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Dream House Bedrooms
Dream House Bedrooms
Dream House Bedrooms
Dream House Bedrooms
Dream House Bedrooms

Project • By MUZAPrivate Houses

dream house bedrooms

This 200 square meter house is located in Prishtina, Kosovo. The house was built years ago but we renovated it entirely. This was one of our most challenging projects which we finished in 2017. This dream home is one of a kind! It is a hidden gem. It is located in a shared house and we tried to create a space that has its own intimacy. The beauty of this project lies in its architectural design. Our design dances through circular shapes to linear ones. As soon as you step into the house, you will see the stairs or the “big sculpture” in the middle of the house. Created from scratch, these stairs are surrounded by glass, they have a certain elegance. The optical lighting is the cherry on top of the cake. We used white and pastel colors aroun... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureHousing

Karr Pad

Renovated Washington, D.C. row house. More

Project • By KUBE ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Smoky Quartz

The goal for this existing suburban home was to “break open the box” to allow views of the surrounding wooded landscape. Interconnected spaces where created where previously there were walls dividing them. The kitchen and den are now opened up to the new family room, and the entry offers a view directly through the space to the trees beyond. The rear roof was raised in order to maximize views and light with large picture windows. Custom stained ash panels unify the various areas of the home. The family room’s vertical Macassar Ebony storage unit and Viroc clad chimney add warmth and texture to the double height space. The exterior received a facelift which included new cladding (Viroc and Hardi panel) and windows. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHotels

Olaya Hotel Exterior and Interior Design

The Olaya Hotel serves as a veritable landmark in the bustling city of Al Khobar, KSA. Therefore, its exterior elevation has to be extremely eye-catching, yet highly sophisticated at the same time. The CAS team designed all four facades with the utmost care. A mix of neo-classical and modern design elements have been carefully applied to evoke a grand, upscale aura about the building. The interior design on the other hand emulates a graceful grey-scale aesthetic that exudes elegance and austerity. The modernist design is just as scenic as it is welcoming, perfectly connecting the indoors to the outdoors with an amazing cityscape through the partial glass façade. More

Project • By VA'astu Architecture StudioApartments

Modern Guest Bedroom . Indonesia

Dear readers, here is the work of VAástu Architecture Studio in the first three months of 2017. Let's start telling about Interior Design of this guest room - the apartment. This guest bedroom interior design project is located in one condominium unit area sudirman, South Jakarta. The total living area of ​​the guest bedroom is 18 m². In the design, the team carrying the theme Modern Interior with wood finishing motif. Establish a design based on the client refrence photo given at the beginning of the discussion. Surely there must be slight modifications. We modify the selected colors into unisex colors (can be for male and female rooms) and size adjustments so that the shape and atmosphere of the room from refrensi images can... More