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Project • By jeet kothadiya architectApartments

Living Area @ Seven Hills

A living space with minimal unit approach. More

Project • By IN-EXPATHousing

The Loft Box

With a clean, white interior, the Loft Box is a minimalist's dream come true that goes beyond the conventional floor plan. While simplicity reigns in this home, a complex configuration of spaces ensure it’s bright and spacious inside out. False ceilings were removed in favour of a double-volume loft space, bringing fresh air and diffused light into the interior. More

Project • By Chenin StudioShops


Microtel is an effort to create a flexible build that allows the user to present their different reading from the space. The spatial organization of the  project is based on the dual "visible" and "hidden" and the definition of different uses of the space in this dual is looking for an economic solution to reduce expenses and speed up the process of implementation. At the same time, the project tries to minimize its borders with the city (only one glass facade) and inform it’s user free of uproars, advertise and turbulence the urban walls. The project has a quiet presence on the urban wall and presents itself to the city only with a brief sign that extends from the roof to cover the installation parts. In this duality, the stor... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Minimal Interior Design

This Modern Minimal Interior Design located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is a study in simplicity and grace. The clean lines and plain furniture add sophistication to its overall ambiance. Much of the distinctness that's part of this home is thanks to the stark contrast of its white and navy color scheme. The rest comes from the use of appropriate fixtures, an abundance of natural light, masculine furniture, and a sleek cleanliness that shows up inherently within the space. More

Project • By Human w/ DesignApartments

Private Residence UFH

Private Residence is a minimalist home located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. A Hong Kong based studio Human w/ Design was asked by client to redesign their 19 years apartment, into a minimal and practical space. For this 45 square-metre apartment, 3 bedroom is needed to fulfill the family members requirement. Due to the structural restriction of the building, the most appropriate way to achieve it is adding the new bedroom at the window side area of the original living room. A reeded glass block partition is constructed to separate the new bedroom and living area to maximize natural daylight penetration while preserving certain degree of privacy. It also acts as a feature wall for living room providing a sense of... More

Project • By Human w/ DesignApartments

42 Broadway

42 Broadway is a minimal space located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. A large wooden wall at the back of living and dining area providing plenty of concealed storage including a maid room, letting the rest of space to be more open and airy. Materials and color palette of wood veneer, stone and beige tone expressing a natural touch and feel. The study rooms double sliding doors can be fully open to create a large share space with dining room for friends gathering. The selection of clean and simple form of furniture and ironmongeries to match with the minimal approach for the space. Kitchen with large piece of glass partition help to extend the space visually and allow daylight pen... More

Project • By COA MimarlıkApartments

P House İstanbul

Our client wished to have a cozy, peaceful home in natural tones. We weren't satisfied with the full plan so we made some changes, demolished some walls, by this way we supported to take the daylight flow in all the rooms, also have a better use for the spaces.The couple asked for different areas, where they can spend individual quality time by themselves or with friends. The most important feeling was to leave all the stress of the daily life, the crowd out and to feel relaxed supported with natural vibes. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Ultra-Modern Flat Design

The sleek, sophisticated looks of this ultra-modern flat design feature understated elegance in the form of a beautiful color scheme, a simple furniture palate and an emphasis on the indoor-outdoor visual connection. Designed for a mariner in Podgorica, Montenegro, CAS went for a careful combination of browns, greys and pearl whites. Evoking a masculine aura, the overall ambiance of this flat is complemented by light wooden floors, wood paneling, minimalist accents & an occasional splash of color. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Photography Photo Shoot Studio Design

Traditional photography studios are quite understated and efficient in design, which is why CAS took inspiration from their efficacy and added a whole new flair to this Photography Studio in Doha, Qatar. Minimal in design, but big in personality, this studio offers an understated yet luxurious ambience to its clients and users. Although small in size, the minimal layout ensures the most efficient of working spaces. The aesthetic leans towards classic black and white with modern embellishments and décor, along with clearly segregated working and communal spaces. With an elegant ambience and a black-tie color palate, the CAS team has designed this photography studio to be the height of classy chic. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Waka Minimal Style Restaurant Interior Design

The Waka restaurant in London, UK boasts an atypical brand identity; which the CAS designers emulated through a uniquely industrial style with touches complemented by a minimalistic theme. The mild color scheme carried out in soft neutral tones is the epitome of classy, while the cemented walls is an ode to the industrial style. The contrasting décor and beautiful ambient lighting all work in perfect tandem to offer an individualistic space that entrances the customers and elevates the dining experience. Furthermore, the traditional photo frames and green design elements offer a refreshing, understated and elegant aura to this restaurant design. More