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NewsNews • 29 Jun 2022

Izar Houses in Mexico celebrate the natural landscape, light, and rainfall

On a steep site in Mexico, Izar Houses by Taller ADG Alonso de Garay pay exceptional attention to energy in terms of their approach to natural light and rainfall. Green roofing, use of local stone, and a façade lattice made of specially-treated wooden slats contribute to the integration of house and landscape. Onnis Luque Entry to the houses is located through an access plaza where the inclusion of water and vegetation fosters a sense of connection with the natural environment. Once inside, private areas are located on the lower level with more public and social areas upstairs. A skylight made of locally-sourced stone and vegetation connects the two floors. Onnis Luque The lobby acts as a type of distributing space to he... More

NewsNews • 31 Mar 2022

Zaha Hadid Architects completes net-zero headquarters for sustainability company BEEAH

Zaha Hadid Architects shaped the new headquarters into a series of interconnecting dunes. Orientated and sculpted to optimize the climatic conditions of Sharjah, the Emirates third largest city. © Hufton + Crow The building is powered by a solar array and makes use of a smart management system that automatically adjusts lighting and temperature depending on occupancy and time of day. © Hufton + Crow The BEEAH Group operates in waste management and recycling, clean energy, environmental consulting, education and green mobility. The new headquarters becomes the base of operations to diversify into new, future-critical industries. The building acts as a benchmark to show how technology can scale sustainable impact. &co... More

NewsNews • 2 Feb 2022

BLOCO Arquitetos completes off the grid house and studio located inside world’s most biodiverse tropical savanna

The house and studio for a landscape architect and her family are an experiment about how to live inside Brazil’s second-largest biome while leaving a small ecological footprint. The two buildings designed by BLOCO Arquitetos are 120 meters apart on opposing sides of a hill.  Joana França The structures are suspended from the ground in order to minimize ecological intrusion and at the same time prevent small wild animals from entering. The buildings are made up out of an exposed concrete core, solid brick walls, and a Glulam roof.  Joana França The aim for the structural design was to combine local labor and traditional building materials with a lightweight structure. The elements are prefabricated... More

NewsNews • 28 Jan 2022

Water is the key element in URBANA’s design for 2021 RIBA International Prize winner Friendship Hospital

Set in a water-laden area of south-west Bangladesh, the remote hospital aims to bring relief to the cyclone stricken communities of Satkhira. The low-cost structure responds innovatively to the challenging environmental conditions of Bengal. Asif Salman The area of the coast was once filled with grain fields. With the rising of the sea the land had to be converted into shrimp fisheries. NGO Friendship commissioned the project to strengthen and empower the remote rural area. Asif Salman Because of its importance in the area, water became the central theme for Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA. A canal runs through the length of the site separating inpatients and outpatients and at the same time help with cooling during the brutal summers.... More

NewsNews • 28 Jan 2022

TEJ House by Neogenesis + Studi0261 achieves a striking contemporary expression with conventional, locally available materials

On the urban fringes of Surat City (India), the 1600 square foot TEG House by Neogenesis + Studi0261 achieves a contemporary expression with clever use of conventional, locally available materials.  The fishy project-Ishita Sitwala The building comprises three distinct blocks that vary in dimension but are connected and architecturally unified by a common plinth and parabolic roof. The result is a monolithic elevation expression that nevertheless still affords functional separation of uses. One block contains a home theatre and family area, the second and central block the living spaces, and finally utilitarian spaces in the third block.  The fishy project-Ishita Sitwala By minimizing openings to the west and maximizin... More

Project • By Studio ZungApartments

Maison 7

A complete renovation, this design-and-build luxuriously minimal two-bedroom residence incorporates the usage of local and handcrafted materials throughout its design. Robert Banat Robert Banat Featuring stone culled from the oldest quarry in the Eastern United States, Vermont grown and milled white oak, American walnut cabinetry, and Italian venetian plaster – each material was sourced from an artisan. Robert Banat Robert Banat More

NewsNews • 18 Jun 2021

10 highlights in the work of Kengo Kuma

At 10 years old Kengo Kuma decided he wanted to become an architect when his father took him to see the Yoyogi National Gymnasium by Kenzo Tange. By the time he reached college he traveled to search for something to replace the predominant building materials concrete and steel. After visiting sun-dried brick houses in the Sahara and modest wooden houses on Japanese islands, he became convinced that the age of large tall buildings had come to an end, in place for small- scale architecture informed by rural villages.  In the 90s during the Japanese economic downturn Kuma had the chance to work on small buildings in the countryside. Working with local craftsmen he noticed the stark contrast between them and the building managers in Tokyo... More

NewsNews • 1 Jun 2021

Inward looking La Cas del Canto uses materials and volume to connect with its surroundings

While looking inwards to its courtyards, this contemporary house in Foios, Spain by Piano Piano Studio connects with its surroundings with a use of local materials and repeating volumetric forms which can be found in adjacent houses. Milena Villalba The wishes of the clients focused on three main elements: a large terrace to enjoy the pleasant winters in Valencia, a more sheltered and fresh patio, and a large interior space where life in the house and daily chores take place. Milena Villalba Taking this program, the elongated shape of the corner plot and two existing party walls to be retained could have suggested the conventional typology of the area, that is two pieces separated by a patio. The highest part, accommodating the... More

NewsNews • 19 May 2021

Lucky Chan utilizes local materials and traditional Indian craft techniques in a modern context

In Bangalore, India, the ground floor of a two-storey home was leased for this trendy, casual Asian restaurant. With a total area of 150 square meters, MAIA sought to use local materials and traditional Indian craft techniques in a modern context. Gokul Rao Kadam A 250 module wooden installation was created in collaboration with local artisans in the nearby township of Channapatna. Specialising in hand lathe woodwork and natural lacquering for over two centuries, this art form is 100% eco-friendly and handmade. The lacquer colours are derived from natural sources and include red (manjista root), yellow (turmeric & tesu flower), green (Indico extracted from Indigo dyes) and brown (walnut bark). The modules are fixed 450mm apart in... More