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Project • By Axis MundiMuseums

The Whitney Museum of Art

New YorkWhy shouldn’t a museum building be as inspired and exciting as the art it holds? Why are we perpetually conceiving them as collections of white boxes locked within a grid structure? Axis Mundi breaks free of this form with its self-initiated... More

Project • By ARCH-1Museums

Modern Art Centre in Vilnius

Modern art museum architecture. Designed for competition to be built in Vilnius, Lithuania. More

Project • By aceboXalonso StudioCultural Centres

Arts Centre of A Coruna Museum and Dance School.

The Madrid based architecture studio of Victoria Acebo and Ángel Alonso were the winners of the Premio de Arquitectura Joven (young architects prize), and their design for the Arts Centre in A Coruña was selected 'for the interesting architectural re... More

Project • By studio 8 1/2Concert Halls

Museum of Contemporary Art

The architecture of the complex and its sculpture groups would be a very strong starting point for the development of the Museum of Contemporary Art that could be successfully woven into one modern place in the urban environment. The easy access and... More

Project • By EDGE studioMuseums

Erie Art Museum

The renovation and expansion of the Erie Art Museum, which opened in October 2010, redefined the museum as a recurring destination for the community. With a goal of obtaining gold LEED certification, the building will be the first LEED designed proj... More

Project • By Kyu Sung Woo ArchitectsMuseums

Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Located in the outlying suburbs of Kansas City, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art is a museum that provides an important center for the interchange between art, culture and education. The design aim of this project was to create a space that woul... More

Project • By E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert ArchitektenMuseums

Kunsthaus Zurich

The new Kunsthaus forms an urban threshold between the existing Kunsthaus Zurich and Zurich?s university district. The new buildings core is a naturally lit vertical void. It acts as an orienting device, providing an overview of current exhibitions a... More

Project • By Henning LarsenMuseums


The location of the museum in a unique historical environment made the fitting into the original surroundings a design objective. A sequence of squares and alleys runs from the church and culminates in the high-lying museum square with view over t... More

Project • By AKA - Atsushi Kitagawara ArchitectsWellness Centres

Nakamura Keith Haring Art Museum

`Keith’s works embody pop, upbeat, cheerful expressions, but also have an extremely serious facet under which lurk social anxiety and fear, human insanity and absurdity, and life’s dignity and fragility, all in a bottomless darkness. A special kind o... More

Project • By EdilcoMuseums

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met wanted to enlarge its exposition area and begun constructing a big greenhouse structure on the south side of the main building. The big idea was to enclose the 19th century south facade inside the new construction as you can see in photo enclo... More

Project • By Lucio MoriniMuseums

Provincial Museum of Fine Arts EMILIO CARAFFA

The renovated Emilio Caraffa Museum, which annexes the former Physical Education Institute building (IPEF), is part of a larger complex that includes the new Palacio Ferreyra Museum. The new Caraffa Museum includes a great variety of exhibition room... More

Project • By Camilo RebeloMuseums


To build the Museum of Art and Archaeology of the Côa Valley we connected different parameters: topography, accessibilities and program. The fusion of these aspects was highly important for the concept definition – to conceive a museum as an installa... More

Project • By 3XNMuseums

Randers Museum of Art

3XN’s first prize proposal for a new Randers Museum of Art consists of a building on one level, rising up towards each end and traversed by a diagonal with a mezzanine deck running full length through the exhibition building. The diagonal creates a b... More

Project • By riken yamamoto & beda faesslerMuseums

yokosuka museum of art

Through a Quality Based Selection in 2002, which was the first trial run by the city of Yokosuka as a Japanese municipality, we were chosen to plan a museum. The design started from scratch, and was developed through discussions with many people, inc... More

Project • By DnA Design and ArchitectureArt Galleries

Ordos Art museum

Ordos Art Museum is the first building of Ordos’ new civic center on a stretch of sand dunes along the lake that is dedicated as a “public corridor” with art and cultural facilities. This 29,000 sq.ft. of exhibition and research space is distributed... More