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Product • By Rolflex Netherlands BVCompact partition wall

Compact partition wall

Divide large rooms and spaces with this flexible partition wall. The unique door panels fold into a small package over the opening and can be recessed into the ceiling so that the door is almost invisible when open. Perfect for larger spaces such as schools (classrooms, corridors, halls), studios, gyms, showrooms or other commercial or industrial buildings. Our Compact doors have a high-quality finish with invisible hinges, as these are located between the panels. The door can be customised to suit your requirements so that it blends in perfectly with the overall appearance of the room. You can choose between full glazing, semi-transparent panels, windows or opaque panels or combine them with each other. Decide on harmonising colours and c... More

Project • By LIKO-SCemeteries

House of mourning

From competition to project In 2016, the city of Dunajská streda announced a public architectural competition for the reconstruction of the House of Mourning, which is part of the city cemetery. The international jury selected the design of architects Pavel Holík and Ján Hobrľ. This was then further developed in the study and implementation project in which there was a great emphasis, especially on the solution of interior spaces and their functions.   The overall composition The building is defined by the main ceremonial hall in the central part, which exceeds the surrounding adjoining volumes. The main hall is axially connected not only to the entrance in the middle of the facade but also to the main access r... More

Product • By Acoustic GroupZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS – is the oldest trade mark owned by Acoustic Group. It is identified as Sound Insulating Panel System. From 1999 until now different modifications of sound insulating sandwich-panels for additional acoustic insulation have been produced under this brand. The products under trade mark ZIPS are also patented in Russia, CIS countries and European Union. More than 1 mln. m2 of sound insulating structures for additional noise insulation of walls, floor and ceiling have been produced during this period All materials are produced in Russia.First of all, the sound insulating system ZIPS is frameless. Panels are sandwiches consisting of tongue-and-groove gypsum-fiver boards (GFB) and layers of sound absorbing material Shumanet and Shumost... More

Product • By KUTSKUTS Steel Web

KUTS Steel Web

KUTS Steel Web (Wire Rope Mesh) is a custom-manufactured, premium-quality product using the best technology today offers solutions for your company and projects. Wire Rope Meshes are made of stainless steel rope and can be easily bent and mounted.KUTS Steel Web (Wire Rope Mesh) can be mounted on railings or in staircases, they provide support and guidance; on façades, they can be used as training systems for plants; in large rooms, they will create partitions.The multifunctional KUTS Steel Web technology combined with stainless steel rope, rods, or tubes with appropriate end connectors not only discreetly fulfills its functions as a protective and supporting structure but also provides appeal as an elegant spatial design element. More

Product • By Slalom SrlTERRAZZO felt


TERRAZZO felt, is a layer, an anti-reverberant skin. The few millimeters thick allow it to   be applied in any space and on any surface, straight or curved.It is available in rolls, to cover the walls with a line and to ensure the unit of design, or it can be cut in pantograph in different shapes and sizes, to become also a decoration.TERRAZZO is used to cover reverberant surfaces by creating an acoustic enhancement, by also inserting it into occasional projects, such as existing partitions between desk shelves, side or rear.TERRAZZO can also completely cover wall surfaces, combining different colors for an immediate aesthetic effect.Available in rolls or pre-cut shapes More

Product • By KRONOSPANKronoart®


Kronoart® high-quality architectural facade cladding is the ideal mix of next generation technical performance twinned with new levels of aesthetic freedom. It’s a HPL board that’s built to last, easy to work, immensely weatherproof, fire and UV resistant. Equally, Kronoart® offers inspiring creative scope. Whatever the character, size or function of the building, Kronoart® makes realising your idea a liberating and affordable process.In parallel with giving you vast creative latitude, Kronoart® provides many practical performance advantages. The very high pressure, high temperature laminating process produces an easily handled material of great stability and strength – one that’s exceptionally weather resistant and certified to EN438-6 typ... More

Product • By DynamobelM82


M82 is a system of modular, demountable partitioning with visible profiling in galvanised steel. Thanks to its sturdiness and reliability, it is ideal for environments which call for high acoustic and technical performance and which need partitions to behave well in the face of fire. With a wide range of surface-finish and configuration options, M82 is easy to assemble and reinstall, and is complemented with a wall cover system. The panels are installed by simply fitting splice profiles, and door and window frames are independent from the internal frame to simplify assembly and dismantling. The system can cater for uneven heights of +-20mm. The acoustic insulation provided by M82 is optimum: 45 dB on blind modules (A) and 44 dB on glazed... More

Product • By Secco Sistemi SPAEBE AF


The compartmentalization of the areas in order to protect people from the dangers of fire and fumes caused by fire – with the constraints and specifications defined by firestop technology – presents the designer with the theme of integrating fire-proof doors and windows together consistently with the other fixtures of the building.Despite its high level of specificity, the system EBE AF EI offers a range of doors and glazed partitions – for both interior and exterior use – with the same materials, the same shapes and thicknesses, as well as the same accessories of the Secco Sistemi products: all the elements blend with each other in harmony with the rest of the building.Thanks to an accurate study of specific materials and internal componen... More

Product • By Secco Sistemi SPASA AF


The compartmentalization of the areas in order to protect people from the dangers of fire and fumes – with all the constraints and specifications imposed by the fire-resistance technology – means that the designer has to integrate fire-proof doors and glazing panels with the other fixtures of the building.In spite of its highly specific characteristics, the SA AF system still provides a range of doors and glass partitions for internal and external use, with the same materials, shapes and thicknesses and accessories as the other Secco Sistemi products: all the elements blend in with each other, in perfect harmony with the rest of the building.Thanks to an accurate study of specific materials and internal components, including accessories and... More



With the new 3-6-9 Partitions System, Estel has created a unique solution for Aesthetics, Functionality and Sound Insulation. The use of glazed partitions is appreciated for its transparency, whereas privacy is granted by the use of wooden panels both for Executive areas and Workstations; 3-6-9 Partitions are suitable for Meeting Rooms and Training Rooms as well. A useful and easy-to-handle System, for Space Planners, Facility Managers and Architects.The ”3” single-glass wall (W 32 mm – 11/4”) meets soundproofing requirements of up to 36 decibels at the lowest possible cost, maintaining the same level of functionality as the “6” and “9” partitions system. Partition “6” double-glass wall (W 64 mm – 21/2”) increases acoustic performances and... More

Product • By Madras® GlassMadras® Kyoto

Madras® Kyoto

One side of the plate is chemically and permanently etched: its texture is pearly white with richly nuanced satin tones, reminiscent of Japanese rice paper, perfectly smooth to touch, highly resistant to fingerprints and extremely easy to clean.Base product: float glass to EN 572 1-2; laminated float glass to UNI EN ISO 12543;Sheet sizes: 2250 x 3210 mm (usable 2210 x 3170 mm)Thicknesses: monolithic float glass 4/5/6/8/10/12 mm; laminated float glass 33.1.Colours: extraclear, clear, bronze, grey, green, blue, rose.Availability of standard colours/thicknesses is subject to change. Please verify whenordering.Weight: 2.5 kg/m 2 per millimetre of thicknessCompatible processing: all mechanical and thermal processes compatible with the basemateri... More

Product • By Tante Lotte DesignWhisperwool Akustikpaneele

Whisperwool Akustikpaneele

Whisperwool is an acoustically highly effective, health-promoting panel system made from Tyrolean sheep's wool. The surfaces are soft and felt for better acoustical effect, the core is hard but permeable and thus sound absorbing. The panels can be joined together almost seamlessly.The Whisperwool panels have been specially developed for use as acoustic panels: ceiling panels, wall panels, partitions.With Whisperwool, we have succeeded in developing a product for interiors that has a consistently positive effect on people, nature and the value chainProperties:• sound absorption: aw up to 0,9 ? sound absorption curve • room climate: adjusts air humidity and improves room climate• air-purification: cleans and filters out toxins (formaldeh... More

Product • By Lux ArchLux Fusion Acrylic and Wood

Lux Fusion Acrylic and Wood

Cast Acrylic Panels that are evenly embedded with solid wood strips or blocks for a decorative unique effect. The incorporation for acrylic produces translucency within the panels which allow natural and backlit lighting to transmit through. The Carved panels by Anvi Surfaces are part of the Fusion Line. The solid structure of our panels and doors provides the unique blend of design and light within applications for wall partitions, receptions desks, head boards, screen walls, elevator corridors, column wraps and furniture. Lux Fusion Acrylics Panels are UV Resistant and have Light and sound absorbing characteristics. Please feel free to contact a Lux Arch Representative for Samples and Additional Information. More

Product • By TESSAROPanneau SKYLINE


The Skyline system is a flexible indoor and outdoor solution that allows you to create railings, parapets, stairs, partitions or fences, leaving imagination and creativity to work. The model recalls the sinuous profile of a city in contrast with the sky, with this design we wanted to break the usual verticality of a simple railing. The lines stop almost wanting to go back, symbolizing Tessaro's tendency to revisit the whole concept of wrought iron. More

Product • By TESSAROPanneau CANNES

Panneau CANNES

The Cannes system is a flexible solution that allows you to create railings, parapets, stairs, partitions or fences, leaving imagination and creativity to work. Fresh and modern railing, very materialistic, represents a stylization of the bamboo plant. The individual panels are created one by one without a fixed scheme, practically unique pieces. The Cannes system is not a finished work, but a semi-finished product, of aid to the final performers to save time and in the same way perform a unique work that can not be repeated. The handrail can be made according to the tastes and needs of the customer and integrated into the section. More