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NewsNews • 21 Jul 2021

Rushmore House reveals a dramatic sequence of seamless amplified by natural light and materials

For their terrace home renovation in London, a chef and his family set out a brief for a large kitchen area with generous space for people to socialise when hosting pop-up dinners. Yellow Cloud Studio took inspiration from this simple yet confident brief, rethinking the entire ground floor of the property with a design that achieves a sequence of spaces that can be experienced seamlessly, using natural light and materiality to create a strong yet understated visual language. Yellow Cloud Studio The kitchen, and the kitchen island, in particular, is the main focal point of the new layout with a large skylight directing natural light towards the area where the chef would be preparing and cooking the food, referencing the stage light a p... More

NewsNews • 2 Jun 2021

Contemporary Coopworth reimagines the traditional Tasmanian farmhouse

Located on rural Bruny Island, Tasmania, Coopworth is a contemporary interpretation of a country farmhouse undertaken by FMD Architects.  Dianna Snape Surrounded by Coopworth sheep, endless sweeping views to the water and mountain ranges, and neighbouring red lead shacks the design team realized the project as a dialogue between residential architecture and the surrounding context. Dianna Snape The footprint of the home is minimized to preserve arable land. Despite this, the interior is open and generous in its spatial organization. Designed to accommodate a household of two people, the house can be opened up to host extended family and friends with the creative interpretation of Australian verandah sleepouts and caravan bu... More

NewsNews • 11 May 2021

Warm and modern Equmenia Church features wood as a sustainable building material

In Floda, Sweden, the Equmenia Church is a modern gathering space with a welcoming atmosphere that responds to the local urban context. Designed to accommodate its 300 members, the new building by Kaminsky Arkitektur also functions as a conference and lecture hall and is further attached to Garveriet, a mixed-use building with a popular sustainable restaurant and bakery. James Silverman & Jan Töve The large church hall is carefully designed acoustically using timber elements to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Furthermore, wood is a sustainable choice as a building material due to its low carbon footprint and durability. James Silverman & Jan Töve ‘Wood has been an important material thro... More