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Project • By assemblageSTUDIOPrivate Houses


The idea of horizon is strongly felt on the site through the stark mesa that lies adjacent to the community. Overpowering in scale, the Mesa forms the backdrop of the project. This idea of horizon is grounded in the concept of TERRA. A single-story structure in constant connection to the desert floor, low in profile, the roof edge, demarcated with a steel ribbon, forms a datum line, characteristically reflecting the Mesa’s strong horizontal edge. Light is in constant play in the desert, reflecting off the desert floor...diffused through the leaves of mesquite trees. In TERRA, the roof encompasses the project, extending past the edge of the enclosure,  to form a series of protected courtyards. Within the roof a series of opening... More

Project • By assemblageSTUDIOOffices

Acero Dental Office

The building houses two independant  dental facilites on seperate levels. The second level, occupied by the building owner, provides several exam rooms, restrooms, reception lobby, waiting lounge, equipment room, storage rooms, employee lounge, a priate outdoor gathering deck, and a private office.  The project is located within a heavily used arterial street in Henderson, NV. Surrounding office complexes are primarily medical, with a hospital in the immediate vicinity. Adjacent to the site is a fire station to serve the businesses. The site provides a distant view to the Las Vegas Strip and into the Black Mountains.  Sited prominently at the intersection, the faceted second level becomes the sign of the business. Differing... More

Project • By Architecture-Infrastructure-ResearchResidential Landscape

Ghost Wash House

The Ghost Wash House is located along the lower hillside on the north side of Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The site is flanked by two desert washes that move storm water from the top of this urban mountain into the valley below. Two long, thin tumbled brick bars run parallel to the east and west natural washes framing a third topographic condition or “Ghost Wash" that runs down the center of the site. The east bar protects this architectural wash from the low desert sun that streams across the mountain in the morning. This bar houses the public ‘support’ programs of the house: garages, kitchen, office, and family dining room. The west bar shields the occupants from the intense hot low west sun as it sets in the v... More

Project • By Campos StudioHousing

Zacatitos 01

This project is the first of a series of desert dwelling prototypes that comprise an ongoing body of research into off-grid living in a relatively extreme climate. All three research sites are located in the remote community of Los Zacatitos, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The project's four detached buildings and their related exterior spaces are carefully arranged around the contours of a natural bowl on the four-acre site so as to catch prevailing breezes, allow seasonal arroyos to flow freely, and in response to existing granite outcrops and desert flora. Two smaller villas with sleeping accommodation flank the principal living space with a garage / utility structure placed behind these buildings forming an entry court. Each vi... More

Project • By Secrest ArchitectureHousing

Desert H House

Desert H House Is A 3500 s.f. residence, designed by Secrest Architecture in Tucson, Arizona. The residence is to be built in phases containing 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and one detached studio/guestroom, to be located in Marana, Arizona near Dove Mountain and the Gallery Golf course. The house is a study of taking a smaller residence and creating exterior spaces that become extensions of both the interior and the surrounding desert. The exterior spaces take advantage of the desert climate and lifestyle, adding to the livable square footage of the house and strengthening the connectivity of the house to the desert landscape. The floor plan takes on the shape of an H with a large great room in the center flanked by wings on each side. The wings... More