Huafa Square Planning

Huafa Square Planning

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Huafa Square Planning

PLASMA STUDIO as Architects

Like a river where you could not discern if a stone is there because the water shaped that way or the flow is moving in a determinate path because is adapting to the stone geometry. People flow and our geometry will have this similar mutual relationship.


Water is the main element of our site and gives a clear indication of north east as the main view that need to be enhance. The green system is divided in two main elements: a mountain in the south west corner the water front that stretch as north south element. The urban fabric it gives an idea of which one is the city morphology and how our design would be integrate in it. Surrounded by residence our commercial podium will be the main attractor for the population needs. By adding all the layers we have a clear understanding of our context and we are able of starting the design process. Commercial Podium are chronologically the first element encounter by the user. The people attracted by this series of monolithic volumes, would start moving towards them. They would have gradually the feeling to become part of them. This is happening because the flows of people is the element that shaped this geometry producing those cuts. The people by moving in our site would reproduce the act that generated the geometry, over and over again.


The elegance of the towers take inspiration from the natural words. A plant that gently climb up by twisting and wrapping around and existing element. The movement is executed as soft as possible, the climbing plants is almost trying to protect the other one in a maternal hug. In the same way we developed a skin system of lamellas that by twisting around the towers embrace them in a gentle movement enhancing the geometry and the verticality. The tallest tower have a more important presence among the complex. For this reason we decided to start with a glorious concept of a mineral that grows tall form its own sediment layer. It`s like a rock that become a diamond. The concept is revealed in the external skin that developed a faceted geometry. To make the tower feel more majestic we design the facade with three different type of glass, each one has a different behaviour and refract the light differently: exactly like a crystal.

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Museum of Modern Literature
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