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Project • By HAVER and BOECKERCar Parks

Parking Garage at Barmherzige Brüder Hospital

A closed but still transparent façade cladding made of LARGO-TWIST 2051 stainless steel mesh Since 2020, a new parking garage creates a relaxed parking situation at the Barmherzige Brüder hospital in Regensburg. In cooperation with Peithner Architekten, Haver & Boecker developed a new architectural mesh especially for this project: LARGO-TWIST 2051. Photo: © N. Kazakov The key requirement: Providing reliable anti-glare protection against reflections from outside and insideThe facade cladding of a parking garage is often much more than just the shell of a building. This is exactly what became apparent during the implementation of the project in Regensburg.  The façade had to perform as a multifunctiona... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsRestaurants

Emilio Balthus

A curved ceiling made of Lamelle metal mesh adorns the Emilio Balthus restaurant in Santiago de Chile. Rodríguez & Rufin Arquitectos designed the interior of the restaurant so the ceiling would become the central element. Architect: Rodríguez & Rufin Arquitectos More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsOffices

Commercial Group

Atlantic metal mesh was used for the acoustic ceiling of the Commercial Group's conference room in Baltimore.The acoustic ceiling combines functionality with individual ceiling design: the shimmering metallic stainless steel mesh underlines the puristic atmosphere of the conference room while also producing improved room acoustics through a sound absorption mat or an acoustic fleece. Moreover, the ceiling mesh impresses with its unlimited service life, a low degree of maintenance and the ease with which the ceiling panels can be modified.As a full-service provider, GKD USA assumed responsibility for the assembly of the custom-built ceiling system, which consists of twelve ceiling panels measuring a total of 65 square meters. The stainless s... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsStadiums

Caja Magica

The Centro Deportivo Multifuncional del Manzanares is cloaked in a visually seamless, custom GKD Escale metal mesh. Within the complex sits Caja Magica with its three tennis courts. The "Magic Box" can be tilted up and moved as needed, transforming indoor courts into outdoor playing areas. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsBridges

Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge

The location of biotech firm Amgen warranted the construction of a walkway bridge for pedestrians. Designed as an access point but also intended to visibly point the way for visitors, Johnson Architecture cladded the sides of the bridge with trapezoidal panels made of Tigris and Lago stainless steel mesh. More

Project • By CODINAStadiums

Puskas Ferenc Stadium

Codina has been involved in the construction of the new Puskás Aréna stadium in Budapest with the production and installation of approximately 20,000m2 of stainless steel achitectural wire mesh. The mesh model chosen for the project has been Eiffel 20100.The construction of the Puskás Arena stadium began in 2017 and ended in 2019, opening on November 15, 2019 with the football match between the national teams of Hungary and Uruguay.The stadium has a capacity for 67,889 people for sporting events, with seating for all locations. For other events such as concerts, the stadium capacity reaches 80,000 people.  The architect and project designer has been György Skardelli. The idea of the design for the new stadium... More

Product • By Banker WireDecorative Plating Secondary Finishes

Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes

A decorative antique plated finish can truly bring out the texture of a woven wire mesh in ways that other coatings cannot. Antique finishes bring out the depth and texture of the weave while solid colors bring out the transparency characteristics with a splace of color.The thin layer of metal does not mask the detail of the wire mesh but rather highlights it. The antique plated finish process introduces a dark oxide layer over top of the bright plated alloy. Then, visual depth is created by physically relieving the high points of the wire mesh allowing the bright plated alloy to show through. A thin layer of lacquer is applied after plating to help preserve the finish from further tarnishing. More

Project • By Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. (MJS)Universities

Otemon Gakuin University Academic-Ark

A learning space for the Internet ageLocated in the leafy city of Ibaraki in northern Osaka Prefecture, this project forms the core of the Ibaraki Smart Community, which occupies the 185,000 m2 site of a former Toshiba factory. The 40,000 m2 facility will serve as a new campus for about 3,600 students at OtemonGakuin University, or about half the student population.   As Internet technology, artificial intelligence, and mobility improve and students no longer need to be on campus to attend school, what form will universities take? Our task as architects was to think about how to design a learning site that would inspire students to make that trip to campus. Since ancient times, Japan’s shrines and temples have held a mystery an... More

Project • By P3 Design CollectiveHotels

Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta

P3 was tasked with a complete reimaging of the hotel’s reception, lobby, bar, restaurant and meeting spaces. Key walls and barriers were removed in order to allow for complete visualization to capitalize on the space and architectural details. New finishes, millwork and custom lighting provided a new modern aesthetic to the once dated space. New furnishings like the modern rocking chairs in the lobby are an eclectic mix of modern with subtle nods the local, distincly southern landscape. Seating and dining arrangements were purposfully kept minimal with a focus on small gatherings. The use of custom modular furniture to emphasizes the space’s versatility, and its ability to adapt to the needs of its guests.   Darker tones... More

Project • By Dominique Perrault ArchitectureUniversities

Mechanics Hall

The campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne was historically created around mechanical engineering. Since the early 2000s, in an effort to promote its top-level teaching, research and innovation activities, the EPFL itself undertook several redevelopment operations. The campus and the buildings were refurbished, including the ME building, built by the Zweifel + Stricker + Associates team in the early 70s, which had gradually become cramped and was rapidly deteriorating.   The new building, covering a total surface area of over 223,000 sq. ft., is spread over four superstructure levels and one infrastructure level. The project, which serves as a large-scale experimental playground and laboratory for resear... More

Project • By Milieu PropertyApartments

North Fitzroy

Lauded for its wide, tree-lined streets and distinct character; North Fitzroy has emerged as a destination for innovative vertical living. Nth FITZROY By Milieu - a carefully considered collaboration between progressive urban developer Milieu, architecture practice Fieldwork and interior design wunderkind Flack Studio - finds respectful equilibrium amongst the storied architecture of one of Melbourne’s most historic suburbs.   Sitting at the epicentre of North Fitzroy’s rich cafe culture; a short walk from Rathdowne Village’s epicurean retailers, the live music, restaurant and bar scene of Brunswick Street, and the lush green enclave of Carlton and Edinborough Gardens, this four level, 26 apartment, vertical communi... More

Project • By 3andwich Design / He Wei StudioHotels

Renovation of the 809 Arsenal Relics

Background and original appearance: abandoned for a long time, but with great potential The 809 factory is located in Xialao Creek, the suburb of Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, which is about 30 minutes’ drive from downtown. Once a military factory, it was gradually shut down and abandoned in the 1990s. The project covers an area of about 3 hectares and a construction area of about 13000 square meters. The new function is a resort hotel and parent-child activity center. The purpose of the project is to protect and show the original appearance of the buildings and form a new use function through the transformation and reuse of the abandoned factory, so as to revive the abandoned industrial facilities and help those enter the con... More

Project • By TEN ArquitectosApartments

West End 50

The project’s location in the heart of the West End neighborhood of Washington DC, is located at the prominent northeast corner of M Street and 23rd Street. The base of the building is proudly pronounced on M Street with a perforated corrugated metal-clad red box of the apparatus bay. The main public spaces are located in a two-story glass box along 23rd Street. The use of light materials of metal and glass convey openness and agility. Posturing above this box, is a rectangular volume encompassing the two-story squash club that recedes on M street and cantilevers on 23rd street. By pulling back the mass of the squash club on M Street, a public terrace is created providing a framed view of M street and enlivening the existing street... More

Project • By STUDIO MOVETransports

Vehicle Assessment Drive-Thru

The project location is along the national highway in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.   Our client for the project is IDOM Co., Ltd., a company under “Gulliver” that operates used vehicle nationwide.  With the request of efficiency, and a contactless service to support the Epidemic Control. The goal is to develop a new drive-way system using technology, art, and architecture.   We want to break the traditional customer service style, where everything happens in an enclosed environment. While considering the driver’s view and car speed; the design must be highly visible and easy to access.Like a “Neighborhood Park”; a friendly, relaxing corner to both the client and the public.   Every ID... More

Project • By OTTOTTOPrivate Houses

Green House

When OTTOTTO studio removed the plaster from the walls of this house, two imposing stone walls were revealed. Their beauty made it inevitable to keep them in sight, adding just a new layer, in metallic mesh, to blend the 20th century with the new structure and skylight. As it is common in the center of Porto, Portugal, the house is narrow, long and has only two fronts: the challenge was to bring more light to the semi-basement and to all the interior spaces; drawing a single cut in the roof was the solution - a "square ring", with a constant width of 70 cm, that crosses the three floors and is overlooked by eight windows. It's the windows that create tension between each room, as from one you can always spy on another ... The large glass... More