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Project • By RUIZ PARDO - NEBREDAPrivate Houses

AZ404 House renovation

The project integrally reforms a semi-detached house on the outskirts of Madrid, which consists of three levels and a garden terrace. Due to the limitations imposed by the community of owners in which it stands, the project maintains the external envelope and it only transforms its interior through an intervention that redefines the idea of furniture beyond the object. Caption The project takes the condition of the material as the guiding thread of the intervention, and uses the same plywood boards to resolve the stairs, tables, benches, cabinets, kitchen, and floorings among other elements, all of them integrated into the different architectural supports. This uniform yet discontinuous material condition brings unity and warmth to th... More

NewsNews • 29 Dec 2021

Shota Nakanishi Architects reimagines traditional doma architecture into a modern Japanese home

Located in a residential neighborhood of Kanazawa, north of Kyoto, Shota Nakanishi Architects collaborated with structural architect Hirofumi Ohno to realize a house where its inhabitants can live in close contact with the natural elements. Shinkenchiku-Sha The design follows traditional Hokuriku architecture by reimagining the doma, a place for interaction with guests, as an indoor garden below a large roof. The roof protects people from the elements while allowing for living in the open. Shinkenchiku-Sha The doma is traditionally separated by large fittings. They can be adjusted to dim the sound of the wind or rumblings of thunder. Residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery while sheltered from the wind and the rain. Shinken... More

Project • By Peldon RoseOffices

Client Earth

When one of the world’s most ambitious environmental charities approached office design and build company Peldon Rose to transform its headquarters, collaboration and sustainability were front and centre. Image Courtesy Peldon Rose ClientEarth – which uses the power of the law to bring about systemic change to better protect the planet – relocated to a 10,405 sq.ft office in London’s Drayton Park in June. The environmental law charity required a new space where its team could come together and thrive post lockdown in a space that reflected its strong values and motivated everyone to continue delivering impactful work. Image Courtesy Peldon Rose The Joinery, located in the bustling borough of Islington, no... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2021

I.s.m.architecten breaks with adjacent Flemish village row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape

In a Belgian village, close to Antwerp, i.s.m.architecten intentionally broke with the adjacent row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape with its sharp edge to the street. This reduced the point of contact with the street to a bare minimum.  luis díaz díaz The angular shape gives the side wedges of the volume a distinct character. A concrete wall encloses an introverted patio next to the front entrance. One side opens to the patio and the other opens towards the surrounding landscape. luis díaz díaz The pentagonal floor plan is shaped like the icon for a house. A solitary concrete column and conversation pit organize the open plan. An open concrete staircase connects towards the upper level of... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Orange Architects completes compact wooden vacation home with flexible interiors

Along the northern Dutch coast, on the Wadden Island Texel, Orange Architects designed a compact wooden retreat. The design is tailored to the way in which the clients want to spend their vacation. A place that breaks with daily routine and maximises the relationship with its green surroundings. Sebastian van Damme Since during vacations you spend more time together and there is less need for private space, the architects maximised the functions of each space. Most have at least multiple uses. The dividing walls are made flexible and can adapt to different needs. The adaptability has allowed the firm to keep the house compact, 70 square meters, and efficient. During the day the house has no unused spaces. Sebastian van Damme Dur... More

Project • By ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNIHospitals

MEDIRAMA Dental CLinic

Interior Design Project for the Medirama Dental Clinic. For a dental clinic, having clean, aseptic and bright spaces is essential both for the doctors who work there and for the patients who perceive it as a safe place. The microcement floor and the white walls give a perception of cleanliness and order to the space, the addition of light birch wood in the false ceiling panels and in the plywood doors is of a completely different nature. These few wooden elements mean that for a generally cold and impersonal environment, it can become welcoming and bright. Almost a psychological help, which prepares and reassures patients about to undergo dental surgery. More

NewsNews • 25 Nov 2020

Natalie Dionne Architecture blends wooden house into its rugged natural surroundings

Known for their contextual approach, Natalie Dionne Architecture carefully inserted an elongated wooden house in between rock formations. Roughly 100 kilometers southeast of Montreal, Forest House is the result of a client’s wish to reconnect with nature. Raphaël Thibodeau To achieve a minimal footprint the structure is elevated from ground and placed parallel to a ridge. The chosen materials reflect Natalie Dionne’s desire to promote ecological use of renewable materials. Raphaël Thibodeau Wood is abundantly present throughout the 215 square meters home. The facades are clad with eastern white cedar pretreated to accelerate the greying process. This was done to blend the building into the rocky landscape a... More

Project • By GRETA PROJECTRestaurants

Chicken Mafia

Gretaproject had an interesting task: to create a light, fashionable, cozy interior for a fast-food restaurant with high-quality food. The interior had to be light, provocative, fashionable, playful, and taking the customers to the homeland of fast food - the USA. Also, one of the tasks was to include unusual shapes and lighting that had not previously been used in any of Moscow's restaurants. At the same time, the realization of the interior should not have been expensive. The interior concept is a transformation and refraction of simple space geometry by the sophisticated geometry of the ceiling, walls, and furniture. Thus, the usual rectangular shape of a space box after the installation of our "waves" should look like a sophi... More

Project • By Belsize ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Harmood Street

This project is the full reconfiguration and extension of a small, semi-detached house in Kentish Town that was cramped, badly laid out and badly built. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements. We provided them with additional space, good floor to ceiling heights throughout and the right light. We succeeded in getting permission for large side and rear extensions, with provision to lower the floor in the extension to create more height where possible, as well as open up a small rear patio. Both the extensions were designed to provide maximum light. Part of the loft space was also opened up to give height and space to the main rooms on first floor. Ply is the predominant material used as to clad the walls and st... More

Project • By Practice ArchitectureOffices

Polyvalent Studio

The project was conceived within the parameters of the caravan act, meaning in most contexts it does not require planning permission. Designed by students from Diploma Unit 7 at the CASS and built by them in just 12 days it is an exemplar of not only low embodied energy design but the capacity of students to take on and deliver live projects as part of their education.   The design is 30m2 prototype for a scalable studio built on a budget of £10,000. The design can be adapted with minimal modification to be situated at multiple sites and hosts multiple programmes including living, working and education. Imagined in section, the form drew inspiration from cantilevered barns traditionally used for the storage of agricultural prod... More

Project • By Ben Adams ArchitectsOffices


A meticulously crafted studio for font specialists, Monotype. Global typeface giant, Monotype, required an agile London headquarters space to meet its current and future needs. This new studio provides a contemporary environment that reflects its position at the forefront of digital technology design.  To maximise the possibilities for collaborative working and team growth, the 330 square metre space has been designed to be as versatile and adaptable as possible.  A dynamic spine wall of bespoke plywood joinery divides the main space into distinct zones for both collective activities and focused independent work, while a simple change in layout can introduce 32 new workstations and additional meeting space when needed. Finely c... More

Project • By goCstudioOffices

Western Studio

The transformation of this existing commercial unit into a live/work space started with the designation of the two primary functions: photography studio and sleeping quarters aka “snaps and naps”. Our client is a software engineer by day, photographer by night, and host to social gatherings on the weekends and really wanted to use his living space in a variety of ways.    We remodeled and expanded the existing kitchen and bathroom spaces to all be housed in one box or cocoon space that could be closed off from the rest of the open floor plan. This box is built out with a multitude of concealed storage both above the upper platform and in and around the sleeping nook. The new insertion is built using stained plywood a... More

NewsMaterialization • 24 Jul 2020

Federico Delrosso places Glass House inspired home on top of Italian ruins

Inspired by Philip Johnson’s Glass House as well as a minimal-naturalist approach, Teca House is a contemporary building born from the ruins of a rustic house on the Biellese hills of Italy. Designed by Federico Delrosso Architects, the existing rural wall systems become the base, connecting the house with the surrounding territory. Above is a new intervention, light and transparent: a structure in concrete that opens towards the landscape with two large horizontal wings and a completely openable glass layer that contains the volume. Credit: Matteo Piazza The building has an area of approximately 80 square meters which extends by another 50 square meters by opening the sliding glass walls that surround the volume. The flexibilit... More

Project • By The Mountain RefugePrivate Houses

The Mountain Refuge

The Mountain Refuge is a young tiny-house startup founded by the two Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi. The Refuge aims to finding balance between sustainability and design. It does not want to become a design item, nor a technological system. Our goal is being able to deliver the Refuge around the world, at competitive prices. To do so, we are currently discussing/looking for partnerships with prefab construction companies from the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and we remain interested in receiving new partnership opportunities. The Mountain Refuge is inspired by traditional archetypes, evoked through contemporary principles. A space in which human's origins, his connection with nature and history... More

Project • By Branch Studio ArchitectsArt Galleries

Arts Epicentre

The Arts Epicentre is a new building, amalgamating Caroline Chisholm Catholic College’s creative programs. The building is the new creative ‘hub’, a landmark and formalises a new identity for the Churchill Avenue - Girls campus.   Offering opportunities for collaboration and inspiration from a variety of creative mediums, the building caters for a wide range of creative programs such as: drama & theatre, music to studio & fine arts and is flexible enough to also cater for large gatherings & performances.The Ground level has been designed to cater for Drama and Dance based disciplines while the upper level is primarily used for Music and Studio Arts.The brief from the College asked for an Arts building wi... More