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Project • By Rachel SauExhibitions

Eu Lembro (I Remember)

With submissions from over 52 countries, Rachel Sau’s proposal, Eu Lembro (I Remember) has been awarded honourable mention in the Cultural Building Award category of the Silk Matters' Gaudi Architecture Prize: International Design Award 2020.  Since the project site – Algarve, Portugal – has a rich history, the proposal fulfilled the requirement of designing a mirador (look-out space) whilst respecting its history. To do this, the design approach began with a question: “what if the site has a voice?” Site:Hello. I have no name as former buildings that gave me identities are long gone. I am located in Algarve, Portugal. In the 1600s. Eu Lembro people called me Santo Ignacio Fortress. My role was t... More

Project • By AMDL CIRCLEOffices

S. Pellegrino Flagship Factory

The project to redesign the San Pellegrino bottling plant is organized into four key themes: to be natural, to be pure, to be conscientious, to be cool.To be natural, regarding the environment. Coming from the valley the first impact is a green bridge, that enables trucks to enter without passing through the inhabited village. The bridge is an extension of nature and flora that crosses the river Brembo. The bridge vegetation and the perimeter fence in natural stone are designed to be integrated with the landscape at the heart of the valley. The water that passes over the concrete is impoverished, the water passing over the stone is enriched.To be pure, regarding the water as the symbol of purity and production. The plant is redesigned using... More

Project • By Gydey Valery ArchitectMosques

Iconic Mosque Dubai

Competition proposal Dubai Creek Harbour.I present to the honorable colleagues my proposal for the design of the mosque. Proceeding from the task of the create design the mosque, a planning symmetrically concerning Creek Towers and accommodate more than 7,500 parishioners with infrastructure and services. I find it advisable to offer a building in the form of an inverted prism from structural trusses, as the most appropriate functional for a given mosque, as a compromise between the development of the building relative to Quibla and the symmetry to the axis of the dominant Creek Tower with a minimum built-up area. Priority is the prayer hall. The whole building as a base, of the praying society. The load-bearing V shaped structures forming... More

Project • By idesignprojectPrimary Schools

1st Primary School "Ag. Pavlos" with closed gym at Municipality Neapolis-Sikes

The present study participated in an architectural contest for the design of the 1st primary school "Ag. Pavlos" with closed gym at Neapolis-Sikes, Thessaloniki. Emphasis was given on designing a friendly and accessible establishment which would assist the children to adjust more easily to the scholar environmental and schedule. The school building is harmonically adjusted to the natural entourage, as it follows the terrain and takes full advantage of the slopes to create different levels and ensure the best view to the city. The handball court is partially put under the surface to avoid the deterioration of school aesthetic. Special attention was paid to the orientation of the classrooms and the basics principles of bioclimatic design. T... More

Project • By Diagonal 11 StudioHotels

Proposal for Hotel Liesma international architectural competition

Provoked by the program’s demand of a building immersing its guests into the world of music, our design team was inspired by the simplicity and naturalism of musical instrument, notes and staves. Taking view to the pedestrian proximity to the Jurmala’s city centre, the complex’s approach is oriented to it. Considering the existing vegetation the site planning provides big park spaces, pedestrian walks, places for rest and a car park. The volumes of the new representative part are solved in a way, the vegetation outside enters the foyer and lobby and becomes a part of the interior. The new extension of hotel rooms is elevated on pylons so pedestrian access to the beach and between different parts of the complex is assured. The plans of th... More