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Product • By Delta LightZoover


Zoover pretends to be heavy seen its size, nevertheless it looks very lightweight when hung into the room. Designed as a shallow dome, Zoover hides away a circle of light, giving it different looks depending on the point of view. Looking at it from aside, the thermoformed shell has a very neutral appearance. Only when lowering the viewpoint, more and more details catch the eye, as the diffuse light illuminates the inner textures of the scallop. More

Product • By Delta LightMultinova


Multinova has something familiar and something fresh at the same time. As a disc of light, Nova refers to the Supernova range, as both families share similarities in looks and ways of installation. But Multinova has some additional features to make it multi-applicable, hence Multi in the name.With 2 different diameters, a down and down-up version and a limited height of only 69mm, Multinova is perfect to use in different ways. Its small dimensions fit in any residential or hospitality project, as a track mounted luminaire it suits any retail environment and with a prismatic sheet for reduced glare it even adapts in office settings.Moreover, Multinova can be used on our Magnetic profiles for general lighting. Multinova comes in our standard... More

Product • By Delta LightPunk


Step away from brave, alter yourself and dare to dare. This spiked design on the well-known Spy family breathes creativity and allows you to play with light and texture. This Punk design has been added within the existing range as a sleeve – for Spy with Ø62mm – or as a single luminaire, leaving you with the familiar optics but adding new experiences. To be able to integrate this experience throughout your project, new pendants and wall luminaires have been launched with Punk design. Available in Black, Gold Coloured and Black Pure, a Black coloured finish with pure aluminium topped spikes. More

Product • By Delta LightStill


The Still lamp works as a mobile. This pendant lamp has the particularity of having the light source off-centre from its point of suspension, creating an ever-changing elegant dynamic. Due to its big length it dresses and emphasizes a space, without the clutter.“I always liked to play with counterweights to create movement and tension in my products. With the Still lamp, the rod of metal that creates the balance has the same diameter as the tube welcoming the cable. Screwed together, they create a perfect line and allow easy packing when separated.”The work of Nathalie Dewez extends from small objects to monumental installations, from unique pieces to industrial products. Her presence at numerous international shows and exhibiti... More

Product • By TerzaniManta


Manta is the latest design featuring the distinctive crystal first unveiled in Nicolas Terzani’s best-selling Mizu. Collaborating with designer Dodo Arslan, the two imaginative minds created a light featuring sinuous, undulating lines. The results are soft waves of crystal light reminiscent of being underwater. The innovative Manta is made of crystal, with a dimmable integrated led lamp focused on maximizing the crystal’s reflection. Manta’s organic form is available in two sizes and can be installed in numerous, customizable arrangements. More

Product • By LuceplanTrama - Suspension Lamp

Trama - Suspension Lamp

Trama - Suspension Lamp - the shape and silk-screening of the polycarbonate diffuser enhance the quality of the light, which spreads uniformly in space. The lamp comes in two models: fixed height and height-adjustable thanks to a counterweight More

Product • By LuceplanTitania - Suspension Lamp

Titania - Suspension Lamp

Titania - Suspension Lamp - lightweight and versatile, this lamp can change color without altering white light emission thanks to a pair of polycarbonate filters. The arrangement of the aluminium ribs reflects light and conceals the bulb inside a transparent, surprising shape. The spherical counterweight permits height adjustment. More

Product • By LuceplanStochastic - Suspension Lamp

Stochastic - Suspension Lamp

Composed of glass spheres at different heights, Stochastic takes on infinite combinations in a sort of controlled freedom: each sphere is connected to small steel rods of different lengths that can be attached to the structure according to your own creative impulses. The light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is enclosed in the spheres, generating warm indirect light aimed upward and downward. More

Product • By LuceplanPod Lens - Outdoor Lamp

Pod Lens - Outdoor Lamp

Pod Lens - Outdoor Lamp - made entirely of polycarbonate, Pod Lens is designed to be suspended in the midst of trees, attached to a wall, inserted on a post or anchored in the ground. A discreet presence that nevertheless adds forceful character to its setting. More

Product • By LuceplanLady Costanza - Suspension Lamp

Lady Costanza - Suspension Lamp

Lady Costanza - Suspension Lamp reinterprets all the characteristics of the original Costanza model in a larger format, conserving the aplomb of the design, its formal harmony and functional precision. The shade comes in white, red and black (the latter for a more directional, concentrated lighting effect). More

Product • By LODESRandom


A lightweight, blown glass suspension lamp, Random is made up of three round diffusers of different sizes which form one simple, eye-catching whole. Each diffuser has an LED light source which emits a soft white light. When grouped together on a cluster, Random light fixtures form a poetic composition like soap bubbles, enhanced by the contemporary finishes which add a touch of character and originality. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanza - Suspension lamp

Costanza - Suspension lamp

Elegant and light, this lamp emits a pleasant warm light through a silk-screened polycarbonate shade. The lamp’s height may be adjusted by means of a characteristic steel counterweight. More

Product • By LODESNostalgia


With its retro flair, Nostalgia elegantly tells of ancient glass blowing practices in three sinuous forms that can be combined at will. The perfection of the glass, the innovative LED technology and six elegant finishes make Nostalgia an extremely contemporary and versatile lamp that lends itself to the creation of captivating atmospheres, whether on or off. More

Product • By Designplan Lighting, Inc.Nine Pendant

Nine Pendant

Nine (9) is a minimalist lighting solution that offers linear spread upper and diffused lower light emissions. Small details such as no power cord maintain the minimalistic idea without sacrificing function in the field. It is available in 4 or 8 foot lengths with multiple color temperature and finish options. More

Product • By FlosWan Suspension

Wan Suspension

Suspension lamp providing direct lighting. Aluminum body, available in  shiny white and shiny black finishes. Low glare shield.  More