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Project • By Studio ZungPrivate Houses

Atelier 211

Atelier 211 is an ocean view, modern A-Frame beach residence nestled within Atlantic Beach and Amagansett Lanes. Custom-fit, 4,150 square foot, six bedroom, and six and a half bath residence in Amagansett; Atelier 211 is carefully considered with a fully furnished elective. The residence features a custom designed chef’s kitchen, serene wellness spa featuring a separate sauna and steam room. The lounge and deck overlook a heated saline pool surrounded by tiered grass patios and ocean views. Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut   More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPESwimming Pools


Cagnes-sur-Mer, Côte d'Azur - The aromas of the garrigue envelop the essential forms of a private villa in the heart of the Côte d'Azur. The contemporary style that defines the interior can also be found in an outdoor inspired by the heterogeneous nuances of the surrounding nature. Midlake Quartz Grey reinterprets the essence of the place with refined simplicity.    Two sizes of the same K2 collection of stone-effect porcelain stoneware cover the exterior of the villa: the 22.5X45 for the pool, the 60X90 for the large terrace. The 20 mm floors are anti-slip, sturdy and unchanged by weather. A path of precious slabs set in the green creates continuity between the two outdoor areas, reflecting the soft light of the Mid... More

Project • By Impertek S.r.l.Hotels

Base Hotel Venezia

Speed and efficiency with Impertek supports   We are almost on the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, following the tortuous path of the river that reaches Noventa di Piave, small oasis of tranquillity immersed in the countryside, with origins dating back to the 1st century BC, and today in a strategic position for food and wine, seaside and cultural tourism. Here the exclusive Base Hotel stands, distant a few kilometres from the artistic wonders of Venice, from the beaches of Jesolo and Caorle, and from the famous “Terra del Prosecco”, Valdobbiadene.   Base Hotel is equipped with luxurious rooms, curated in every detail to offer an experience of pure well-being, one spa, one fitness centre and an out... More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Johnson City Residence

This minimalist home was originally designed for a retiring couple moving from an urban lifestyle to live out their golden years in solitude. After the project was abandoned, we recreated the design concept to adapt to more of an urban or suburban context to create a literal oasis for anyone seeking refuge from rugged external conditions. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

W. Mary Residences

These four garden courtyard houses embody the feel of south Austin’s eclectic and casual lifestyle. Taking cues from the local neighborhood, the 2-story primary units facing the street are styled in a traditional vernacular form while the rear 1-story accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) take on a low-slung mid-century modern form. Solid (insulated) stack-bonded architectural grade CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls define the ADU’s (accessory dwelling unit) exterior walls which carry through to the interior. Heavy mass gabion walls create privacy and natural garden planter walls. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Yaupon Valley Residence

This cliffside luxury home was designed to take advantage of the city of Austin skyline views and the surrounding valley and pool spaces. We separated this house design into 2 programs; the level 2 private space and the level 1 social space. The level 1 social space consists of the kitchen, living, dining, and library/ lounge areas all connected to the outdoor pool and outdoor deck. The level 2 private spaces consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a master suite, and an office space, each with its own unique view. More

Project • By Surfacedesign, IncResidential Landscape

Zinfandel Lane Garden

Set within one of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in California, the St. Helena residence floats above the surrounding vines, extending the landscape into the house and pulling life out into the garden.  An olive tree lined gravel driveway frames the entrance, culminating in the oak-lined property edge, where an existing heritage oak anchors the property.  This oak orients the site, marking the central axis of the house, pool and—through the vineyard—the barn.  Salvaged ancient olive trees are integrated into the barn landscape, tying into the reclaimed wood of the barn siding and framing the entrances to the building.  Exuberant perennial plantings frame the trees and provide seasonal interest—Nepeta fl... More

Project • By SHAPE Architecture Inc.Sports Centres

North Delta Recreation Centre

OverviewThe recently completed expansion to the North Delta Recreation Centre creates a new civic address, one that rejuvenates a tired, but well used community facility. This new addition delivers a full size gymnasium, a municipal business centre, a fitness centre, and a spectrum of related arts and recreation spaces. After opening in early 2016, the North Delta Recreation Centre has firmly established itself as a new civic icon for the local community it serves. Theory and Design Principals:Though the existing facility was well used by the local community, despite its lack of windows and natural light, it was prone to vandalism and crime. In response, the client envisioned a new facility that would provide a welcoming and safe envir... More

Product • By Alpha Wellness SensationsOutdoor Corten Himalayan Salt Sauna

Outdoor Corten Himalayan Salt Sauna

A free-standing prefabricated 6-person CorTen steel Himalayan salt sauna with halotherapy option, 220V power requirements, heatproof speakers and chromotherapy feature. Alpha Wellness Sensations is a global leader in luxury spa manufacturing, indoor and outdoor design of traditional saunas, infrared saunas, steam rooms, hammams, salt rooms, snow rooms, cold plunges, experience showers and tanning beds. Our company runs its own research facility and production capacities in order to provide a wide range of innovative and tailored wellness solutions. All of our products are fabricated in Belgium, 100% hand-crafted and fully compliant with EU’s rigorous product safety standards. Because the world is overwhelmed by environmental pollutio... More

Project • By Landscape Design WorkshopApartments

Veranda at Plantation

Landscape Design Workshop has won a 2018 Architecture MasterPrize™ Design Award in the Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs category for their Veranda at Plantation project. This lush tropical ‘urban jungle’ courtyard forms the social hub of the apartment complex and helps to mitigate the urban heat island effect. The 6-story residential building wraps around an interior courtyard featuring a lagoon-like swimming pool with a beach entry. Cascading fountains welcome the residents as they enter the courtyard and the calming sound of water can be enjoyed from the apartments’ balconies. All ground-level units facing the interior courtyard enjoy a direct access to the common area, providing a village-like atmosphere and contributing to... More

Project • By Alpha Wellness SensationsHotels

Zelená Zaba Resort

Traditional Finnish Sauna With Natural Stone Finishing And Automatic Timer - Bio-Sauna With Himalayan Salt Finishing And Stereo Sound System - Steam Room Hammam Style With Kneipp Faucets - Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna With LED Feature - Two Locker Rooms With Experience Showers - Relaxation Room With Ceiling-Mounted Indoor Infrared Heaters. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Villa Ocean

The design of this modern and gentle smooth stone is perfect for terraces with straight and architectural lines. The light colour enables creating dream minimalist and timeless swimming pools. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Teselios in Rhodes Island Pool Project

STROMBOLI SERIEThe design of this modern and gentle smooth stone is perfect for terraces with straight and architectural lines. The light colour enables creating minimalist and timeless dreamed swimming pools. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Gennadi Grand Resort Rhodes

CONTEMPORARY MEDITERRANEANThe Gennadi Grand Resort of Rhodes is called to be one of the reference hotels of the Island of Rhodes.The luminosity is the protagonist in this space dominated by neutral colors and warm environments. Our Stromboli Light serie, in 75x75 format, offers this complex elegance, sophistication, simplicity and luminosity with Mediterranean airs.Together with the Stromboli Light color we find our Creta pool coronation system and RJ67 drainage grid, both with straight and simple lines, also in the same color with which we create the "integral aesthetic" effect that so characterizes our collections.We enclose in this email a photographic summary of this impressive complex. We hope you enjoy them. More

Product • By Cerámica MayorCOVE POOL SYSTEM


Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material characteristic for its almost inexistent porosity and therefore, to its low water absorption.A peculiar characteristic of porcelain stoneware pieces is their own composition. Only pure materials, such as minerals, kaolin, feldspar, clay, are used for the composition of each tile.It is a product resistant to external agents. Its vitrified structure, with a low porosity degree ensure a high impermeability to acids, dirt and ice. the porcelain stoneware pavements by Cerámica Mayor are anti-slip, resistant to abrasions, fire and meet the current international regulations. Ideal for residential and public areas (including high transit and traffic density areas), the solutions offered by Mayor... More