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Project • By Banker WireOffices

Spaces at the Dillon

As part of a revitalization plan for the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, idGroup Dallas was tasked with creating a new creative environment for coworking office building, Spaces at The Dillon. Inspired by the district’s deep warehousing and manufacturing history, to honor the former Dillon Supply building’s original purpose, the design team incorporated salvaged industrial design elements into the space. Seeking to elevate the interior while keeping with the industrial look-and-feel, Banker Wire’s FPZ-16 architectural woven wire mesh was utilized as a stairway railing throughout the high-traffic workspace area, located on the 9th and 10th floors. Specified in plain steel, FPZ-16 was painted black to... More

Product • By Mauriks SolutionsGD system

GD system

the IDEA; GD system is a revolutionary modular balustrade system, which can be mounted by an innovative clamp / fixing. The design of these solutions, based on careful research, makes them the most modern and successful interpretations of the ancient and noble art of metal.the DESIGN; GD system designs blend neatly into each other per panel. Various elements can be combined so that no balustrades are the same.the SYSTEM; GD system consists of different balustrade designs and a choice of 3 balusters, round, square or flat strip for both floor and wall mounting. The system is also available as a French balcony and any design can be delivered to specific project requirements in length, treatment and RAL color.the SAFETY; GD system has been ful... More

Product • By KOSA bambooBamboo stairs

Bamboo stairs

Bamboo stairs and components are made from bamboo beams.Highly compressed bamboo strands provide the base material of ultra strong steps. Compressed bamboo has a hardwood grain look and is available in multiple colors and dimensions to size. Completes the combination with bamboo flooring, door frames or wall decoration. More

Product • By Viva RailingsBLADE System

BLADE System

Two bars, one post – this makes the BLADE our most popular line. The double bars can be customized with a variety of colors to match the interiors or provide a bold, contrasting statement. The contemporary design of this post supported system goes well with ultra-modern interiors as well as industrial applications. Choose from a variety of panel infills –glass, perforated metal panels, wire mesh panels and even the classic cable infill.   More

Project • By Banker WireStadiums

Stade de Soccer de Montréal

Completed in 2015, the Stade de Soccer de Montreal is an award-winning addition to Montreal’s sports culture. The facility is situated along the edge of a former quarry that is currently in the process of being transformed into a nearly 500–acre ecological park – soon to be the largest urban park in Montreal. Saucier + Perrotte Architects designed the extraordinary building to celebrate the landscape it sits on and the multiculturalism of the area. When charged with finding equally versatile interior design components that would meet both technical and aesthetic requirements, architects Saucier + Perrotte chose Banker Wire woven wire mesh. The indoor soccer field is flanked on one side by two stories, accommodating specta... More

Project • By Banker WireUniversities

UC Berkeley, Jacobs Hall

The brand new Jacobs Hall at the University of California, Berkeley houses the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation in the College of Engineering. The three-story, 24,000 square foot building contains design studios, various laboratories, a student lounge, classrooms, and cutting edge technology to immerse students in hands-on, human centered design. Just as Jacobs Hall fulfills a variety of purposes, so too with the architectural wire chosen as strong infill material for the exterior railings: Banker Wire’s M13Z-145. Outside of Jacobs Hall, Banker Wire’s M13Z-145 architectural woven wire mesh was utilized in the exterior railing and bridge fabricated by Lee’s Imperial Welding of Fremont, California. M13Z-145 architect... More

Project • By Banker WireUniversities

GG Brown Building – University of Michigan

The GG Brown Memorial Laboratories building at the University of Michigan, College of Engineering underwent a major renovation in the summer of 2014. The $46 million, 62,880-square-foot, three-story Center of Excellence in Nano Mechanical Science and Engineering building was more than four years in the making. The renovation provided state-of-the-art improvements to academic and laboratory facilities as well as more accessible and efficient administrative spaces. A new pedestrian bridge was also built to provide access to the new Center of Excellence addition of the GG Brown Memorial Laboratories on North Campus in Ann Arbor. Spanning more than 50 feet, the bridge utilizes Banker Wire’s LZ-55 woven wire mesh pattern for the railing i... More
Staircase in West Village Commons at Towson University
This unique weave appears opaque from one angle, and transparent from another.
The thin yet strong 3 dimensional weave of the Banker Wire 3DZ-151 pattern constantly changes the apparent percent open area as the viewer changes their angle.
The wire mesh infill panels makes this University hall a unique meeting place.

Project • By Banker WireUniversities

Towson University, West Village Commons

Towson University wanted to create an inviting gathering place for students to socialize and study, one that included meeting and study rooms, dining and retail shops, and was infused with the spirit and energy of campus. However, Baltimore based GWWO Architects, designer of the new West Village Commons for Towson University, was also looking for an alternative to glass for the building’s grand staircase and second floor atrium safety railings. Knowing that Banker Wire mesh is a beautiful-yet-functional product, the architects turned to Banker Wire for help. The woven wire mesh pattern 3DZ-151 was selected. This attractive open-weave mesh is near opaque when viewed straight-on, but becomes translucent when viewed at an angle. This fe... More

Product • By Sadev Architectural Glass SystemsSABCO GLASS RAILING


SABCO is a frameless glass balustrade system particularly suitable for public applications and high traffic areas (airports, stadiums, commercial & public buildings). SABCO has been tested to meet the strictest building code requirements (including BS, French Avis Technique, German ABP). The aluminum base shoe offers a modern frameless design to every railing project. Characteristics: - 4 types of Fixing: floor, side, built-in-slab, side & offset - Internal & external use - Applications: private / public - Glass thickness: from 15 to 25.52 mm according to the application - Dimensions: Max height = 2100 mm / Max width = 2500 mm - Standard finish: Natural aluminum - Profile drilled every 200 mm - very fast installation : simpl... More

Product • By Banker WireL-92


Banker Wire L-92 mesh is woven in a lock-crimp style. Straight sections of wire are connected by highly-defined, lock-crimped intersections, ensuring the panels’ stability. This heightens their ability to provide fall protection. More
Palos Verdes Residence Stairway
Palos Verdes Residence Stairway
Palos Verdes Residence Stairway

Project • By Banker WireHousing

Altamira Residence

The Altamira Residence was built on the rugged coastline of the Palos Verdes Peninsula with the goal of leaving the land as undisturbed as possible. With a vision to use as many materials and designs that focused on the location and the beauty of the surrounding area, this Altamira residence is a stunning collaboration that honors the original intent of the client and Architect. Marmol Radziner Associates incorporated stainless steel Banker Wire M13Z-145 Rigid Cable wire mesh into this grand staircase design with the Dorland Company fabricating the post and rail. The large percent open area of M13Z-145 allows for minimal interruption of sight-lines out of the floor to ceiling windows to let in the natural light and stunning views of the oc... More
Yale Social Science Building
Yale Social Science Building
Banker M13Z-145
Banker M13Z-145

Project • By Banker WireUniversities

Yale University, Social Sciences Building

Banker Wire's Versatile Spine wire mesh frames were customized to suit the designer's preference for joining a powder coat finished flat bar to the stainless steel wire mesh frame. The Versatile Spine's outside edge had a series of bump-outs that key into the surrounding flat bar slots. When installed, the frames were simply plugged in place like a jigsaw puzzle allowing the two dissimilar metals to be dry fit. Location: New Haven, Connecticut Designer: Koetter Kim & Associates Inc. Fabricator: Berlin Steel About Banker Wire Headquartered in Wisconsin, Banker Wire is the worldwide leader in the manufacture of wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. Products include highly customizable woven and welded w... More

Product • By Banker WireTW-1


Woven on a four-heddle loom, Banker Wire TW-1 wire mesh pattern is our first Twill weave offering. Each wire is woven in an over two- under two manner creating a distinct alternating diagonal repeat pattern when viewed at an angle.The square twill wire mesh pattern opens the door to a brand new dimension in wire mesh fabrics. The densely spaced wires create a low percent open area suitable for all sorts of interior design applications.Percent Open: 27.8% Overall Thickness: 0.130" Aspect Ratio: 1.00 : 1 Crimp Style: TWTW Weight (lbs/sqft): 2.270 Available Materials: Brass, Bronze, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel More

Product • By Banker WireSZ-2


Alternating satin with shine, this unique Banker Wire weave has a compressed appearance that works equally well as the focus of your design or as a background element. Very strong, and extremely dense but not opaque, this striking weave is often chosen for railing infill panels, cladding, screen walls, and canopies. Bring your next project to Banker Wire, the worldwide leader in wire mesh, and we’ll help you create something extraordinary. Percent Open: 30% Overall Thickness: 0.198" Aspect Ratio: 3.92 : 1 Crimp Style: E1PLZ Weight (lbs/sqft): 2.230 Available Materials: Stainless Steel More

Product • By Banker WireSJD-5


Four different crimps make up this interesting mix of shine, satin, smooth, and rough. The wild differences between crimps blend perfectly controlled when woven together over a large area. Percent Open: 61.2% Overall Thickness: 0.160" Aspect Ratio: 1.47 : 1 Crimp Style: SJD Weight (lbs/sqft): 1.200 Available Materials: Stainless Steel More