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Project • By o4 architekciHousing

Windmill House

The foundations for the project was created as a part of the international competition „Contemporary House 2014 – Village House”. The work of Tomasz Padło and Michał Kucharski was awarded at the national stage in Poland. Rafał Chojnacki Fotografia Architektury   A few years later, the project was noticed by an Investor from the Lublin region, who was in the possession of an old windmill. The initial concept has undergone the necessary modifications and has been adapted to customer requirements as well as technical and local conditions. Rafał Chojnacki Fotografia Architektury The building was designed to fit into the rural landscape. Its form is a well-known, characteristic and strong element of the tradit... More

Project • By INT2 architectureApartments


The apartment is located in a historic mansion of the early 20th century overlooking one of the oldest streets of Moscow.   The main task of the project was to preserve the original space of the main room of the apartment while having all the necessary functional areas in it: an entrance hall, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a guest bedroom, a storage room and a bathroom. We wanted to preserve the architecture and the volume of the room with a clear rhythm of the ceiling beams and nine windows, historical brickwork and even picturesque smudges of grout on the walls that appeared during the reconstruction of the house...   The solution was to create two subspaces - boxes that do not reach the ceiling, in one of which t... More

Project • By Studio ETNApartments


Even at the first meeting in the Ramat-Gan city apartment, which it's building was intended for a total renovation process, it seemed that a big change had to be made in it, but the truth is that it was not that easy of an apartment to crack, it was actually was pretty challenging - to re-divide the interior walls, all of that with taking in consideration the customer's wishes and the situation that we got the apartment in.   When we went to design the apartment, we encountered several challenges: introducing natural light between the two ends of the apartment in order to illuminate its center - the public space, and in general, to create living spaces whose size will exceed the existing. We submitted a number of options until we cam... More

Project • By AIDIA STUDIOLibraries

Gwangju City Main Library

Inspiration. The City Main Library Gwangju is inspired by the neighbouring Gwangju River with its meanders and soft, liquid forms. The subtle curves contrast the industrial, monumental feeling of the old incineration plant; creating a tension between the old and the new; the industrial and the contemporary; the brutal and the soft. ​ Form. The building has been carefully placed on the site in order to preserve as much as possible the existing green areas with mature trees. The form stretches from the plant building towards the West. The volume softly leans back creating a sunken courtyard protected by the prevailing winds coming from the North-West and which activates the Basement Level where the Café is located. To add lightnes... More