Natural stone

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Project • By Nicole Cieri ArchitectsHotels

Gheralta Lodge I

The project is born through the client’s desire to build a lodge completely disconnected from the frantic city life, where the guests could be surrounded by nature and enjoy the view of the spectacular.   Mountains, punctuated with rocky... More

Project • By Studio Piet BoonOffices

Office Brabant

The design intent for this barn-like structure was inspired by farms in the surrounding area to create a one-story office that breathes a homely, residential feel. The square-shaped layout encloses a perfectly symmetrical patio with a tranquil water... More

Product • By ArriscraftCitadel Building Stone (Ontario CA & Georgia, US)

Citadel Building Stone (Ontario CA & Georgia, US)

  Classic and timeless, Citadel Building Stone adds character to special projects. An authentic, tumbled finish and natural colours deliver the distinctive charm of natural field stone. Immensely popular for both residential and commercial proj... More

Product • By ArriscraftAdair Parliament Limestone

Adair Parliament Limestone

Quarried in Ontario, Canada, Arriscraft's Adair Limestone is a natural stone of exceptional beauty and durability. Adair Parliament Limestone is a full-bed stone, featuring a rugged split face finish that delivers a strong, stately aesthetic. Adair P... More

Product • By Craft SinksRiver Stone Sink

River Stone Sink

Natural river stone sink, hand carved. More



Natural stone system certified for exteriors, composed by dark-toned, natural slate extracted directly from our quarry in Portugal. Rustic and natural in appearance, the panels are characterized by its rough texture. Natural oxidation. STONEPANEL&tr... More

Product • By Grünig Natursteine GmbHSilberquarzit


Our worldwide unique natural stone Silberquarzit is mined in South Tyrol / Italy at 1,500 m a.s.l. Silberquarzit is part of the former coastal strip of the ancient sea Tethys. Through the continental shift this tight quartzite band protrudes out vert... More

Project • By flamingo architectsExhibition Centres

ANANDALAYA : Headquarter for Dileep Industries

Client brief Client for this project is Dileep industries a renowned industry in the field of handicraft. Mr. Dileep Baid wanted a place which can showcase the roots of the company ideology and beliefs, and form a pleasant working stay for the emplo... More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses

Moat's Corner

Moat’s Corner draws on an inspired vision and a commitment to an established setting. Refined to a point of tranquil precision, forming an interactive haven, with which to experience the life and energy that surrounds it.   The site&rsqu... More

Product • By Eco Outdoor®Eco Outdoor Bluestone


Our Bluestone pavers are all volcanic stones that have formed and hardened over millions of years. Bluestone pavers are extremely dense and hardwearing, enabling this natural stone to be used in the most rigorous applications.Our natural bluestone pa... More

Project • By studioBars

Native Hostel, Bar & Kitchen

The Native Hostel, Bar & Kitchen is a boutique hostel, bar, cafe, and event space designed for the epicurean traveller and locals alike. It is nestled in an existing 2-story late 1800’s stone building and a mid-century brick warehouse right in th... More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupHousing

Pembroke House

A private beach house in Portsea by Vibe Design Group, designed to take in all of its surrounds – from passing ships in the distant bay views, to its immediate rural setting. The glass ends to the pool draw your eye to set the tone from the initial d... More

Project • By Basaltina® Natural StoneStadiums

Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium) - Dallas

AT&T Stadium is one of the biggest in the world. Some of the interiors lobbies are made in Basaltina®: floors, stair cases and wall claddings are enhanced with the minimalistic and modern texture of our unique stone. The incredible versatility al... More

Product • By Basaltina® Natural StoneBasaltina® Classico

Basaltina® Classico

Basaltina® Classico, with its unmistakable horizontal stratification, conveys solidity, tradition and elegance. It has been used to embellish some of the world's most famous airports and museums. Gae Aulenti's New Asian Art Museum and the Vatican Mus... More

Product • By CUPA STONESTONEPANEL™ Sylvestre


Gneiss stone, very light and uniform with a rustic finish. It is perfect to decorate facades or walls with a traditional touch. STONEPANEL™ is an innovative system that can be used for any type of exterior and interior natural stone wall claddin... More