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Project • By DELO DESIGNPrivate Houses

The Cabin

A typology of cabin, a tiny house lost in the wilderness, is a must in contemporary architecture. Hidden from curious gazes, it embodies a dream of a rural lifestyle combined with urban comfort. That is exactly how we envisioned The Cabin – a prefab compact house assembled at our own Delo Design manufacture in St. Petersburg, Russia. Equipped with the essentials and almost ready to use, the unit is then delivered right to the site.  The Cabin is easy to transfer and install, thus minimizing the intrusion into surrounding landscape. The unit is a plug-and-live solution: it is simply connected to utility systems and ready to house its inhabitants.  The Cabin's architecture is shaped by the key values of Delo Design which are... More

Project • By Raj Karan DesignsIndividual Buildings

Flux Farm

The site is a hide away, embraced by the Aravali Range with its greenery punctuated by quarried Rock, Kota village and the ITC golf course.The client being a golf enthusiast and having farming as a hobby, desired to use the place as a weekend getaway from his city life. Client’s brief was to create a farmhouse which would merge with its surroundings. Finishes were to have minimum required maintenance as the place would be used only once in a week. The vocabulary of the place was identified to resonate with the client’s personality - a symphony of contemporary and rustic. The site is of 3 acres, zoning of the which has been done in three parts, Main House, Servant Quarters and the Fields. 1.5 acres allocated to the fields and... More

Project • By Laura Ortín ArchitectureShops

La Madrugada Bakery

What is La Madrugada? We wanted to do something just for Javier Moreno, a baker who works from the forefront recovering the tradition. We wanted an identity only for him. The idea is thought between him and Rubio & del Amo, graphic designers. A series of parallel concepts appear around the night, the world of dreams… There is talk of crafts, the manual, and also of the collective imaginary about the traditional bakery: the baker who gets up early in the morning and works during the night, in his own. We wanted to run away from an aesthetic that reminds us the industrial designs or french pâtisseries. On the one hand is the workshop, a large space where it is filled with machinery, trays with wheels and large floured ta... More

Project • By Luis Trevino ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Earlfield Road

Natural light was at the heart of this project. Born out of the need to expand an Edwardian property for a couple, the core ambition was to create a flexible living space that reflected a new approach to contemporary design, characterized by light and simplicity. This rear extension gains in richness of space and adds over twenty square meters of footprint, having a more and better relations to the garden, and to the exterior as a whole. It extends the galley kitchen into the garden, allowing to have an external BBQ in line with the work surface, and having a door at that end to allow flows into the garden.An extruded like glass wall and ceiling would be contained and held up by the party wall and an additional steel structure, that ag... More

Project • By Luis Trevino ArchitectsPrivate Houses

67 Santos Road

Walk down the leafy streets of Wandsworth and you’d be forgiven for not giving Skinner Trevino House a second glance. Yet, what appears to be an ordinary semidetached house holds a deceptively spacious design layout within its walls. Thanks to an interior overhaul from Luis Trevino Architects, this unassuming suburban property has been given a new lease of life; its transformation from gloomy and cramped family home into a light and airy open-plan living space; discreet Floor to ceiling doors, walls and lights installed to create a space that seamlessly transitions from old to new. Company founder, Luis Trevino explains: “Retaining the original staircase but extending it up to the top floor of the house was really the start of the... More

Project • By Mutabile ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Moeda House

The Moeda House project was designed to take full advantage of the potential of the landscape. Steep slopes, a privileged view of the mountains and a preserved forest surround the property, located in the countryside of the city of Moeda, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its isolated spot allows the interior spaces to integratewith the landscape, bringing the view into the house. The project makes the best of these conditions and proposes an open configuration of spaces, with little divisions between rooms and large glass panels on the facades. This house gives new light to the typology of the rural residences of Minas Gerais, with its typical wooden structures and ceramic roof by giving is transparency and lightness.Two blocks separate living and... More

Project • By Squire & PartnersPrimary Schools

Cambodia Agriculture & Technology Centre

A new community Agriculture & Technology centre has launched in Krong Samraong, Cambodia, designed as a collaboration between Squire & Partners and SAWA for the Green Shoots Foundation. Built by local contractors, farmers and 16-25 year olds over a four-month period - assisted by volunteers from the UK - the development provides education in agricultural technologies to support children and adults in the local community, and facilitates opportunities for enterprise. The masterplan elements are designed to be responsive to the tropical climate – with raised floors to negate flood risk, screens to diffuse sunlight whilst providing ventilation, and overhanging roof eaves for the rainy season – as well as utilising local resources,... More

Project • By PHL ArchitectsCommunity Centres

Singkawang Cultural Center

Singkawang Cultural Center is located in Singkawang, a small city in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The city has been a home to ethnically diverse community for many generations, with three major ethnic groups of Tidayu: Tionghoa (Chinese-Indonesian), Dayak & Melayu. This diversity enriches Singkawang with abundant art & culture. The annual cultural events are later developed as Singkawang tourism highlights, such as: Cap Go Meh Festival, Gawai Dayak Naik Dango, Ngabayon Dayaknese Festival, Malay Art Festival, and Ramadhan Fair.In the beginning, the Singkawang Mayor wanted to create a breakthrough project in order to inject new vibrant energy to the city. Despite its cultural richness, its population is mostly considered to be “low-inc... More