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Project • By QPROParks


Conservation Embassy — scientific and educational center for laboratory experiments, thematic conferences, lectures and seminars. The pavilion also houses the Florarium - a multilayer greenhouse with artificial climate for growing plants in air... More

NewsNews • 24 Jun 2020

Moscow’s Grechka Lab Bakery peels back layers to reveal an eclectic pre-revolutionary atmosphere

The Grechka Lab Bakery by Veter Architects aims to recreate the pre-revolutionary atmosphere of a Moscow bakery within an existing building dating back to 1914.    Mikhail Loskutov With its bright interior and high ceiling, the buildi... More

Project • By IND architectsExhibition Centres

Chkalov Showroom

The architectural concept of the project is based on a crystal—not only is it an attractive symbol that can be identified with success, light and solemnity, but it is a many-sided element too. Each edge of the crystal catches the light and refl... More

Project • By IQOSAApartments


Project of an apartment area of 94.8 in modern complex House on Mosfilmovskaya, Moscow, Russia. More

Project • By IQOSAApartments


Apartment area of 201.7 sq. m. in Moscow, Russia. We used old bronze finishing  to add an instant touch of old-world charm thanks to its glamorous golden-brown coloringm that plays well with other finishes and colours, like natural stone and lig... More

Project • By IQOSAApartments


Project of an apartment in the very center of Moscow, OKO Tower complex. More

Project • By IQOSAApartments


Project of an apartment area of 285.9 sq.m. in the very center of Moscow. Brutal finishing materials in harmonic combination with sensitive colours and fabrics. More

Project • By IND architectsExhibition Centres

NPAK Reconstruction Center of Contemporary Art

The concept of reconstruction of the Center for contemporary experimental art, NPAK in Yerevan is inspired by the main symbol of Armenia – the sign of Arevakhach, which is often called the Armenian symbol of eternity. We are integrating curved... More

Project • By OFFCONOffices

Media Alliance Offices

OFFCON architectural bureau has designed the new offices of media asset management company Media Alliance, located in Moscow, Russia. The dominant feature of Media Alliance’s new office is that it is highly functional and utilitarian: two floo... More

Project • By MAD ArchitectsOffices

Business-park Factoria

In recent years more conceptual projects of redevelopment of former industrial sites appears within the borders of Old Moscow. One of the most interesting conceptual renovating projects of such areas is Business-park “Factoria” on Vyatskaya str. near... More

Project • By KRAUZEarchitectsPrivate Houses

Townhouse Studio #8 Interior in Moscow

Anna and Alexander Krauze designed a three-level space in the former industrial garage, in which industrial aesthetics and chalet elements were mixed.Alexander and Anna Krauze love dark, complex colors. Customers are modern people and the interi... More

Project • By Team Paul de Vroom + SputnikResidential Landscape

Dutch House

In Wellton Park, a district in Moscow with a very high building density, the Dutch architecture firm Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik has completed two apartment buildings with outspoken brick facades.When the client requested “Dutch” architecture, the a... More

Project • By FORMShops

Five Kids

Five Kids is a children’s clothing store created by Stella Aminova, mother of five. This flagship store in the heart of Moscow marked the beginning of an expanding chain. The store offers designer clothing bran... More

Project • By Leatelier.businessExhibition Centres

Mindfulness in Moscow City

Every single day 25 thousand people are going through the atrium in Naberezhnaya Tower in Moscow City - 15 thousand of office-workers and 10 000 visitors. The space under the glass roof was busy by Starbucks and very popular as a place for less-forma... More

Project • By Leatelier.businessShops


Cosmorelax is 2200 m2 flagship store for leading internet retailer in Russia for furniture and lightning. The store located in brand-new shopping mall near Rublevka area in Moscow.Pieter Eisenman inspired structures divide space in different par... More