Miguel de la Torre and his día de muertos Altar

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos as Designer

A Holy Field, a lighthouse, a portal.


On the occasion of one of the most important celebrations in Mexico, the architect Miguel de la Torre designs an installation every year for November 1st and 2 nd, the exercise is based on reinterpreting the tradition of the altar of the dead to connect the living with those who have left before us. An installation that guides the way of souls to their families and friends.


The materiality for this exercise is composed by 600 acrylic tubes, 10 to 60 cm high, with a yellow cap and a light at the base, placed in a 30x30 cm grid covering an approximate area of ​​50m2, generating a wave of light in the dark and a field floated with color in the day. The installation is only on during the night of November 1st to 2 nd, which is when the dead return to the world of the living.

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