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Project • By Taller emeApartments

Edificio Oriente 430

Located to the East of Mexico City, within a popular neighborhood of the city such as Agrícola Oriental, this apartment building rises. The project consisted of rehabilitating an existing house, within an area with an 8 meter front to the public road and 20 meters deep, as a recycling strategy that seeks to promote the generation of decent housing in this area.   The project has a constructed area of ​​375 m2 and is made up of six apartments ranging from 38 to 70 square meters, distributed in two blocks linked by a core of vertical circulations that connects the apartments, as well as a patio that allows a better ventilation and lighting within the complex. Each body is divided into three levels.   In order to be able t... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsArt Galleries

Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture

Mask Architects developed a proposal for a public artwork to be located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" has been selected one of 5 finalists among  340 international projects and Artist for MassivArt and MIRA  investment and real estate development company in Mexico.  Designed by Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" is the first spiral interactive movement and rotated lattice loop structure in the world which has filled easily controlled rotatable kinetic art panels by human movements where human are interactive and environmental data according to the location of the structure on the site. Inspired by spacetime curving/bending whic... More

Project • By Arkham ProjectsRestaurants


Cienfuegos, the perfect fire; protagonist fire, creative fire, transforming fire. Fire, primary element present while choosing every material; clay transformed into tiles, sand transformed into bottles of glass, wood transformed into coal. Fire transforms steak into dishes, and dishes into gastronomic experiences that talk about a contemporary and timeless Yucatan.    Cienfuegos is mystery, mysticism and magic. Presented to the city as a large solid, permanent and imposing volume… like a cavern, a cavern where those who visit it will be spectators of the primary cooking elements and their transformation.   The main walls, one of volcanic rock gabions and the second made of seventy five thousand black clay tiles pla... More

Project • By Leonardo Cardoso ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Cerros

The clients, a young family, commissioned a comfortable house for four habitants that was functional, safe, luminous and unique in the area; but also demanded a low-cost and low maintenance home. The challenge was to accomplish this in a site with a limited surface (102m2, 6x17m), rugged topography and preexistent urban elements (trees, light posts and a telephone facilities box) that can’t be affected during the construction. The above limited the functional and morphological approach of the project. The site is located in a peripheral hill area of the city of Zacatecas, Mexico; inside an open middle-class neighborhood full of generic houses. Due to the neighborhood situation, the clients wanted a house that reflects safety from outs... More

Project • By Miguel de la Torre ArquitectosMemorials

Dia de muertos Altar / Installation

A Holy Field, a lighthouse, a portal.   On the occasion of one of the most important celebrations in Mexico, the architect Miguel de la Torre designs an installation every year for November 1st and 2 nd, the exercise is based on reinterpreting the tradition of the altar of the dead to connect the living with those who have left before us. An installation that guides the way of souls to their families and friends.   The materiality for this exercise is composed by 600 acrylic tubes, 10 to 60 cm high, with a yellow cap and a light at the base, placed in a 30x30 cm grid covering an approximate area of ​​50m2, generating a wave of light in the dark and a field floated with color in the day. The installation is only on during the n... More

Project • By TAAB Taller de Arquitectura del BajíoPrivate Houses

Rincón Del Pescador House

Rincón Del Pescador House develops around a central courtyard following the traditional houses of the region as a reference. Halls and passageways delimit the project: a horizontal perimetric that links the main floor areas, and a single point vertical that connects the different levels in the plan. The chosen materials (locally sourced volcanic stone) enhance the house's main lower level areas, providing fresh spaces to rest during the day.   The project is closed to the south, and open towards itself and the northern view of the valley. The fountain in the central courtyard draws inspiration from the local water wells, and the sound of flowing water accompanies all the other sounds in the house. The program consists of three... More

Project • By Dellekamp SchleichHousing


In collaboration with Francisco E. Franco RamírezProgram: Three houses | Rural HousingLocation: Ecatzingo, Estado de México, MéxicoStatus: BuildTeam: Samuele Xompero, Santiago Sitten, Fernando Torres, Alejandro MataRenders: Shea GouthroPhotography: Enrique Márquez Abella Ecatzingo, located to the southwest of Popocatépetl volcano in the State of Mexico, continues to be one of the areas hardest hit by the 2017 earthquake: 1,587 houses were affected - 601of which were rendered uninhabitable- leaving entire families homeless. In partnership with Telar Social México and Reforestamos México, were undertook a commitment to creating conditions that improve the quality of life for families from Ecatzingo, encouraging the recycling of materials... More

Project • By Studio Francisco ElíasPrivate Houses

Cancun House

The project is conceived as a temple in the jungle; the abundant vegetation in the area traced the lead to the conception of this segmented block which permits simultaneously the strongly wished sequence between inner and outer spaces, achieving efficient use in natural sunlight and air- circulation in every room. The premade concrete structure allowed for great clearings facing to the northeast enabling an astonishing view of the sunset over the lake.The sequence of spaces is ruled by surprise: it is set up with a central hall running from the main façade up to the back façade where the swimming pool and the lake are both located. This lengthwise element crossing and articulating the whole of the house has been inspired by the restrained p... More

Project • By ESTUDIO MMXPrivate Houses


This project, located west of Mexico City, experiments with the diversity of environments experienced when walking through it. For its design we considered wide open spaces to complement the distant views and interlock with the closed and intimate spaces, in sequence, designed to to enjoy the change of scales, heights and chiaroscuros of the site and the house.The generosity and dignity of architecture and landscape are fundamental components to achieve the intimate and specific programme that a single-family home requires. In this project there are spaces in which unexpected and surprising things are experienced at every moment, making architecture the framework of the daily history that will be written by its inhabitants.One of the main g... More

Project • By Alan Enríquez | ArquitectoHousing

Calle 13 - Aitana

Set of 8 Residential Houses in the south of Mexico City. The concept arises from the intention of providing dynamism and volume to the facade through a ribbon that runs across the front to the street and provides a connection to the outside.The houses are provided with spaces to have all the activities that comply with the highest standards of quality of life. They have private garden views, bedrooms with full bathrooms, large TV room that avoids creating narrow corridors, master bedroom with living room within, dressing room and bathroom with TV. Finally ,the last story has a roof garden with grill that allows you to take advantage of sunny days. More

Project • By Zozaya ArquitectosApartments


In the paradisiac Saladita Beach, one of the best surf destinations in the world for beginners and pros, less than forty minutes drive from Zihuatanejo International Airport. Los Panchos features an exclusive community for surfers dreaming on having a piece of heaven on earth. Nestled on the Pacific Coast amidst tropical jungle and the ocean in a gorgeous peninsula just a few meters from the point break.   More

Project • By Workshop, Diseño y ConstrucciónPrivate Houses

Casa Picasso

Casa Picasso is a project that turns every square inch of available space into a functional one. Indoor-outdoor interactions serve as the foundation of the project’s design, and the use of regional materials and textures typically found in the Yucatan Peninsula provide a sense of identity.Located in Merida’s historic downtown district, this 145 square meter house is an oasis in the city. Designed as a vacation house, this two bedroom home offers its owners refuge from cold New York winters.Throughout the home light colors have been used to transform the small space into one that feels spacious and inviting. These light colors can even be found in the Polish white concrete floors, which keep the space feeling fresh. Vegetation and natural wo... More

Project • By TRAZOENTREDOSarquitectosHotels


Our proposal was based on the "guest experience" as a value to the guest, justified by extensive research by the target public, the analysis allowed us to have an X-ray of the space with a focus on the operation that will lead us to a design based on the optimization of the space to accommodate the new intended areas, which brought us back in the project assignment. More

Project • By Rizzardini ArquitecturaResearch Facilities

Centro de Investigación Socioambiental

The architectural design took into account local construction techniques to better integrate the ecosystem, reducing construction costs and better maintenance.It represents an example of low environmental impact: local materials of low impact, low water consumption, re-use of gray water in irrigation, rainwater collection and lighting with solar energy. More

Project • By Campos StudioHousing

Zacatitos 01

This project is the first of a series of desert dwelling prototypes that comprise an ongoing body of research into off-grid living in a relatively extreme climate. All three research sites are located in the remote community of Los Zacatitos, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The project's four detached buildings and their related exterior spaces are carefully arranged around the contours of a natural bowl on the four-acre site so as to catch prevailing breezes, allow seasonal arroyos to flow freely, and in response to existing granite outcrops and desert flora. Two smaller villas with sleeping accommodation flank the principal living space with a garage / utility structure placed behind these buildings forming an entry court. Each vi... More