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Luxury interior design

An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about luxury interior design

Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioPrivate Houses

Twelve Luxry Flats

The practicality of vertical living meets the comfort of an urban townhouse in this sixteen-storey residential condominium rising on a 586 square meter lot in an upscale neighborhood in San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Each of the twelve luxurious residential flats is housed on its own exclusive and unique floor with a generous area of 258 square meters per unit. These combined with two storeys of commercial units and another storey for amenities result to a gross floor area of 6,400 square meters.  In Twelve Luxury Flats, each unit is programmed to have generous spaces with day lighting and ventilation on all four faces of every unit. At one floor per unit, it offers the luxury of living in an expansive space with unrestrict... More

Product • By LINVISIBILELinea Vertical Pivot Door

Linea Vertical Pivot Door

The new Linea Vertical Pivot Door is a glass door that integrates an innovative system of hidden pivots. This interior glass door is made up of an anodized aluminium perimeter frame which encloses an 8 mm thick glass sheet. Available with or without stop, the leaf hides a mechanism that allows it to rotate up to 360°. It is the ideal pivoting door to partition a room into several spaces, without ever depriving them of natural light. The Linea Vertical Pivot Door system adapts effortlessly to any interior décor style. It is suitable in the design of both public and residential environments to solve space problems or simply for its strong aesthetic impact. The glass sheet is available in five options (transparent glass, transpar... More

Project • By Luca ErbaPrivate Houses

Villa Grace

Villa Grace is an early century building located in the heart of Montecarlo, spread over 5 levels for a total of 700 square meters. The customer requested for a completely renovation of the villa, creating a prestigious spa in the basement. The interior project aims to keep the original atmosphere, rich in details with discreet hints of art nouveau, but at the same time designing well-defined spaces with wide rooms, enhanced by brushed oak, which is a typical element of contemporary living. The entrance hall is characterized byblue Azul Macauba marble and brushed oak, with decorations and furnishings in marble and brass; in the background the leading role is played by theoriginal majestic staircase, which is kept, restored and enhanced b... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury New Classic Home Interior Design

Modern and classic styles are blending beautifully in this luxury new classic home interior design located in An Narjis province north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where sleek modern finishes are blending with classic accessories. The mix results in having a house that is luxurious, modern, inviting, and warm, with a careful balance between indoor and outdoor spaces to enable the family to spend the best times indoors and outdoors as well. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Classic Home Design

The Modern style is usually associated with being plain, unembellished, or lack personality. However, this modern classic home is designed to have a distinctive character, by bold contrasts and accent colors that give life to each room in the house. Some classic details were added to give character and warmth to this house. The carefully thought-out design and details of the entire house have a common underlying design theme, but each space is unique in its style.  More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Villa Design

The underlying modern style modern villa design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is expressed in the geometrical shapes and minimal embellishment. There have been some influences of other styles, mixing of rich fabrics, natural materials, and subtle pops of color to break the dullness of the neutral palettes and to add charm and personality to this welcoming home. This multi-family villa is functional, yet it allows residents to enjoy the outdoors within the privacy of the villa.  More
Living Room
Entry Foyer
Indoor garden
Entry Foyer
Living Room

Project • By s squared architectsApartments

AJ Luxe Apartment

The AJ Luxe Apartment is located on the 10th floor of an apartment complex with a bird’s eye  view of the Kowdiar palace, the surrounding city and the far sighted Western Ghats. Two separate flats were combined to form a single apartment for a family of four members.The rigidity of the framework of the existing envelope and columns were indeed a challenge that we believe was resolved in the best way possible to meet the additional requirements of the client. The interior walls were reorganised and re erected to include a bigger kitchen, a home theatre, a separate study space in addition to the living room, dining room and 3 ensuite bedrooms with attached balconies. The plan was reworked without altering the structural elements an... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHousing

Contemporary House Interior Design

The contemporary house interior design in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, is characterized by defining features and textures and attention to every detail.  The overall palette of the house is neutral, which brings out the sophisticated furniture. The furniture is a blend of classic and simple with golden ornaments subtly distributed across the rooms that add timelessness and sophistication to the house. The large-paneled windows with dark frames let natural light in and overlook the beautiful view of the garden. More

Project • By Sundukovy Sisters studioHotels

Radisson Blu, Rostov-on-Don

TaskTo update the design for the Radisson Blu chain brand, but to keep the expensive materials used in the original interior by integrating them into the new design. ChallengesThere are only 80 rooms in the hotel, and they are architecturally different. We were asked to update the interior of the bathrooms while keeping the marble. In the hotel’s public spaces, we needed to keep the onyx and the marble floor. And we had to propose a completely new solution for the restaurant. It was important to adapt to the existing details while bringing all the spaces together into one balanced and memorable interior. IdeaThe hotel’s location on the central embankment of the Don River and its favorable architecture – the floor-to-ceil... More

Project • By Creativ Interior StudioHousing

Interior design C House, Bucharest

Customers wanted their future home to be a bit special, both in terms of design, but also of functionality and execution. Our concept proposal resulted from the idea of ​​transposing ancient art into a modern house (its architecture is modern minimalist style), and these elements are found in the decoration of the walls (classical cornices and brasses, columns and Greek capitals but which we painted in bright colors). This leitmotif is also identified in the railing graphics or the abstract custom-made paintings. At a glance, the ambience seems very reserved, but our goal was to emphasize and attract attention and surprise visitors, so we used decorative profiles in a more creative way, large ceramic marble-like tiles that give a spectacula... More

Project • By Creativ Interior StudioApartments

Classical Penthouse interior design, Bucharest

The style of this house is above all, elegant and practical. We put emphasis on the functionality of the objects, without any excess of details nor accessories. Each space was personalized, starting from the entrance hall to the children's rooms. The whole design has a harmonized unit, and contrast can be found only in the master bedroom and dining room, where red-claret was chosen for the wallpaper and curtains.   The space has a generous lobby, very bright due to the bright colors we picked for the decorative paint and the lighting objects. The minimalist and white furniture was custom-made and it consists of an elegant TV console with some storage drawers.    From the lobby you enter the living room through a double-gl... More

Project • By Creativ Interior StudioApartments

Interior design apartment in The Park Residence

The design concept started from our customer’s wish to ​​create an elegant, yet personalized design, to convey a sense of comfort and positive emotion to any visitor. Its elegant but modern lines are complemented by textures and art deco and industrial shapes that integrate the project. The chromatic range oscillates between the calming pastels of the washable paint we used to dramatic scenography due to the tapestry. All finishes maximize and emphasize the space in a graceful way, taking into account that the final result has to be one for a luxury interior design. If the living and dining area are decorated in a contemporary-industrial style, with many custom-made features such as: wall cladding or decorative panels on the ceiling,... More

Project • By Barovier&TosoShops


Adopting Hublot’s new luxury interior design concept “The Art of Fusion”, the steely veneers act as the perfect platform to showcase Hublot’s timepieces that embody boldness and audacity. A leader in the field of engineering new materials and redefining luxury timepieces, this new Hublot boutique pulsates with the philosophy of fusion. From Australia to Singapore, Malaysia to Thailand, Barovier&Toso has customized its Babylon chandelier. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignBars

Sabwa Luxury Cafe in Medina

The Sabwa Luxury Café in Medina, Saudi Arabia, is a place of elegant conversing and fine dining. The stylish design of its interior features a gentle ambiance that is almost whimsical thanks to the unique lighting and pastel color scheme. The use of marble and rich fabrics adds lush accenting to the atmosphere. It is complemented with gorgeous modern-style hanging and wall-mounted light fixtures. It is a place designed to encapsulate extravagance in a small space! More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury Contemporary Villa Interior Design

This Riyadh-based Luxury Contemporary Villa Interior Design is definitely the pinnacle of effortless sophistication. It respects the cultural boundaries of Saudi Arabia by segregating the family’s, men’s, and women’s sections. The understated neutral color palette is paired with bold gold-hued accents for drama. The underlying modern theme is artfully incorporated. The spacious layout and sumptuous furniture reinvent luxury in a fashionable way. It is definitely a villa fit for a modern king! More