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Product • By FIBRA by SaimexFIBRA Pedestrian Bridges

FIBRA Pedestrian Bridges

Innovative materials create special architectural effects, that applied to simple elements, such as pedestrian walkways, can produce amazing design results. The translucent effect of FIBRA breaks down the material, turning floorings and handrail into real suspended lamps, while maintaining their primary function. More

Project • By Michael Muraz PhotographyBridges

Pickering GO Pedestrian Bridge

Located in Pickering just east of Toronto, this major pedestrian bridge over Highway 401 and CN rail lines connects the GO train transit station on the south side to parking and commercial development to the north. Constructed of a simple exposed truss and clad in perforated metal panels, the undulating sculptural form provides dramatic framed views east and west along the highway.  Programmable LED lighting creates vibrant changing light patterns at night.   When Teeple Architects commissioned me, we immediately discussed aerial photography as a way to showcase the sheer length of the pedestrian bridge, as well as the context, from local buildings to the nearby Ontario lake, all the way to the Toronto skyline.   With the... More

Project • By HozFontánParks/Gardens

Pedestrian Bridge over Miramon Park

The footbridge at Miramon Green Park is thought as an instrument to discover the Park as you walk along. Created as an additional walk of the park, its curved design invites to look towards the parkand and it reduces the perception of its slope. The footbridge is characterized by two lines which with their movement defines the footbridge and its connection to the ground, but they mainly define a trace in the landscape. The footbridge has a curved part, providing a nicer view at the beginning of the walk, and creating a natural way, a viewpoint over the landscape. More

Project • By Giancarlo Zema Design GroupBridges


The large scrolls of a “Murex” shell emerging from the sand of the long coast of Bahrain, have inspired the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema for the design of the iconic pedestrian bridge connecting the water restaurant with the artificial island that houses the Four Seasons Hotel. A highly sculptural and poetic sign to donate to the city of Manama something more than just a pedestrian link. An ideal place to meet and socialize all day round to enjoy the magnificent and unusual sight in the heart of Bahrain Bay. The sinuous architectural shell made of tubular steel with bright terminals, stretches out on both sides for 250 meters above the water, to a maximum height of 10 meters. The pedestrian pier made of teak has a variable width from 6... More

Project • By schlaich bergermann partnerBridges

Telekom Bridge across Bundesstrasse B9

The footbridge for Europe's largest telecommunication company is an elegant, slender concrete structure that connects the company´s buildings on both road sides in a sweeping gesture. The elevation of the bridge is defined by the clearance height of the tram. Thus, the walk-way supported by steel columns leads through the tree tops along the highly frequented but beautiful tree-lined boulevard. Abutment points, where the bridge is supported on bearing plates to place it on the ground, occur on both sides of the road. On each face side, set against the bridge, there are elevators standing as light solitaries to delineate the structure. Hanging underneath the bridge are folded steel stairs marking the connecting paths to the buildings. The or... More
Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge
Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge
Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge
Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge

Project • By One WorksTransports

Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge

The design of the pedestrian-cycle overpass, functional and visual centerpiece, is part of a vaster urban renewal project, which comprehended a new train station, the redefinition of the existing road system and the design of a new plaza. The overpass is the principle device that links the town to its southern territorial surroundings and is a constituting element of the region's intermodality strategy plan. The overpass' bright red color has become a new landmark in the urban landscape. The overpass' bright red color has become a new landmark in the urban landscape, giving a distinctive character to the railway station. The variation in heights gives the bridge a slim line profile, while the metal mesh façade allows natural ventilat... More

Project • By Banker WireUniversities

GG Brown Building – University of Michigan

The GG Brown Memorial Laboratories building at the University of Michigan, College of Engineering underwent a major renovation in the summer of 2014. The $46 million, 62,880-square-foot, three-story Center of Excellence in Nano Mechanical Science and Engineering building was more than four years in the making. The renovation provided state-of-the-art improvements to academic and laboratory facilities as well as more accessible and efficient administrative spaces. A new pedestrian bridge was also built to provide access to the new Center of Excellence addition of the GG Brown Memorial Laboratories on North Campus in Ann Arbor. Spanning more than 50 feet, the bridge utilizes Banker Wire’s LZ-55 woven wire mesh pattern for the railing i... More