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Product • By Hossein MohammadpourCOCOA


"COCOA" Furniture design of "COCOA" - Lounge chair   Like the pleasant warmth of a cup of hot chocolate, it embraces you and, without limitations in ergonomics, provides comfort to everyone. The purpose of designing the "Cocoa" lounge chair, is to create psychological-physical solidarity and to establish intimate and delicate communication between furniture and human beings in the environment. The set to the simple structure, that enables you to lounge, sit upright, or slouch, in whichever way you desire. The chair offers a comforting sense of security that is derived from the organic shape of the shell. Due to the circular design of the chair, it is possible to create a wide field of view, which, along with the organic corner of th... More

Product • By De VormHale PET Felt Lounge Chair

Hale PET Felt Lounge Chair

Hale Lounge Chair references the family look with its refined expression and no-nonsense functionality. Made from PET Felt, the seat and backrest have a soft texture and gently curved ergonomic spine. Combined with a steel frame, few elements grant Hale a clean expression yet extensive comfort. Thanks to its fully customisable design and slender shape, Hale Lounge Chair won’t take much space to seamlessly fit into any setting.  More

Product • By JAMIE STERN Furniture, Carpet & LeatherChappie Swivel Chair

Chappie Swivel Chair

This stylish chrome base swivel chair is deep and ample. It's sophosticated design is matched by its unparalleled comfort. Available in custom sizes. More

Product • By De VormFlorian Chair

Florian Chair

Florian Chair is recognised by playful lines and minimalist look. The series was first designed for the Florian Bar in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Following its original purpose, the chair was made to fit any hospitality interior, from restaurants to hotels. The upholstered body is available in fabric or leather, while the frame can be customised in any RAL colour of your choice.  More

Product • By De VormWood Me Lounge Chair

Wood Me Lounge Chair

Wood Me is a refined lounge chair, recognised by its classic look. Made from solid oak and high-quality fabrics, it combines traditional craftsmanship with modern materials. The chair can be ordered with bespoke frame colour and upholstery. Oak veneer seat and back are also available as a custom option. The smart design of Wood Me makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in lounge zones, hotel lobbies and breakout areas. More

Product • By De VormDaddy’s Chair

Daddy’s Chair

Daddy’s Chair is a generous lounge chair, recognised by its classic look. The upholstered seat is supported by wooden armrests, that merge into the front legs. The clean geometric lines create an all-time-favourite design and outstanding comfort. Daddy’s Chair is suitable for various lounge interiors, such as hotel lobbies and breakout areas. Many bespoke options are available for the armrests colour and seat upholstery.  More

Product • By De VormNook PET Felt Lounge Chair

Nook PET Felt Lounge Chair

Nook is a lounge chair for commercial interiors. Made from sustainable PET Felt and high-strength steel, this piece of furniture is durable and recyclable after long-time use. Suitable for lounge zones, hotel lobbies and breakout areas in offices. Nook is available in eleven unique PET Felt blends. The design of the chair can be further customised with bespoke frame colour and cushion upholstery.  More



Design. Furniture. Production. Be it home, office or public space – Borg produces unique design furniture for all kinds of rooms.  More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaCadira


A seating with an enveloping and comfortable shape that matches with elegance and simplicity the tables of Sovet’s collection. The Cadira chair finishes, from leather and fake leather to fabric and velvet, complete the different types of structure making it adapt for any kind of public or private space. More

Product • By CabasDiesis P

Diesis P

Diesis P is an elegant lounge armchair with frame in beechwood. Upholstered seat, backrest and armrests, coated in leather or fabric. Suitable for top quality hotels and restaurants. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CabasDiesis 80C

Diesis 80C

Diesis 80C is an elegant lounge chair with frame in beechwood. Upholstered seat and backrest, coated in leather or fabric. Suitable for top quality hotels and restaurants. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CAPDELLA collection

A collection

A-COLLECTION design borns by the relation between two elements. On the one hand, the structural metallic frame made of a minimalsquared profile with an orthogonal geometry which ensures the piece’s stability. On the other hand, the organic geometry of the wooden chassis provides comfort and ergonomy to the piece. Maybe, sitting down touching wood brings good luck. More



Featuring the happy contrast of curves and angles - the FreeBloom chair is a wonderful floral lounger with a nice 60's feel to it.This design was first published in 2018. The plywood panels are firmly held in place by an elegant steel frame.It is a cousin of the earlier FreeWing chair, and similarly it was initially designed by cutting and folding a piece of paper.Dimensions: W 82cm D 75cm H 79cm More

Product • By Global Furniture GroupVitrola


Vitrola is a finely-tailored, transitional reflection on the 19th century French Empire style. Simplied geometry and proportions make it right for the times. More

Product • By Bross ItalyNora


Nora, the new collection designed by Michael Schmidt, is a project encompassing varied possibilities for use in one formal gesture. Composed of an armchair and a lounge chair, the collection is characterized by welcoming lines ensuring a high level of comfort: the shell is a continuous form wrapped around the body, providing a discrete and sheltered space as well as a comfortable support to lean on during a conversation or whilst working. The collection is distinguished by the special inclination of the rear legs and the harmonious and proportionate shell of the chairs, enhanced with seams to delineate the different parts - seat, back, armrests – and give them character. Structure is key to the exclusive design of Nora: the designer’s c... More