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Project • By PLASMA STUDIOApartments


The idea is to use the function blocks like puzzle pieces and to compose the perfect complex of Resort and Chalets, adding or subtracting them according to the necessities.  The starting system created can be adapted to different typologies of sites.     The idea is to use the modular, function blocks like puzzle pieces and to compose the perfect complex of Resort and Chalets, adding or subtracting them according to the necessities.  The starting system created can be adapted to different typologies of sites. The site is located in a special and beautiful valley, and the intent of the design is to protect and to increase the quality of context of the existing natural environment with the addition of the designe... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOOffices

KFAS Headquarter and Conference Center

Plasma Studio project aims at proposing a woven strategy, where the urban proposal is punctuated by several instances with higher architectural resolution and within which the KFAS headquarters and the conference center are understood as two attractor poles, pulling and articulating pedestrian flows in between.The urban design concept is based on recomposing and connecting, whilst fostering key moments from within which future growth can occur.  We conceptualize this urban fabric as a tissue in need of further material definition to generate a strong identity; its own character informed by both, the architectural instances (de)marking places on the one hand and the movement of pedestrians, which in due time will lend itself to addition... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOUrban Green Spaces

Ban Xue Gang Art Center

The vitality of the cities derives from the participation of people, while the enthusiasm of people is highly related to the openness and the ecological environment of the public spaces.A first-class art centre should not only be a space for people to appreciate art, but also be a place where people can get close to nature, experiencing the urban life.The concept started with the combination of human and nature. Taking the Golden Mountain Park, which is the most important local natural element into consideration, we had a deep analysis of our site, including water runoff, view, traffic and land use of surrounding area. Then we shaped the ground in our site, starting from the Golden Mountain Park.The aim of the design strategy is to foster t... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOOffices

Huafa Square Planning

Like a river where you could not discern if a stone is there because the water shaped that way or the flow is moving in a determinate path because is adapting to the stone geometry. People flow and our geometry will have this similar mutual relationship.  Water is the main element of our site and gives a clear indication of north east as the main view that need to be enhance. The green system is divided in two main elements: a mountain in the south west corner the water front that stretch as north south element. The urban fabric it gives an idea of which one is the city morphology and how our design would be integrate in it. Surrounded by residence our commercial podium will be the main attractor for the population needs. By adding all... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOApartments


The connecting continuous roofscape creates a new kind of interaction between the prescribed pitched roof typology and the desired typology of a holiday home.   Following the local building regulations, the volumes are provided with pitched roof, divided into 2 smaller volumes and then aligned to the slope in order to capture the lake view as much as possible. The volumes were then further divided into single volumes to create instead of the required holiday apartments holiday houses, all connected underground through circulation and garage areas. All units are accessible independently from the outside. In order to avoid an otherwise typical chalet-style small scale, the individual volumes are connected via a continuous roof surface.... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOLibraries

Zhuhai Public Cultural Center Library

The aim of the project is to develop a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding by creating a continuous commercial activity, by keeping relational proportion to the neighboring buildings and by generating a continuous semi-public space.   The project is based on the use of a privileged positioning of the building within a corner site, so as to celebrate the various views of the diverse landscapes around it. It has been created a main ribbon, driven by a circulation shaped by the views. It starts in the northeast corner of the site at the last floor all the way till the south east to create a panoramic platform for the urban frontage of the site; then it starts to descend towards the southwest as it approaches the water frontage a... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOMasterplans

The Future of Brno_Masterplan

In order to foster the integration of this large and central area into the city of Brno, it was vital to combine connectivity with a vibrant mixed use program. Achieving the same density as the traditional turn of the Century neighborhoods nearby yet giving a decisively green and recreational quality that will also cater to the city as a whole resulted in the concept of pedestrian access with strategically placed array of parking garages.   The organization of the new roads enables the area to be served efficiently by public transport so that busses can run in intervals of every few minutes, with walking distances of no more than 200m. These moves harness qualities that foster the appreciation of the area through three phases of impl... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOHousing

House H

The building stands in the borough of Santa Maria, place of pilgrimage near Dobbiaco. At the edge of the village, the site consists of a slope towards South, facing the sun and the Dolomites.   The idea of the project was developed starting from the restrictions imposed by legislation, such as minimized building surface and the requirement of a pitched roof parallel to the slope. The final volume and the concept of the whole project is the result of a subtraction process. Starting with the maximum volume (as derived from given height and surface) certain parts of the volume were substracted to create specific functions; a covered space for parking, balconies protected from the weather, and the terraces in the attic level which introd... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOMasterplans

Izmir University of Economy_Masterplan

The project is based on “Second Skin- Second Nature” and the “Geometry of Necessities and Performance”.Given the steep topography of the terrain and the intention to stitch together the new buildings with the landscape, the task was to develop the massing as an artificial, jagged replication of the original hillscapes. The essence of the landscape as “original” material is transformed and sculpted, (be)coming another self andforming an identity that is at once indexing the local geographic morphologies and specific latitude and environment and a projection of the logic of human rational thinking and spatial ordering.The educational bands of the K12 and of the University are organized along a Back Bone and on Podiums, which links divers... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOMasterplans

Izmir University Of Economy_ University

The university is organized as series of bands that run alongside the steep hillside and connected by a central perpendicular spine that enables concise distribution and forms a public heart with libraries, refectories, information and study areas. This configuration enables a clear hierarchy and orientation, as well as giving identity to the individual parts while fostering chance encounters and a vibrant communal life. Additional synergies derive from interspersing semi-public/ leisure activities within the academic environment, so as to create a common strata, to informally encourage social interaction, encounters and proliferation of knowledge across social and disciplinary confines.The plinth/ or podium_ clustering, a grouping strategy... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIONurseries

Izmir University of Economy_K-12 School Complex

The K-12 school complex is organized as a series of bands that run alongside the steep hillside and are connected by a central spine that enables concise distribution and forms a public heart. This configuration enables a clear hierarchy and orientation, as well as giving identity to the individual parts while fostering chance encounters, social interaction and vibrant communal life.The recently completed masterplan for IUE’s new Guzelbahce campus, a rugged and hilly terrain facing the Mediterranean sea, comprises of 200,000 sqm university faculties, high school, sports, residences and ancillary facilities. The K-12 high school complex needs to be completely separate from the rest of the university.The project is based on tw... More



Starting from the conceptual diagram of the streetlamp as the combination of a vertical shaft and horizontal light-emitting beam, and looking at birds and flowers for reference, Tagliente was developed as a sculpted facetted transition between the vertical and horizontal directions. Challenging the omnipresent and generic status of street lamps, this angular multi-faceted sculpture appears different from every angle and invites the casual passer-by to wander around it to grasp its form.With the advent of LED lamps suitable for outdoor lighting, ewo, the Bolzano-based, international manufacturer of high quality lighting systems asked Plasma Studio to develop a new type of street light adequate for this new technology.After an extensive perio... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOHotels

Hotel A.

The extension of a hotel that draws attention to itself without disturbing the view of the prominent historical context and without dominating the existing whole. The Hotel is located in a prominent position in the center of the city within an important historic context of liberty buildings. The project’s main task is therefore to design the extension without compromising the view from and towards important points of architectural and urban interest in the neighborhood of the Hotel. The new addition should not dominate historic surroundings. At the same time, the project should be a visual continuation of the existing hotel with its fascinating rhythmic façade overlooking a promenade along the river and the thermal baths of the town. T... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOMuseums

Mercedes-Benz Campus

This project is a conjecture into a new architecture of integration and the future of mobility based on the ‘shared surfaces’ principle: a design concept that minimizes separation between vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It encourages spontaneous and safe negotiation of shared areas between different users. For this invited competition to complete the existing Mercedes-Benz Campus in Stuttgart with a Future Centre and a Classic Centre, we employed our cross-disciplinary and cross-scalar approach to fuse landscape and architecture as a complex yet flexible switchboard for the canalization of movements and connections of multiple programs and relationships centered around the visitor.A seamless, yet highly differentiated groundscape forms a... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOExhibitions

Crumple Zone

Crumple Zone, a site-specific installation is utilising CNC-punchpressed steel with projected imagery to create a piece that challenges the preconceptions of the Vitruvi­an principles of stability, utility and beauty in the inaugural exhibition by Factio, a not-for profit curatorial collective created to support a dia-logue within British fashion, art, design and architecture.Bypassing the typically linear process of design followed by construction, and reversing traditional skeleton struc­tural systems Plasma Studio programmed a pile of stan­dard industrial sheet steel with information in the form of perforated seams. As in recent automotive strategies, the seemingly weakened material organization enables a for­mation of global stress dist... More