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NewsNews • 3 Aug 2022

Seichii Yamada & Associates reimagine the traditional Japanese house in a striking silver façade

Located in Shizuoka city in Japan, House in Nishichiyoda designed by Seichii Yamada & Associates is a reflection of its surroundings, literally and metaphorically. Clad in an operable silver façade, when completely closed, the house becomes evanescent to the outside, reflecting the movements of the plants, trees and passers-by.  Akinobu Kawabe The three-layered wall based on a 3 x 6 board serves as a window and a drain. The operable walls create an interplay between the outside and inside. When one of the walls in the three-storey house is open, the outside seems to appear as a portal while light shines through within.  Akinobu Kawabe When all the walls are open, the boundary between the outside and... More

Project • By A I MPrivate Houses

A Peaceful Place

A Peaceful Place: a shelter of meticulos harmony, where the sequence of prospective and the continuous research and succession of full and empty spaces become essential goals. Simone Furiosi A space where you can find peace in the chaotic city of Milan. The starting point of the project was, on one hand the need of reorganizing the space, with the absolute priority of the research between the inside and outside spaces. On the other hand from the need to plan a warm but with precise lines apartment, with the aim of making it tailored according too client’s desiders without being invasive.A kind of palette full of natural colors to be furnished with the countless and decorative items bought and find out of the year. Simone Furi... More

Project • By FCStudioPrivate Houses

Panamericana house

The Panamericana house is composed of two overlapping horizontal blocks, with different materials. The metal brise soleil on the facades allow residents to control the degree of lighting, ventilation and privacy throughout the day, which can vary greatly. The same brise soleil used on the facades were also used indoors to control the degree of integration of rooms, such as living room and home theater. Using the same design reasoning in both outside and inside exemplifies the same importance we give to architecture and interior creations. Everything must be in harmony. The lighting technique also favors this harmonization. By means of strategic floor lighting, we emphasize the Brise Soleil even more, enhancing the concept and transforming t... More

Project • By Mário Martins AtelierPrivate Houses

Casa 27

Casa 27 is situated on a spacious plot with a privileged view, it stretches away to the eat, across the intense green, slowly downward as it plunges into the Alvor estuary and its many different tides.  © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG The idea was to choose a natural, textured material for the cladding at the base. A vivid material with some volume, to blend with the surrounding landscaped garden, but also to offer greater lightness to the smooth plastered volume, which are the blank canvas and the backcloth of the house. © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG A very rich chromatic material was chosen for Casa 27, which conveys the force of the soil and ages with integrity: Santa Catarina solid bricks, made artisanally, set into ran... More

Project • By SCDAPrivate Houses

KL House

In the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur House is a place of retreat from the city. The landscape, architecture and interiors keep the environment, culture and climate of the site well into consideration throughout the design process. Each component of the design is broken down to volume, line and plane, maintaining inspiration from classical architecture and design.     The Kuala Lumpur House is a sequence of both interior and exterior spaces, informed by light, material and the clarity of structure. The façade of the residence is nothing other than structured and aligned. The rigidness of the architecture is contrasted with the materials and the proportions that clad building and wrap around the landscape. T... More

Project • By STUDIO JPrivate Houses

The Lin House

This case is a detached house. The designer has exclusively created an elegant and tranquil space for a couple obsessed with Japanese style. With natural stones and a warm wood tone, the residence delicately reflects the simple and low-key personality of the occupants. suiyustudio The ceilings and walls on the first floor are made of natural wood veneer, and the light brown tone delivers a cozy mood. Strolling into the living room, one will be visually amazed by the waterfall-like marble wall, whose energetic flow is the eye-catching finishing touch of the living room. suiyustudio In addition, the designer resourcefully designed metal squares on the top of the display table to achieve the block-like effect of indirect light sour... More

Project • By Cristina Felipe | Estudio CreartePrivate Houses


Our client wanted a Mediterranean house and garden, where he could enjoy the sunsets and the good weather. Marina Palacios Marina Palacios Marina Palacios Marina Palacios     More

Project • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Sagamine House

  The site is an old developed residential area on the outskirts of Nagakute, next to Nagoya. A slightly conservative impression of the client's couple wanted a modern house with exposed concrete. Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura That's why I designed the interior using white oak to suit the couple. I dared to lengthen the distance from the entrance to the living room, and made a plan that strongly emphasized the story. The living room is wide open to the east and a white oak frame is set around it to design the scenery like a painting.  Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura... More

Project • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Yomogidai House

The client is a middle-aged single man. We have a budget plan for a future marriage. It took about a year for the site to meet the client's requirements. The site is a quiet residence about 20 minutes east of Nagoya by car. Ben Hosking   Ben Hosking The site was a gentle slope with a frontage of 8m and a depth of 28m. I decided to make it elaborate and elegant from the impression of the client. In the end, I took the hint of the Japanese architectural shrine and proceeded with the plan. It was very difficult to incorporate all the elements into thin pillars and beams and deliver them rationally.  Ben Hosking Ben Hosking Team: Tomoaki Uno Architects Photographer: Ben Hosking Ben Hosking Ben Hosking... More

Project • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Ogimachi House

This house was built by a son for a sick mother. An important concept of this house is the way private and society interact. Eventually, I proposed a house with no windows on the wall except for the entrance and the rear entrance. Instead, he suggested installing 32 fixes and five large windows that could be opened and closed on the ceiling. Ben Hosking Ben Hosking   Ben Hosking   Ben Hosking Ben Hosking Ben Hosking The structure is the traditional ITAKURA structure. For the outer wall, a 30 mm thick cedar board was doubled, and insulation was put between them. All made of cedar and cypress. His mother felt stressed when she started living, but now she seems very comfortable and I am relieved. ... More

Project • By Ebony and CoHousing

A house full of Treasures

The newly exuberantly decorated home in central Amsterdam of acclaimed Dutch designer Edward van Vliet proves to be an uplifting experience of geometrical patterns, colourful layers, elements of nature, art, exotic culture and crafts. Caption Caption Wide Flooring. The designer's pick is Continental Ash Select Faded Iceberg Hardwax up 31cm wide with matching radioator covers. Caption Caption More

Project • By Ebony and CoPrivate Houses

Le Zoute

Le Zoute, a breath-taking place of understated luxury, designed by Belgian interior designer Olivier Lempereur and decorated to perfection by Belgian décorateur Hélène Guillon-Lempereur. Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By HENRIQUEZ Y LOPEZPrivate Houses


The house is located in Agaete, in the picturesque fishing community of NuestraSeñora de las Nieves, located in the west of the island of Gran Canaria. Thissmall fishing neighborhood, made of white constructions with blue windows anddoors, offers stunning views of the dock and the imposing topography of theisland and, behind it, the Atlantic Ocean with magical sunsets. Caption The first line of white and blue buildings, where the house sits, erects as acontinuous wall of different heights, where, occasionally, the boundariesbetween one building and the other cannot be accurately appreciated. Thehouse is intended to be part of this continuity. In its rear elevation, it assumesthe alignments given by the adjoining constructions,... More

Project • By Gaus Architekten Göppingen I RotterdamPrivate Houses

Wohnhaus H1

The property owners initially wanted to commission a prefabricated house manufacturer. During the planning process, however, it turned out that the site’s special requirements could not be met with a standard solution. Friedemann Rieker The proximity to a stream raised the question of how the residential areas can be protected in the event of flooding. A further requirement was the visual demarcation from the cycle path and pedestrian walkway on the opposite side of the property. Friedemann Rieker Our office now proposed a modeling of the site. The formerly almost-flat property was filled in during the conversion, building level zero was built into the artificial hill afterwards. For the cycle path and pedestrian walkway a... More

Project • By Atelier Bruno MartinsPrivate Houses

Casa Alves Sardinha

In Alves Sardinha house there was a strong pre-existence, on which a huge base covered the entire plot of land, since its original construction, and which remained almost unchanged even after the deep intervention that the house suffered. Caption This base, which raises the entire lot 4 meters above the level of the road, remains a memory of what it once was. The great transformation appears on the 2 floors above this base, which will only be integrated in the entire existence, but also with its pre-existence, in a new intervention that would have to unite the entire proposal. Caption Keeping a substantial part of the original house, 2 floors are born. The first one, of a social nature, maintains an implantation similar to the s... More