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Modern shop design

An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about modern shop design

Project • By INT2 architectureShops

Interior Optiroom

The interior of the store reminds a cozy living room where visitors can choose unique glasses or frames in a homely atmosphere.   Functionally the store's space is divided into three zones: exhibition, technical (optometrist's office, utility room, bathroom) and lounge area.   The exhibition area is very bright with white walls and a high ceiling. Here, along the walls, the main exposition is located on lighted shelves. Unique and more expensive glasses are placed on a free-standing shelving unit. At the center of the space there is an isle with hidden storage and a glass display case. Here one can try on the glasses without rush. The isle is supported by the reception desk with a brass top and an embossed minimalist bottom, w... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsShopping Centres

Atlas Park

Draped and curved, this suspended art installation in New York City reflects adjacent accent lighting, while playing a game of hide-and-seek through the archways. More

Project • By Chenin StudioShops


Microtel is an effort to create a flexible build that allows the user to present their different reading from the space. The spatial organization of the  project is based on the dual "visible" and "hidden" and the definition of different uses of the space in this dual is looking for an economic solution to reduce expenses and speed up the process of implementation. At the same time, the project tries to minimize its borders with the city (only one glass facade) and inform it’s user free of uproars, advertise and turbulence the urban walls. The project has a quiet presence on the urban wall and presents itself to the city only with a brief sign that extends from the roof to cover the installation parts. In this duality, the stor... More

Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal® and shop interiors

VeroMetal® and shop interiors

Unlimited formability and unique designVeroMetal® finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs. Every design takes on the authentic characteristics of metal.   All elements with a real metal finish Exclusive finishing touch to your luxurious shop interior. Facades, walls, floors, furniture or other shop interior elements with a genuine metal appearance. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture. VeroMetal® makes it happen.   VeroMetal® cold-workable liquid metal VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsShops

Coffee Shop, Paris

As soon as one sets foot in this boutique, they’re struck by its delicious dress code. The nuances of chocolat and the aroma of freshly ground coffee create a seductive atmosphere. The handpicked original materials compliment the unique menu— to be tasted on the spot.      More

Project • By plajer & franz studioShops

KARL LAGERFELD new store concept

KARL LAGERFELD has re-opened the first store in germany showcasing the brand’s new retail concept. The design is taking inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s own office and home and shares his fascinating world with the customer. Spanning 140 sqm, the flagship-store is located in a historic building in the city centre of Munich. The new retail concept focuses on an elegant and clean aesthetic that ensures an inviting, light and open feel. The store’s ventral element is an installation of chrome frame elements placed in front of a generous marble staircase. It leads to the upper floor along a deep black wall.welcome to karl’s worldThe retail design is characterized by furnishing elements from Karl Lagerfeld’s living environment.... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignDistribution Centres

Gravity Minimal Cell Phone Store

The studious rise in smart-phone usage in Saudi Arabia is somewhat of a phenomenon, which CAS has managed to capture really well in the Gravity Minimal Cell-Phone Store Interior Design. Sleek, ingeniously minimalistic and highly function-based, a white marble countertop is the focal point of the store. The neutral color scheme evokes a calming effect while the simplicity of the overall ambient design enables the customers to expressly focus on all available products in the store. More