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Project • By L&L Luce&LightMuseums

Hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle

The hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle, located below the church of Santa Maria Assunta, in the heart of the Valpantena valley just east of Verona, is a very special archaeological site. It started as a Roman aqueduct built to capture the water from the spring that flows in that area. It has undergone many changes over the centuries, from a pagan sanctuary dedicated to water nymphs in the 3rd century AD to an early Christian place of worship and a mediaeval pilgrimage destination. In the 9th century, the hypogeum was consecrated by Pope Urban III and made suitable for liturgical celebrations. In 2020, in the final stage of a lengthy restoration project, the new lighting system was designed by Lucearchitettura of Verona, lighting designers C... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightUniversities

John Felice Campus, Loyola University Chicago

The expansion of Loyola University of Chicago’s historic campus in Rome included the construction of a student accommodation complex, a chapel and an entrance hall, and the redefinition of the external transit spaces.  The architectural design is closely tied to the choice of brick as the dominant element. “This familiar domestic building material serves to create a visual and physical link between the existing and the new, to modulate light, to give a reassuring sense of mass and to establish a tangible pattern and a coherent colour for the architectural whole,” explains architect Ignazio Lo Manto. The simplicity of form and composition is combined with sobriety, precision, technical skill and a careful study of nat... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightHotels

Botaniq Castle

The fascinating Botaniq Castle in Tura, Pest County, Hungary has been returned to its former glory after a restoration that involved transforming the entire building from an erstwhile aristocratic residence into a modern luxury hotel. The restoration included a new lighting design for the exteriors, carried out by 3F Project. L&L’s lighting fixtures were used in different areas in the structure, starting with the main entrance, where customers are greeted by an imposing arched entrance. It is flanked by a tall, cylindrical tower with a series of rectangular windows along its whole height. On the sills of each window in the entrance and the tower, and on those of the arched dormer windows, 3000K, 7W Lyss 1.0 projectors were instal... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private Flat Brussels

The purity of the lines, the refinement of the geometry, and the preciousness of the golden touch make our pendant lamp Liaison unique. A lighting choice that suits perfectly this fantastic project from Isabel Gómez Interiors.  Before the renovation, this flat in Brussels was completely different and its owners didn’t think it felt like their home. They wanted a change in their lives, transforming their flat into a cozy and elegant home.  The starting point of this project has been the vision of Isabel Gómez. She said “We believe that a sophisticated room isn’t only beautiful, it also makes you beautiful while you’re in it. It’s a place where you feel chic, where you can definitely be... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Apartment in Vingriu st.

The interior architecture studio Akta renovated this apartment in The Old Town of Vilnius. The original layout plan has been completely remodelled: from small rooms to comfortable open areas in harmony with the modern living standards. The main focal point for the interior is the cosy relaxing area in the bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling window looking out over The Old Town. Modern geometric shapes and sustainable solutions define perfectly the character of this interior design.   The layout of this project is underlined visually by the dark wood panelling. To bring a distinct feel to the space, Akta has avoided strong colours preferring a combination of neutral shades and lighting solutions. The perfect lighting solution for the... More

Product • By Designplan Lighting, Inc.Nine W

Nine W

Nine W is a wall mounted minimalist lighting solution that offers linear spread upper and diffused lower light emissions. It comes in 30”, 36” or 48” lengths and continuous runs with connectors for inside or outside corners. It is available in 4 color temperatures and 4 standard finish options. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignImplosion


It might resemble the sparks from metal grinder but the spark here is not coming from a grinding wheel. Instead it is a burst of renewal frozen in time. Shades of metallic aluminum blades are positioned in a precise angle with each other, lit up by LED bipins between. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignArboreal


‘Arboreal’ or ‘living in trees’ is a signature sculptural light of Yellow Goat Design bringing the beauty and harmony of the natural environment into intimate, bespoke and luxurious contemporary design interiors. A stylish light for commercial retail, hotel lighting and casino spaces, Arboreal casts a unique mix of prickled light and shadow around a room in leaf-like patterns, emulating filtered sunlight cast from the native Australian Eucalypt. Featuring thick clumping foliage cut from satin and mirror polished gold and silver aluminium sheet suspended en-masse in clusters using brass rods (optional) and lit by LED, this decorative, large-scale custom chandelier brings the outdoors indoors and accentuates the moveme... More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignThe Cut Outs

The Cut Outs

If you could cut out the brightly colored shapes found in the city and collect them all in one place, this is what you might end up with. Bits of windows, signages, metalworks, block of tiles. This is a collection of a future cityscape, in the most abstract way. More

Product • By Luci ItalianeFAYA

FAYA by Morosini

The Faya collection is designed by Studio PANG and comprises three cone-shaped wall lighting fixtures made of tooled aluminum in the following sizes: diam. 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. Perfect for any walls – including narrow corridors – these three fixtures have been designed to be used individually or with 2 or 3 elements arranged together. This project combines superior product flexibility with an innovative lighting concept that produces pleasant indirect light – diffused and glare-free – in countless application situations, and also enables total freedom in terms of design creativity. It’s not just a simple wall lighting fixture but a highly versatile system that transmits light that’s very kind to the... More

Project • By Fokkema & Partners Architecten B.V.Offices


The new Betap showroom also houses a laboratory space for research and development. Betap is a family owned company for tufted and needlepunched carpets. Betap aims to develop their new floorcoverings in close participation with its global customers. To this end the R&D offices and showroom are integrated in one space.In line with the identity of the company, the design for the new showroom is pragmatic and thorough. A double height reception area has a huge window providing a visual connection to the factory floor. The reception area flows into the highly representative office space and connects to a showroom area one level above. Each of the spaces are outfitted with large lighted ceilings which can alter in light intensity and colour... More

Product • By AlbumUniverso LED System

Universo LED System

This is the first system in the world using LED technology, an authentic revolution in the world of lighting: LEDs consume a quarter of the energy required for incandescent light bulbs, last forty times longer, are harmless when touched and do not break. This type of technology is safe for users, because it uses very low voltage (24 Volt); innovative, because coloured lights can be used; and flexible, because it is suitable for a wide range of design solutions. Universo LED System, the lighting system that allows to place light where it is needed and is compliant with future regulations for the safety of the environment. The lights are available in a range of different finishes and colours and are made in blown glass, porcelain, terraco... More