one. The separation of the two zones consists of an original installat... More

Project • By Maurizio Lai ArchitectsRestaurants


Maurizio Lai interprets the choice of fusion cuisine as an elegant and domestic space at the same time, almost the extension of an ideal home, a celebration of the contemporary lifestyle. KISEN offers its public delicate tones and attention to detail in all aspects, from the refined luminous sculptures that decorate the walls, up to the choice of materials and finishes for the bathrooms. Particularly elaborate and original is the realization of the wall along the staircase that connects the two floors of the room, consisting of a luminous boiserie, able to vary the geometric decorative motif, depending on the width of its moving parts. Special care has been given to the design of lighting solutions for all areas. The space is arranged o... More