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Project • By Michael Muraz PhotographyOffices

33 Bloor Street East

Epic Investment Services commissioned me to photograph the renovation of the lobby at 33 Bloor Street East in Toronto, 30 years after the building first opened. The renovationr reimagined the lobby, as well as the retail spaces.    It was important to capture the various aspects of the renovation: frontage on two different streets, retail spaces, main lobby, and elevator lobby. Highlighting the features of the spaces was key, as well as the different connections: two street entrances, one neighboring building and the subway stop entrance. The sculptural ceiling was also great to get some graphic details hots.   Photographing an office building lobby during the COVID pandemic was challenging. We had to bring a few models f... More

Project • By Alumil S.AOffices

SPACES Theanous

How do you imagine an office building? Which are the needs for people that work daily inside an open space environment? Such questions find their answers in an architecturally unique way with SPACES Theanous in Petralona, Athens.  In a densely populated area, the biggest challenge for a building that is designed to be a place for rental offices , was the creation of spaces that would be constructed in a smart way, in order to minimize the loss of valuable square meters and at the same time would offer a pleasant atmosphere to those that work there. The stakes were high for barespace, the architectural office responsible for the research and design of this new project, which should create a building -  statement inside the urb... More

Project • By PORTOffices


The most valuable ideas are created not in the office desk, but far from it. They need inspiration, air and coincidence. The purpose of project was to make friendly space. Good quality of working space is one of the factors which cause that the life is well spend. If we are happy at work, then it’s effects would be better and more useful for everyone. We don’t want to use the term “free time” as that time after work as we do not agree that time spent at work is the one without freedom. We all should work with satisfaction and pleasure from what we are doing.   ProcessDiffernece of levels up to 4 m, heavy trafiic road nearby, parking lot of the biggest shopping mall in the city, cementary on the next parcel and... More

Project • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelCommercial Landscape


The Birmann 32 Office Tower project, commissioned by Faria Lima Prime Properties (FLPP), is set for completion in 2020. The development consists of a 58,000-square-meter office building and a 2,000-square-meter multi-purpose building on an unusually large site along the main avenue, Faria Lima, in São Paulo. Visually the plaza will extend over Faria Lima to create a larger entity and tower above neighboring buildings. The office building will incorporate green elements in its design to make use of site-specific climatic conditions. Offering attractive office spaces in a modern tower of elegant but simple design, the building will also house a 500-seat theater as well as several restaurants. More

Project • By BLVD InternationalOffices

Metro Shenzhen Changzhen Office Building

Shenzhen Metro Changzhen Depot Complex Project is required by the Client - Shenzhen Metro Group to meet office and accommodation demands of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 staff. The project is located in Guangming District, Shenzhen, which is an innovative landmark to enhance and demonstrate the cultural image of Shenzhen Metro.   Under the requirements of the function of Changzhen Complex, this project takes the culture and image logo of the subway as the design concept, highlights the characteristic image of the subway, and deducts the linear, speed and tandem subway characteristics into architectural forms and spaces. The overall effect not only gives an elegant and dynamic visual impact, but also plays a good role in the image of the city... More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesTrain stations

Bangladesh Railway office building

Bangladesh Railway is an extremely important organization with a proud heritage. Therefore the head-office building of Railway needed to be such a building that will be an iconic building in the city. The way the building has been conceived is that of a multi-faceted sculpture that shifts away from the harsh sun light of the west and faces towards the south-east. This faceting not only improves the quality of light and reduces heat gain inside the building but it also creates an abstract sculptural quality of which will make the building extremely unique in the skyline of the CDB of Dhaka city. The building-abstractness will give it a timeless character which we feel is befitting for an organization like Bangladesh railway. More

Project • By Studio JCIOffices

1133 Yonge Street

TORONTO ARCHITECTS REVITALIZE AN 80S MIXED-USE, MID-RISE BUILDING,REDUCING CARBON EMISSIONS AND WASTE   Toronto-based architecture firm, Studio JCI, has just completed a major renovation of 1133 Yonge Street, completely modernizing the 80s mid-rise, mixed-use building, increasing the amenities and accessibility for occupants, and upgrading the building’s energy efficiency. This project reflects a global trend in the design and construction industry that favours working with existing structures, as opposed to building new; in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and waste.   “The project provided us with a real opportunity to explore the concept of ‘embodied energy’ and the environmental benefits of reus... More

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersOffices


Project Name: ATLAS COPCO Location: Bucharest, Romania Published by: Razvan Barsan + Partners More

Project • By Liqui GroupOffices

Keep Cup Office

Liqui’s modern office design for Keep Cup’s European HQ in London is one of our more architectural interiors. Ostensibly a building within a building it sits inside their distribution warehouse like a massive packing case. The windows out to the storage area take the form of a large, cut-out crack running down the side creating a truly unique workspace design with its exposed internal structure. A transparent ceiling fills the office interior with natural light that enters via the warehouse skylights giving an airy feeling to the area. Liqui not only created the office interior design but also project managed and executed the build from start to finish. In addition, custom made desks were designed and manufactured by us especia... More

Project • By Alumil S.AOffices

Regnum Sky Tower

Focusing essentially on the individual, functionality and usability, this building combines them to offer an architectural creation which stands out among so many others in one of the fastest growing business areas of Ankara. The primary design lines have been uniformly applied on the entire building of 150 meters. The curtain walls were used as an empty canvas on which a unique image was formed. Horizontal and vertical design lines meet the slopes leading to the top through "dancing" like moves. Minimal design highlights the building's character, as for the companies that are located into it, there is a strong demand on a clear and serious image. The natural light, which enters unobstructed inside the building, helps and enhances the effic... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyOffices

18 King Wah Road

Amid the heavy rains of a typhoon in Hong Kong last July, we were very lucky to have had a few moments of clean sky for the photoshoot of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects’ project, 18 King Wah Road. Located in North Point, the eastern district of Hong Kong Island, 18 King Wah Road is a new 23-​story office building in Hong Kong and second commission for Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. 18 King Wah Road commands a striking view of Victoria Harbor and Kowloon Bay, and to the west, PCPA’s iconic International Financial Centre marks the skyline.In contrast to the density of its urban neighbors, the design of PCPA’s building is airy and buoyant. The triple-​height Y-​shaped columns that support the base of the tower deliver an exciting visual on... More


Residential Tower - Cantù

An ambitious project for a city that is witnessing a progressive urban resettlement. A new residential tower that is inserted above an office base, designed to offer maximum energy efficiency, with a "skin" that offers an effective and at the same time simple shading system. The project is flanked by the study of a new urban square that defines and rearranges a part of the city where currently there is no urban design and defined and recognizable public space. This project wants to open new spaces to the city and create possible future urban axes. More

Project • By Challenge StudioOffices

Yazd International Trade Center

Yazd is a city with very little precipitation, located on the Iranian plateau with a brilliant architectural and urban history of design. The design process began with a mixed use program containing shopping and commercial spaces. This project was designed with regard to its unique geographical demographic location, while considering 21 century futuristic design and the objectives and goals of our client. The project designed as a hybrid building with public spaces to create relaxing and recreational destination. More

Project • By Massimiliano Dell'OlivoOffices

Building Renovation on Lugano’s Lake

Reading the existing building and understanding its essence has been the starting point to work out afterwards the redevelopment project of this structure on the shores of Lugano lake.A cleaning operation to confer elegance to a building marked by time and by the progressive alterations of its original shape.The eastern front leans forward to be closer to the water, huge mirrors open from the frontage to allow the sight of the out standing landscape towards Campione d’Italia.Metallic sliding shutters flushing the external plaster allow to close the openings.White and grey tones alternate in the design of the building.The northern and southern fronts are moved by squared windows; the game of ratios on squared basis permeates the plan of the... More

Project • By Ergün ArchitectureOffices

Mermerler Plaza

It is no secret. Concrete structures sprawl Istanbul’s urban metropolis. For the past decade Istanbul has been an ever expanding construction site. The rise of this so called “concrete jungle” depicts a time of rapid change. Yet during these times, our core studio philosophy has remained the same. Ergün Architecture has long posited a balance between art and utility at the very centre of its’ practice. Mermerler Plaza is a testament to such an objective. This parent-child building duo is located in the Kozyatağı district of Istanbul. The tall wavy glass walls provide a playful contrast to its shorter aluminium enveloped counterpart. In order to preserve the southward looking façade from the sun, the design incorporates randomized tan c... More