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Project • By Amoretti BrothersRestaurants

Animalon by the Sea

We made 2 beautiful brass sinks with vintage patina for Brass Sink URBINO for Animalon by the Sea Restaurant in Cabos San Lucas. More

Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal AquaFill®

VeroMetal AquaFill®

Real metal stucco VeroMetal AquaFill® gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs.   Walls, ceilings, floors, … with a finish of real metalShiny brass, weathered copper, stainless steel, authentic bronze, iron with or without rust, just a few examples of the many different finishes available. VeroMetal AquaFill® can be applied to virtually any surface, for example by spatula, palette knife or trowel. The end result is a wall, ceiling, floor or any other object you desire with an genuine metal appearance.    VeroMetal AquaFill® metal stucco VeroMetal AquaFill® is a metal stucco that can be applied to practically any... More

Project • By Wick Architecture & DesignRestaurants


Taqueria Autentica - Designing a slice of Baja in the heart of Los Angeles Wick Architecture & Design, in partnership with LAND Design Studio, is proud to unveil the authentic Baja ambiance of Loqui, a 1,346 s.f.  restaurant located in the Art District near downtown Los Angeles. Evocative of a handcrafted Mexican taqueria, the new restaurant is the second Loquia location in the Los Angeles area and the first to carry the newly branded aesthetic image of the family-owned business.   “The first location in Culver City has always been a very ‘mom and pop’ style space, so the owners approached us about designing a second location that would be more forward in terms of executing a concept,” says Davi... More

Product • By Pure + FreeFormVINTAGE NICKEL


Vintage Nickle is a clear coat aluminum finish that adds an extreme layer of automotive matte silver on top with some distress creating a finish that is at once reflective in a stainless way in direct light, but subtle and almost cementitious in others. Probably the most versatile of release, it is absolutely killer in corrugated panels due to the shadow lines. Due to the fact we are starting with a clear coat on the aluminum panels, there will be some subtle changes in color depending on the batch of aluminum, so there will be some natural variation between some panels. More

Product • By Móz DesignsBlackened Steel Patina

Blackened Steel Patina

This new patina colorway showcases the forces of nature digitally rendered on solid-core aluminum sheet metal. Typically applied in industrial settings, designers can now use the look of weathered steel for interior projects, like corporate offices, hospitality environments, or retail settings. The color can be paired with Móz perforated, corrugated, or laser cut metal sheets for the ultimate in industrial elegance.Blackened Steel Patina is the newest color in Móz's award-winning Blendz Patina collection, which draws inspiration from the elements. The Elemental Palette is now part of that collection, with Blackened Steel Patina as its first addition. Variegated tones of copper, steel, bronze, and brass add elemental textures to walls, colum... More

Product • By Shannon Specialty Floors, Inc.TUF STUF - T3 Luxury Vinyl Tile

TUF STUF - T3 Luxury Vinyl Tile

With three beautiful categories, TUF STUF™ T3™ Luxury Vinyl Tile offers a wide variety of design. The TEXTURES collection encompasses woods, marbles, slates and travertine. The TEXTILES collection has a soft textile look, but with the durability and performance of a hard surface. The TECHNOLOGY collection represents the latest advancements in modern day living, with patina metal and stained concrete designs. Mix and match all of our tiles with confidence thanks to our 23 mil. wear layer and 15-year warranty. For more information, contact your Shannon Specialty Floors sales representative. More

Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal®


VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface by spraying, rolling, pouring or with a palette knife or trowel. After application, VeroMetal® possesses all the optical and physical properties of the metal in question. A unique final finish is achieved by sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidising the surface. Each object takes on a unique and characteristic metal look. VeroMetal® is made from real metal and can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It adheres well to practically all surfaces and does not crack or peel away. The VeroMetal®  finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to pro... More

Project • By Secrest ArchitectureHousing

Desert H House

Desert H House Is A 3500 s.f. residence, designed by Secrest Architecture in Tucson, Arizona. The residence is to be built in phases containing 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and one detached studio/guestroom, to be located in Marana, Arizona near Dove Mountain and the Gallery Golf course. The house is a study of taking a smaller residence and creating exterior spaces that become extensions of both the interior and the surrounding desert. The exterior spaces take advantage of the desert climate and lifestyle, adding to the livable square footage of the house and strengthening the connectivity of the house to the desert landscape. The floor plan takes on the shape of an H with a large great room in the center flanked by wings on each side. The wings... More