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Product • By Richporter LightingWorkscreen


Desk partition designs for enhancing aesthetics, privacy, comfort, and safety. While designed for shared spaces, they are equally adaptable to the home office, allowing you to create a private space and reduce noise in any setting. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignRainbow Mood

Rainbow Mood

Rainbow Mood is a mindset. The design pot of gold at the end of the, know. A bold mélange of laser cut metal faces, hands, and shapes enclose watercoloresque digitally printed acrylic panels. Get ready for your mood to improve with... More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignPenguin


A slightly formal screen with a fun edge. Mimicking the flippers of a dandy penguin this screen has round edges with a tall stance and fluted polycarbonate panels keeping social distancing proper and pretty. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignCUMULUS


Our newest design, CUMULUS, will make you feel like you’re on design Cloud 9. Built to be a leaner, more budget-friendly version of the BUBBLE, CUMULUS is a separator screen for social distancing in reconfigured classrooms. Made in the shape of... More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsGroove - Acoustic office partition

Groove - Acoustic office partition

Office design has progressed a long way over the years with an ever increasing global trend for large open plan working environments. There has however been many compromises that have had to be addressed with this trend such as acoustic consideration... More

Product • By Emco Bad GmbH & Co. KGLED mirror cabinet Prestige 2

LED mirror cabinet Prestige 2

Combined directly with the emco light system, the prestige2 with its all-round mirror lighting now offers even more customisable lighting moods for your bathroom. The inside of the illuminated mirror cabinet sparkles with its intelligent partitions a... More

Product • By Acoustic GroupZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS – is the oldest trade mark owned by Acoustic Group. It is identified as Sound Insulating Panel System. From 1999 until now different modifications of sound insulating sandwich-panels for additional acoustic insulation have been produced un... More

Product • By KUTSKUTS Steel Web

KUTS Steel Web

KUTS Steel Web (Wire Rope Mesh) is a custom-manufactured, premium-quality product using the best technology today offers solutions for your company and projects. Wire Rope Meshes are made of stainless steel rope and can be easily bent and mounted.KUT... More

Product • By B&B ItaliaArea


Low table to be used in the conversation area with the dual role of convenient surface and seat, by exploiting its soft portion. The small ottoman forms the set with a consistent graphic spirit.Technical informationTop and partitions:satin or glossy... More

Product • By B&B ItaliaAc Executive

Ac Executive

A complete range of executive wood based furniture for executive offices, meeting rooms and home offices. Available in grey oak, brushed light oak or smoked stained oak, the project includes a series of storage units, sideboards, bookcases, meeting t... More

Product • By Slalom SrlTERRAZZO felt


TERRAZZO felt, is a layer, an anti-reverberant skin. The few millimeters thick allow it to   be applied in any space and on any surface, straight or curved.It is available in rolls, to cover the walls with a line and to ensure the unit of d... More

Product • By DORMA HÜPPEPorte vitrée ML100 Glass

Porte vitrée ML100 Glass

Transparency and sound insulationin a movable wall systemVariflex with Variflex glass is the versatile movable wall system which enables rooms to be adapted quickly and flexibly to changing usesand group sizes. Glass and opaque elements can be combin... More

Product • By Seves GlassblockVISTABRIK CLEAR 483


Vistabrik combines all the appeal of traditional bricks with the transparency and illumination of glass. This unique design solution can be used in place of traditional bricks to create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage... More

Product • By KRONOSPANKronoart®


Kronoart® high-quality architectural facade cladding is the ideal mix of next generation technical performance twinned with new levels of aesthetic freedom. It’s a HPL board that’s built to last, easy to work, immensely weatherproof, fire and UV resi... More

Product • By JansenJanisol folding partition

Janisol folding partition

The Janisol folding partition is based on the thermally insulated Janisol system and is flexible in use. It can be used as a room divider or for the exterior. The proven system – newly developed for flexible openings – can be opened inwards or outwar... More