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This Gamaflor PAC with porcelain finish from factory is an asthetic and functional access flooring solution. Developed with a worldly exclusive technology, it is frequently suited in any type of building and has excellent technical characteristics as well as high durability over time. In the assembly process, an additional mid-layer of an acoustic membrane can be used to better minimize the irregularities that the underside stone face may have and create an improved cushioning effect and comfort underfoot in the system. These elements have great acoustic properties absorbing the noise produced by footsteps, impacts, and interspaces transmission. More

Product • By MargresJUNGLE


Jungle richness creates powerful and irresistibly fascinating settings as nature itself. This plot explores the essence of a wood, with time inscriptions and full of spontaneity. Tones and colour movement and its strong shade variation intricately transform spaces and gives an unprecedent realism. The magnetic side of this product is given by its graphic and chromatic difference visible in each piece, visible by time captions, knots and veins so typical of nature itself. Loaded with a strong character, Jungle is ideal for settings with strong, deep and detailed design. More

Product • By MargresHYBRID


The best of two worlds. The technical world of the new Hybrid collection and the best of nature come together in one project. Hybrid is a remarkable example of porcelain stoneware, which more than creating environments inspired by natural stone, explores the capabilities of nature to the fullest. Using Dual Tech technology, capable of adding an unmatchable graphic richness and a controlled application of colours, the technical component of this collection makes it the perfect choice for large spaces, which not only require large dimensions, but aesthetically help to create more elegant and impressive environments. Thanks to the technology used, it has been possible to eliminate some of nature’s typical weaknesses, such as hardness, c... More

Product • By MargresGROVE


Inspired on oak robustness Grove’s collection suggests a new interpretation of this kind of wood typology. The irreverence of this product is given by graphic and chromatic differences visible in each piece and by the movements that the soft structure grants. As a result of all of this, it was born an extremely realistic collection, supported by strong and elegant graphics of growth rings and wood knots, as well as cutting perception, brought by its structure. Ceramic floor inspired in wood are a representation of natural elements, with high level of realism, thanks to revolutionary digital printing techniques. This full body porcelain combines comfortable wood look with resistance and ceramic durability. Inspired on natural woods... More



Metropolitan architecture, contemporary space to reflect the dynamics of daily life.An urban material that transforms itself into a new concept, bringing open space and light to a central constructive role. Here, to live manifests itself without modesty, where excess becomes the rule and the horizon becomes closer. ​We have entered the world of EXTREME. More

Product • By MargresEDGE


Edge collection tested the limits to take to extreme stone and cement fusion presenting itself in its more natural form. In a test of time endurance, Edge presents durability, elegance and timeless beauty in one single product. For the first time it was possible to combine high technical quality and resistance with visual versatility. The use of Dual Tech technology contributed to the growth and evolution of ceramic production, to obtain an extremely rich graphics with high quality pattern. Edge’s design was elaborated using this technology, which allowed a more controlled colour application to obtain a more sophisticated design. With a strong esthetic, the grains reflections and incorporated scales give a careful and elegant outline... More

Product • By MargresCONCEPT


Concept is a Margres collection that explores the softness and elegance of limestone. In a perfect symbiosis between classic and avant-garde architecture, Concept has the capacity to join harmony and sophistication in one only collection. Produced in coloured paste porcelain stoneware, this collection is inspired in limestone, a very elegant and soft stone. Interpreted in porcelain, Concept presents a great resistance, which offers new possibilities and uses. In order to turn this collection more realistic, it was developed a mica effect, which can also be found in the original stone. More

Product • By Love TilesWOODEN


Wooden’s realistic design is much more than a simple interpretation of wood. This collection shows the erosion of time itself, with the ability to take us to the memories of houses with history or generations. Through the comfort provided by wood, we made the nature of the interior of your house last, like the great trend of the world of interior design. A vivid and realistic design, this is the return to warm environments. The effect of recycled wood and the traces of woodworking, grains, knots and intrinsic patterns end up revealing a soothing and natural look of wood. Modern digital printing technology creates a realistic design and effects of wood, while adding a slight colour shade variation. Light Beige, Beige, Dark Beige, Tort... More

Product • By Love TilesWILDWOOD


From the symbiosis between nature and human creation emerges a new concept of wall and floor tiles that dares to defy the conventional one – Wildwood. The Wildwood collection is characterized by its strong and distinct personality, which finds inspiration in such disparate elements as wood and cement. A collection inspired by the beauty of wood in its pure form reinterpreted with the graphics of cement. Wildwood is a solution for modern and contemporary spaces. More

Product • By Love TilesTIMBER


Based on the emotion of nature tones, we present the Timber collection. There is an inherent connection to this collection that retrieves the colours of wood and its warm and welcoming tones, distinguished by the refined evocative colours that exalt and brighten the textures and patterns. The result is an elegant collection, in a permanent dialogue between tradition and modernity. Timber is a reliable reinterpretation of ceramic wood. The 5 different colours of Timber – White, Light Beige, Beige, Tortora and Brown – are inspired by the traditional oak wood, the main influence for this creation, but without the more rustic traits of nature. It also has a new format – 20x100 – that suits the choices of contemporary... More

Product • By Love TilesSTARK


Ready to counter the hustle and bustle of daily life, Stark’s starting point was the search for a peaceful, ethereal environment and an inevitable connection to nature. Stark is ready to transform the moment we get home to find an environment that perfectly portrays natural stone. Smooth and visually even, this collection carries the dimension of the tranquillity of spaces and can absorb the best of the natural world. From neutral bases, it combines admirably with the volume of the decorations, bringing environments closer to the feeling of cosiness. The very soft colour range - White, Beige, Grey and Greige - is punctuated by notes of versatility for those looking for a space with bolder elements through the reactive paints present... More

Product • By Love TilesSPLASH


When the commitment with colours combine with smooth surfaces, Splash is born. This collection makes us remember the technique of elegant and soft paintbrush and it’s an authentic manifestation of emotions. Irresistible and with an admirable presence, Splash has a colour demand like no other, highlighted by a slight texture reminiscence, that resemble plaster work. Whether is for a bolder setting, accentuating the contemporary look, or for more neutral spaces, its elements are double contrasting but complementary. The decorations, minimalistic and structured, are a vision between a more vintage appearance and the vigor of contemporary spaces. Prepared for wall and floor pavement, from neutral tones – White, Cream, Grey, Torto... More

Product • By Love TilesPULSE


The sobriety and irreverence of cement complete the definition of the new Pulse collection. Through a strict aesthetic, Pulse has a smooth cementitious surface coating, with clear and delicate textures, but deep to the point of recalling cement in its most typical form. The slightly scratched appearance makes the space seasoned and more attractive. Its neutral tones, distributed with progressive intensity, result in a collection full of character and versatility. White, Greige and Grey provide a cosmopolitan and modern environment, being similar to the palettes of international trend colours and capable of creating minimalist spaces. More

Product • By Love TilesPRECIOUS


PRECIOUS are the moments we passionately live at the comfort of our home. From the luxuriant beauty of the marble emerges PRECIOUS, a collection that captures all the glamour of the calacatta marble. Inspired in the marked graphics of the calacatta marble, which renders it so unique and special, PRECIOUS is the answer to the most refined taste. The grey, intense veins stand out from the crystalline white background endowing it with a deceptive depth and a movement that enlivens spaces. PRECIOUS is floor and wall tiles collection, a complete solution that enables to create rich and elegant homogeneous environments. The pattern randomness, the structured surfaces of the decors and the matt and bright finishes are the elements that you can co... More

Product • By Love TilesNEST


NEST….. your space, your haven, your nest. We are seeking shelter in spaces that give us a sense of safety and well-being. At the end of one more day it is in our haven that we find the energy that renews us. NEST evokes a return to the origins, to the materials inspired in nature in its purest state. NEST interprets a natural rock with a matt look that provides a dichotomy to the environments – robust and delicate, traditional and contemporary – enabling the creation of minimalist and cosy spaces. NEST surface has a marked graphics which gives it an outspokenly real aspect through the use of the digital printing technique. Its pallet of neutral colours– White, Grey and Beige – allows us to create elegant and... More